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Well, I WAS free since 20th Aug, that is, free from the submission of my Masters Project 8D
This may be a bit of a long and disorganised rant, so come in and read!

Let the rants begin.... )
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Will probably be in MIA until 20th August.

My project will take up a lot of my time from now till Aug 20th (19 days left!) so I really won't post much or comment back much, sorry ^^; (Not that I weren't being on MIA anyway)

Wish me luck? I just hope things will turn out ok and I don't fail this too horribly...
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Met [ profile] maiyeng for the first time yesterday - I had a wonderful time, thanks for the hospitality =D (Say hi to your mom for me!)

My trip to London was quite alright, however on the way back, I'm glad I came to the train station earlier - because when I got there, I couldn't find my 21:05 train. Waited for 5~10 mins and then realised the announcement board said it was cancelled o[]o; 9it was meant to be a direct route)
Panicked, ran to the rail information and the woman told me to go on which platform and change trains at Woking. So I did that and asked the man that checkked my ticket if I AM meant to change trains and will be able to get home that way.

So then I changed trains and was at the quiet zone, but unfortunately a huge group of turkish students or something came later, they're SO noisy & drunk and it got worse near the end of the journey. I was unfortunately crowded around by them and they left at the same station as I do =_=;
I was so tired and was hoping I can take a nap but can't.

Anyway, I got back home around 11:30pm or so. One of my flatmates probably forgot I was away today and thought I was kidnapped or raped or something because she said she called me, I didn't reply, she texted me, I didn't reply, she facebooked me, I didn't reply 8D;
(Apparently two of my flatmates, one coursemate and another same media schoolmate was there chatting and one of them told me they had just been talking about murders, kidnappers, rape etc. XD;)
My other flatmate thought I was going away for a week as I said 'I'll be away on Saturday but will be back on saturday night' - but it's on the same day right? o_O;
(I'm happy my flatmates are worried for me, though I found it hilarious when I came back home ^^; )

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday =)

Some other random thing - can't believe is gonna shut down and remove all their scanlations (Something about scanlations are no longer approved by law or something...) Wuwuwuwu, stupid stupid now how am I gonna get my weekly scanlations of jump? T_T
Oh well...hopefully something will work out....

Rambling on KHR, if Shimon's Blood is Sin and Vongola Primo's blood is Penalty, doesn't that sound like Shimon actually did something sinful and was in fact the one that betrayed Vongola and not the other way around? - Vongola bestows penalty on Shimon then? Hmm....

Hetalia, I can't believe they're getting their own Hitsuji de Oyasumi series (Counting sheep) want want want want...... XD;

That's it for now, work work work T_T
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Work is hetctic as usual... I don't panic that much when I work at home. Nowadays when I work in the Uni lab it's really hard to concentrate since there's lots of distractions (Because everyone is stress, sounds of sighing, whistling, people randomly saying things like 'You shut up!' for fun, and even the damn door that creaks loudly everything it opens and closes is quite tormenting...)

More )
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Hmm... My first week of Term 4 is over.... and I have a presentation TOMORROW & TUESDAY. Such a pain...

Random talk, I'll try not to spend too much time as I still need to go and work in Uni today...

Uni work )

Kingdom Hearts - RE: Coded )

Full Metal Alchemist Manga (It's ended!) )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! )

Naruto )

One Piece )

I feel stressed, stupid presentation, and we have to do another one again during the middle of the term and after our submission... I want to cry sometimes ;_; (I'll try to be strong, I'm just stressed and tired on the amount of work that needs to be done and not knowing the process of how to do it =( )
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I hope my flist have been well =)

Eh... I'm kind of on break at the moment, for 2 weeks (Though my first week is nearly gone) and now I have to start to work again =(

I'll talk more within the cuts, I'll try to keep things as short as possible ^^;

Uni work )

Let's talk about happy stuff!

Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep: ENGLISH release date )

Eyeshield 21 )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (6th Anniversary) )

Earrings )

Fly with Me (HK TV drama) )

I think I'll leave it around there, I forgot what else I can add. I really miss having the energy to socialise in LJ. I now always post one short sentences in Facebook just to let off steam, I can't really do that in LJ. Once I start typing in LJ, I spent my time pouring my thoughts out 8D;
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Very very quick update.

I just handed in one assignment on Friday there and another one to hand in for next friday plus a poster presentation on Thursday(If the scehdule did not change) and another tutorial for the following tuesday....

