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That's it for today, unless something fun comes up XD
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Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru is actually an anime (Developed by Sunrise) I've watched when I was younger 8D;; And yes, it's aimed for kids, but sort of rpg (& rainbow) themed story.
I don't remember how I stumbled back in LJ (Finding icons maybe?) and realised there was a community dedicated to it.
And then I'm happy enough to get the OSTs of the older series (They had 3 series in total, my fav is the 2nd one, the 3rd one is developed at a later date and is used to aim at new viewers instead of older ones, so depending on what you think it could be a disappointment to older fans.) It's nostalgic.

I'm just sharing an episode I found in Youtube (the person said s/he only that that episode) and it's in Cantonese (My assumptions are they placed Cantonese Audio over the actual japanese audio.)
You can watch it for fun. Just remember not to think logically since this was an anime for kids and the following episode is of series 2, they made the characters more 'extreme' than the previous one because obviously the fans loved it.

I've also added other random anime video parodies I came across at the end for my own amusement 8D;

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Firstly, it seems like I haven't updated much after "His reply" (I'll get on it asap, even though I really should but I'm too tired to deal with him atm) well, let's just say this week (day/end) happens to be the Easter week, brother is off work so I've been spending more time with him and people from the church.

So yeah, I'm still alive and well, and I hope you all are too (My lovely flist)

Secondly, for those that have wondered why I created this in my deviantart:
Let's just say some random guy came up and asked me to draw it for him after seeing my Nazca picture.
You may or may not have noticed the person asking many people to help him draw such a picture.
I drew it for a challenge and I'm sure most of you sensible enough can guess that the guy basically wants this picture drawn because it 'turns him on'. (Why do I attract such people?)
Then he said someone wanted a commission like that off me (I refused, because I was sick of drawing a similar themed picture, I also don't have experience on the commission side which i should really try touching it.) and someone else came over asking me if I could make a modify version of it with a seat-belt.
I didn't do anything since I was bored with it. So if he ever comes up to your door and asks you for a favour, you'll know what to expect ^^;

Thirdly my internet has been a bit crap lately, or maybe it's just really crap today.

Oh yeah, did I mention my mother decided not to go to Germany and that I won't need to go with her? Well, she decided that she wants to go to cardiff to visit one of her gazillion friends (She always claims she has many friends so I can't really say I know any of them)

Because of the holidays, brother and I have been playing Gundam Musou 2 quite a bit more. I have to say not seeing Garrod from Gundam X being a part of it is a disappointment. In fact, so far I find that there really isn't much stories with the "Mission modes"(the mode where all people jumble together). In terms of actual stories with actual endings (I think it's because so far I have not seen a proper ending with mission modes) "Official Modes" does have stories with actual endings, though they only revolve around "Gundam - The one year war", "Z Gundam", "ZZ Gundam" & "Char's Counterattack". Not that I complain since this time it's more interesting than the last ones.
For those that want to know they have the above previously mentioned gundam series, then there's G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam (Which had been in the first game too), the new ones are Gundam F91, Gundam V, Gundam Seed & Destiny (or just Destiny).
The only amusing thing so far is that I have completed Turn A Gundam's story (I think, because each one of them has 5 stages) and that I get to see the main male character Loran, crossdress (This actually happens in the anime, where he's not really doing it because he wants to but because the hentai man wanted him to crossdress to hide his identity. I think he agrees because Loran gets to see his admirable Queen Diana of the Moonrace.)
Loran Cehack: (I'm not sure if it's Rolan or Loran really)
I have to say whoever designed the dress is great, because it manages to hide areas where it should point out that Loran's a male, look at the shoulders for example.

Skip Beat.
In relation to the newest chapter, I wonder if that Phone call was actually from Shoutarou? (Because if Ren actually heard his name being called by Kyoko, I really don't think he's immature enough to switch the phone off. Maybe Shoutarou is shocked or mad that Ren is the first that came into Kyoko's mind?) And the guy from Beagle Vie Ghoul is so hilarious lol.

Full Metal Alchemist.
Anime. There's a new Anime out! This time the storyboards style look more like the one in manga. I suspect they've changed most of the Seiyuus for most characters. I'm just glad they didn't change Edward's.
Manga. How cool of Riza. (With her guns and all) and that "When we're alone, the Colonel always call me Riza" comment is a brilliant tactic.

