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Apr. 29th, 2010 09:30 pm
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No offense to those that knows and is from the origin of this language, but this was shown to me by one of my classmates and it is HILARIOUS:

On another unrelated note, I bought this:
Anatomy for Artists - it's an awesome book that shows lovely anatomy, I debated whether or not to buy it especially when I move away but it was gorgeous so I caved in 8D;

And finally - when I thought I can finally buy MARIMO, I realised they don't have my birth month! ;_;
I want my April Marimo!!!! (One day, just one day, I get a job and have my own house I want a small round cactus that bloomed white flower & a tank of Marimo!)
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Still alive because I did come down with a cold/flu (Assuming I got the dry throat around Monday/Tuesday)
Had been sick for nearly the most of last week. Was supposed to go home yesterday but didn't. Still recovering.
And mom is already eyeing my schedule to look after her 'house' next monday =_=;;
Anyway, sorry for not being able to reply much ^^; *Hates the fact you couldn't live without a box of tissue for days*

There's a NEW Beautiful Cooking 2 out from TVB (Remember the one they had back in 2006? They have a new one out this year on April 5th now, still airing.)

Here's a part from the first EP XD;
In here, just hiding it so the post remains text )

So far it seems like this video's hoster had all EPs minus the third one online.
(If any of you wanna see actual download links (though .rmvb) I can post them up here while they're still 'fresh' 8D;;)

Hope you're all keeping well =)
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Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru is actually an anime (Developed by Sunrise) I've watched when I was younger 8D;; And yes, it's aimed for kids, but sort of rpg (& rainbow) themed story.
I don't remember how I stumbled back in LJ (Finding icons maybe?) and realised there was a community dedicated to it.
And then I'm happy enough to get the OSTs of the older series (They had 3 series in total, my fav is the 2nd one, the 3rd one is developed at a later date and is used to aim at new viewers instead of older ones, so depending on what you think it could be a disappointment to older fans.) It's nostalgic.

I'm just sharing an episode I found in Youtube (the person said s/he only that that episode) and it's in Cantonese (My assumptions are they placed Cantonese Audio over the actual japanese audio.)
You can watch it for fun. Just remember not to think logically since this was an anime for kids and the following episode is of series 2, they made the characters more 'extreme' than the previous one because obviously the fans loved it.

I've also added other random anime video parodies I came across at the end for my own amusement 8D;

To the resources! )


Mar. 24th, 2009 09:16 am
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I watched this last Sunday when we got our hands on the Wall-E Blu-ray XD;

This part is about Burn-E, sort of like a side story to the main movie if you have seen Wall-E.
Burn-E is the robot that was fixing something outside the Axiom(Spaceship) when both Wall-E & Eve went through the doors and managed to lock the poor fixing robot outside. You then see it banging its fists on the door demanding it to be re-opened lol.

It's a very short clip (approx. 8 mins) and Youtube may have it taken down if they found it:

I loved the part where they placed one of Bethoveen's symphony in it XD;;

Will be back with random rants in another entry later.
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Hmmm..... HE has started to text me. I want to ignore it. (Referring to my previous locked posts)
Yep, that's the only random thing I can think of.

Had been working on some fanart lately, SO hate my hands that won't steady and produce mistakes in Lineart. Oh well, I was planning to make it a CG anyway =P
The next part is about 鹿鼎記 - Duke of Mount Deer/ Royal Tramp 2009.

Duke of Mount Deer )
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Today is the 15th December. Granny phoned yesterday and mother managed a week without phoning me (Joy!)
I don't look forward to Christmas or this trip I am going to soon. I want a peaceful holiday, why can't people shut up and stuff whatever insult they are to inquire about anyway? ^^;

Hail to amusing random stuff & memes! )
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I forgot where the meme came from, it was either stolen from [ profile] sonia_leong or [ profile] fuuringo(sp?)

Meme )

Personally I am not quite fond of horror stuff, I dunno why reading fictions let me to a conversation with nii-chan whom he started talking about how hilarious this following horror movie is, so I found it on Youtube and I am glad I have enough guts to watch this with pure amusement XD;;
Mr. Vampire )

Random rants )
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That I just had to post to get them of my mind 8D;;

Youtube Videos )
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I need to find an icon to represent I am hyper...

Anyway, throughout these weeks or month, I'm not sure if people have noticed it or not but there are a lot of caramelldanse & capirinha anime crossovers found in youtube.
First time I noticed was in deviantart where there was an artist called meru-chan I think, drew characters of FF7AC performing the caramelldansen.

I have nothing against them, I just find them cute, tedious yet fun at times. Besides, the Tennis no Oujisama one I find in here is scary. Tezuka dancing with dinosaurs in gb. And I post them here hoping they'll get out of my head.

I'm not sure if this is the actual product or not but I'll use it as example No.1:

The actual link here:

See more dances: FF7CC, KHR, POT, SSBB, I know that some of them may be tedious but I think it's for something like DDR? Not sure. )
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Currently at brother's place. Will be back to uni camp tomorrow.
(And 1 more week to holidays, I really need it.)

But anyway, will be showing some youtube videos but I'm making them as links this time (oddly enough they seem to state the video cannot be viewed after I posted up there for a while o.O;;

Ever since [ profile] maiyeng showed me debugged versions of super mario world, I showed them to my brother and I happen to find this one to be the most scariest (In terms of dying within the game that is)
You'll have to remember that this is a debugged version and that mario is automatic, basiclaly meaning is he not controlled by a person.

For those that know the ending song of Haruhi no Yuutsu, they made a debugged mario world and had it the music played along with it:

And speaking of mario brings me to super metroid. Anyone played super metroid before? Those that you have will find this speed run amazing:
Personally I don't think this person is cheating, he has godly skills to be able to do so many wall-jumps (In the past it's very hard to do walljumps ^^;; ) That video is at least 1 hour long but the game says he had it complete at aroun 38 mins or so - HOLY SH*T!!! o.O;; (Because the skills shown are SO master level!!)

Lastly, I had found this last weekend, totally roflmao, Japanese Human Tetris!:
Is it me or does the blue team seems to be getting the worser deal?

Well, see you all (replies) tomorrow I hope.
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This is hilarious, it's only around 1 min, quite short:
Let's guess who is the winner XD

And oh, for those of you that like either gundam, Disney or both:
(Scroll down the screen)



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