Cut because I don't wanna F-lock )
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By group tutorial I meant a tutorial with my tutors (Programmer lead & animation lecturer) on our master project pre-production.

Let's just say I'm now calm but I know I will be terrified tomorrow.

Especially since those that had theirs today came back being p*ssed (Heard that the tutors were being assholes and I MEAN arseholes)

They even told one of them they can take the £600 refund back and quite the course. I shall prepare tissues so when I walk out of the room I can run to the labs or toilet and cry 8D; (Of course, I hope that won't happen but you never know...)

It doesn't help when it feels like I did a lot of work but I have very little results to show...
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It started off with a lovely v-gift from [ profile] maiyeng, and then greetings from [ profile] nelly01 and even text message from [ profile] elenniel - my I have to say it was a surprise!

Thank you to those that wished me b-day greetings! My brother also phoned me too.

Those that forgot don't worry about it, I know you're all busy and I've been through that too ;)

I luv you my flist!!! <3 <3 <3

Benny lava

Apr. 29th, 2010 09:30 pm
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No offense to those that knows and is from the origin of this language, but this was shown to me by one of my classmates and it is HILARIOUS:

On another unrelated note, I bought this:
Anatomy for Artists - it's an awesome book that shows lovely anatomy, I debated whether or not to buy it especially when I move away but it was gorgeous so I caved in 8D;

And finally - when I thought I can finally buy MARIMO, I realised they don't have my birth month! ;_;
I want my April Marimo!!!! (One day, just one day, I get a job and have my own house I want a small round cactus that bloomed white flower & a tank of Marimo!)


Apr. 28th, 2010 10:16 pm
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Let me do sometihng fun to make myself happier... got tagged from [ profile] maiyeng =)

● If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
● Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
Curse you rules! Tagged ppl: [ profile] devel_icious, [ profile] elenniel, [ profile] koyar, [ profile] synnesai, [ profile] yadh_morwgh, [ profile] nelly01, [ profile] theorah, [ profile] rikiki_angel

PS: For me, you don't need to do it if you don't have time, I know we're all busy =)

#01 What song are you currently addicted to?
"飛花" by Hacken Lee (李克勤) - this became on of my fav songs ever since I listened to his 2009 concert.

#02 What books are you currently reading?
Would the recent book count? I looked at Anatomy for Artists (From a classmate) it's a brilliant book of model anatomy - I plan to buy it soon for educational purposes =) (One of my classmates kept saying it's anatomy porn lol)

#03 What was the last movie you saw?
How to train your dragon - I like the small twist that happened in the end - most movies have that similar kind of storyline anyway. (Speaking of which they're making a Hollywood Americanised movie of the Japanese Avatar(Monk with arrow on head) the trailers look like a complete joke, the main character isn't even chinese like he should be!)

#04 Happy news you've just received?
I have no happy news.

#05 At least one detail about a person you like?
A person? Supportive and caring (Lol, not one detail I know 8D;)

#06 What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts series, FFVII series, Silver Diamond ((One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Skip beat I read, but not entirely obsessed))

#07 What present are you expecting?
Nothing, the things I want I have to get a job and buy them myself =)

#08 How would you want to humiliate a person you dislike?
Even if I do dislike someone I don't humiliate them, I let things go naturally bad for them 8D;

#09 What was the last thing you bought?
Cauiflower, milk, yogurt and more yogurt, bananas, steak mince (grocery shopping)

#10 Would you rather date a good singer, or a good cook?
- Good cook! I like the feeling of someone cooking for me lol!

#11 Something that made you laugh today?
One of my classmates' animatic. It was about a man obsessed with pants.

#12 What do you do to change your mood?
Listen to music, play video games, read fanfics.

#13 What was the last meal you ate?
I actually ate dinner, half cereal bowl of spagetti bolognese & some sweetcorn (Not finished, I dumped it since I don't want to eat and that the enda of it rot)

#14 Countries that you want to visit?
Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland, Austria, Hokkaido in Japan.

#15 Any plans for today?
Eat? Draw? Read? Talk to nii-chan on phone & Sleep. Anything to not think of my work for today.

#16 Find the closest book currently sitting near you and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?

"Some time later Joseph was told,'Your father is ill.' So he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him."

Uh...closest "book" is my bible (Yeah, you'd think for a uni student I'd have more books, I don't really)

#17 The most disturbing thing you ever watched?
Forgot what it was, I saw it from my cinematography classes, it's of a spinning camera angle on a guy that was in some amazon-like forest where cannibal-like people grabbed the main character and shoved him down to 'paint' him with mud. It was quite disturbing to me.