One Piece.
It makes me wonder, is there any proof that Ace is really Luffy's brother related by blood?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
She knows! Kyoko-chan finally knows! Tsuna & Kyoko together are SO cute <3
And Bianchi is such a schemer XD;; (Being good for once)

Yugiph GX (Anime)
Currently a bit addicted to it. I love stories! And Juudai is so cute! <3 (<-- I guess it's official that I like cute stuff)

Chrono Trigger
Is about to battle with Queen Zeal in Black Omen. And then will have to look up faqs for the new dungeons. But will only play if I have free time.

I have a funny feeling I'm coming up with a cold.... maybe due to being out and about frequently these few days/weeks. I just hope I don't get sick, I have been feeling tired but it's nothing major, hopefully it'll go away.

Love you all! *Sends hearts around the place resulting on scaring people off* ^^;

EDIT: I knew there was one more fandom I forgot!
Anyone read the NEO POT yet? I wonder if I'm able to pick up the series again because of this. I just have to say I love the TezuRyo moments. And what's with that guy saying Ochibi-chan is cute? o_O;; (Although, Ochibi-chan IS cute.)
Oh yeah, ochibi-chan is so cute with glasses on. I wonder where he got it from though? Doesn't strike me as the type to study hard like Buchou does and hence getting glasses in that manner.

I feel so bad for not keeping up with flists' journals!


Nov. 21st, 2008 02:17 pm
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The translations for Jump has came out quite early this week.

- *ROFLMAO* Poor Sanji!!!! That's his very worst nightmare coming true!!! XD XD;;
- I wonder if Luffy found himself a bride?
- If Nami could learn stuff form that magician *Reminds me of KH were you learn stuff from Merlin and MM's master*
- Go franky! Make us something new!!!

- Oh Hibari actually agreed to do the plan? I thought he hates crowding? 8D
- An OMG VARIA!!! Nothing amuses me to see how curvy Lussuria's hips are (And his cock-like head), Levi with his mustache and a small flag saying he still doesn't acknowledge the current Vongola X XD, the new kid with the frog helmet looks cute and lastly, I like the current Irie better XD

Other stuff:

Yugioh anime
- I really, wonder if there's a different of watching the US verison and the japanese version. Everything's good but Yuugi's voice is disappointing! No emotions at all! I wonder if the US version is any better o.O;;
- Actually, so far I can't say I'm happy with how it's portayed. Though I find it quite amusing to find Inui's(Adult Lambo) seiyuu voicing Kaiba and Gon/Naruto/Lambo to be voicing kaiba's little brother 8D I think Jou's seiyuu is the same for Gunter's, not sure.

Dear School gang leader
- I love this manga, wish there was more.
- You can read it in onemanga.
- Talks about how a girl ended up being in a delenquint boy's school, and not exactly the sort you need protection much, but just cute in her every way. So hard to find such a female character lol.

What's this?
It's being advertised on LJ, is it any good?

This looks good, not sure if it's any good though:
Yeah, I dunno mandarin, but if it gives free lessons, it's always good to knwo if they talk behind your back 8D

I really want some new icons. I've been trying to find of either Tsuna or Yuugi, but ust can't seem to find what I am looking for.
And I really want a job so I can buy myself maor icons to use in LJ 8D;; (<--Not good money wise)

Had been back from meetinga friend.
I think I'll be away home next weekend or the week after (Since mom wants me to 'move stuff' back to my room. If she's gonna refurnish the house again and if I have to move them again because of this I will fume.)

Anyway, nothing much new.
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- *ROFLMAO* Luffy dear had Hime-sama fallen in love with him!!! ((LOOOOOLLLL!))
- It's amazing how they can make money with Luffy, '1 touch = 20 zenny' XD

- OMG!!!!! WAO & YAY!!!!! So Irie Shouichi was on Tsuna's side! (One of the possibilities I did expect.)
- I just hope Amano-sensei won't pull another string again and that Irie still was on Byakuran's sideafter all. I hope no, I like the idea of Tsuna & Shouichi being friends, possibly one of the sanest friends Tsuna will ever have XD
- And they just won't show TYLTsuna & TYLReborn. Sensei, you better show it to us before this arc ends 8D
- Can't wait for the scanlation =P

- I'm so happy to be able to see what's her name? Maria? Well, the woman that was accused of killing Hughes and ended up going to the east and is now back with 'supplies' 8D

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