#18 What kind of music is contained in your hard drive?
Anime soundtracks, Game soundtracks, J-Pop, C-pop, orchestra/symphony-like music, sfxs, movie soundtracks, misc tracks, remixes, midis, TV-drama soundtracks, techno?, some Holy songs.

#19 How do you watch your anime?
PC (In the past, TV yes, now it's mostly PC.)
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Or today, when the clock strikes 00:00am.

I hope my idea goes well tomorrow - I will cry if it doesn't =(

And I know I'm getting really stressed - I'm not eating properly, have no appetite even though I AM hungry. I don't even want to eat until I really starve. This is a bad sign and I know it. (I bought a small mini-set of premade sushi (4 pieces), I only ate 2 & 1/2 for the whole day...)

It's bad I know. I cross my fingers for tomorrow.

I'll have to start looking up on soups soon - force myself to eat something.

This is starting to become like my final year in undergraduate and I hate it x_X;

EDIT: I have only TWO weeks left to hand this in PLUS another assignment at the same time - I'm dead T_T

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I'm nearly convinced that seagulls will take over humanity one day... you walk around and they fly above you cackling like a mad evil villain plotting something.... no really, wherever I live near a port or the sea and if you can see or hear seagulls, listen to the way they 'speak'.

This morning I woke up with running tears because I dreamed about my grandfather and that somehow I was leaving him and the crying emotion just pounced on me lol. I know I was crying in the dream but didn't realise I was practically crying when I woke up.

This happened to me in the past before, sometimes I wonder if it means I miss him a lot. We weren't really close when I was younger, I guess I just thought I missed the opportunity of knowing him more when I was younger - when I was able to think that in a more mature way it was too late then.
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How have you lovely ladies & gents on my flist been doing? I hope you're all keeping well <3
Sorry for not being around that much ^^; I've been trying to put my mentally mind at ease over my short break back at home.

I think I'll start on what I did back home and then the latter of the post will be my whining against my pre-production for my masters project (worries & whines eep)

Easter Break )

Uni rants )

Other random rants )
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I finally found the awesome website that made tons of cute pikachu icons and brilliant Zelda fanarts:

Remember to bookmark to your fav if you like them - it's really the only one that I can find have these really high quality Pikachu icons (And her wind waker Zelda icons are adorable too)

On another note, I found this awseome Wind waker video on her website:
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They say it'll be out in Summer...

Though I guess it probably doesn't apply to the UK yet since they'll have to Kiss US's *ss first (No offence to both countries but this is a fact and a truth.)

Then again, at least we don't live in Austrailia - who probably is and always have been the last of the list o_O;
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I found this cooking website today through a friend, the official site is in chinese and they also have an English translated one:



Now I know how they make all those chinese desserts.... hahahaha XD;

Random stuff, I've started to drink bits of cider vinegar lately... the taste is quite addicting lol. They say it's good for you (Of course, under a reasonable consuming amount). It's like drining alcohol without alcohol lol. (And most people recommend toning it down with water and add honey to sweeten it.)

Oh yeah, this may sound early to you all but I'll be going back home during the Easter break. My brother wanted to see me and he thought of coming over to my place, but in the end we decided that me going back home would be way cheaper. I'll just have to dread flybe again...

Ever experienced that some one came up to you (whether in real life or digitally) said hi to you and thought you remembered them? I hardly remember people that have nothing memorable about (I sound cruel lol, but really if I don't remember then I don't remember) I had this girl that friended me in FB, she changed her name, her hair and her picture was in B & W, how does she expect me to remember her?
I never liked the idea that people think you and them are best buddies and stuff when they know completely nothing about you. Fine, you're a normal friend but we're not best friends, why should I tell you my whole life eh? getting sleepy.... ^^;

Icon Meme

Mar. 13th, 2010 11:22 am
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This was from [ profile] synnesai from waaaayy back in January or so, I think o_O; I never got a chance to do it until now ^^;

1) Leave me a comment if you want to do the meme
2) I will reply with 6 of your icons and then you have to post this up and describe them!

So, [ profile] synnesai picked the following:

1) 2) 3)
4) 5) 6)

1) This is from a BL game called Hanamachi Monogatari. I recall it's from one of the happy endings. Syuri is the main character here. HM is set in old era Japan, where people would still be racists towards those not of their kind. Syuri's mother was a Japanese, his father a westerner. I think he was probably one of those 'one night stand' kind of thing because within the story he's an orphan. Anyway, this guy that owns a male brothel called Tatsumi brought him in to do his job. The game is full of XXOO scenes lol. Takatsuki Noboru (The artist) is brilliant XD;
Anyway, I recall I just wanted a smiling picture of this main chara to be within my range of expressive icons. Who doesn't like pretty pictures? 8D;

2)Back then I got into Yugioh and I wanted to look for expressions that I lack. Back then I only had this one and it's not bad, but sometimes I feel lack a more expressive one. Anyway, this one was taken from some website out there that had screenshots available, this image was available and showed what I wanted so yeah... And if you can't tell the difference, it's Yuugi from Yugioh, not Yami no Yuugi.

3) Oh! This was a gift from [ profile] maiyeng! I think it started off with me saying I'll draw e-cards for flist during the Xmas season, she wanted to draw something back in return. So I requested her to draw one of my fav characters of all time in her style XD; Cloud, Cloud! You are adorable! <3

4) I think I either took this one from the last trailer OR from the actual opening Clip of Birth by Sleep. This is Ventus I won't say much in terms of spoilers, but I think I lacked KH icons so I wanted to go and get some more. I want a Sora one though. I used to have one, but now I want one where he smiles 'greatly that the place lits up' kind of feeling. Ya!

5) This is Megumi from Kakumei no Hi, 'The day of Revolution' by Tsude Mioko (I think that's her other pen name, I always know of this mangaka's name by Zaou Taishi) The day of Revolution is about a guy that doesn't seem to grow much in his puberty, only to realise later in his life that he was an intersexual and should originally be a girl! In this icon, she was happy to know she doesn't have to do 'girl's shopping' and can do 'boy's shopping' and is in bliss. I simply just wanted an icon that can be expressed as being overly happy, in bliss, something is overly squee-able etc.

6) This is from a BL game called 'Within 24 hours I will steal your heart', a lovely title in my opinion. It's about Kaito (Literally translated as 'strange thief') I wanted pictures of this Kaito because he looks like a gentleman hahahaha 8D; So he's to be used like greeting people and such heheh X3

PS: If anyone is interested in any icon and wants to know the details of them, lemme know =)
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I'm alive! O_O Still alive lol, still surviving through the amount of work available during my study period. Once I get the time off I feel I should've been doing something productive in relation to my course lol.

How are you all my f-list?

I don't even remember when was my last post... *goes check* Wow jan 29th!? o_O;; I've been complete MIA during Feb!

Anyway, there are lot that I want to say but I kind of don't remember or more like I want to keep it as short as possible because I don't quite remember what I've done for the past few weeks.
There were lots of ups and downs that kinda needs to be F-locked too.

Anyway, let's start on the fact that I have finished our group project work on 5th March (No screenshot available since we didn't even get the game working until the last week x_X;) we're the only group that did a game, the rest all did animation. I'll go more detail on this in F-lock.

Also, today was another deadline for my scripting assignment, PLUS a proposal was needed to be done for my future research project AND yesterday I was assigned another assignment that the idea needs to be pitched 2 weeks later or so I think. =[]=;

On another note I know I've been on facebook more than LJ lately. This is because 1) I'm addicted to their flash games (Still able to play during my studies... I am So dead lol) 2) FB limits the number of words I can use, which means I post short sentences, saves me time posting a long rant like I usually do on LJ. Unless people don't mind me posting short sentences here...

Eh... I'll stop here for now and I shall go post a long rant via F-lock.

Quick Post

Jan. 18th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Sorry for lack of comments again ^^;

I hope you're all well my flist! *huggles*

I hope these few weeks won't be a nightmare for me...

I'm doing character rigging for my group project - which people kept scaring me that it's really hard and more difficult than modelling - it's between either me or another student to do either modelling or rigging.

Both of us didn't mind which and since we were indecisive, we decided with the flip of a coin. I choose Queen Elizabeth (The guy said the Tails looked like rigging) and he's the one that flipped it - and now I got stuck with rigging 8D;

Maybe God wants me to do rigging - since I believe Modelling is something that can be learn easily(?) compared to rigging. (I'm a greedy person, I wanna learn both but we don't have that much time.)

Maybe I will do character modelling for my final project XD;

Talk later - I'm off to get this essay done ^^;


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