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Actually, I haven't looked at the news until mom phoned today asking me about the flood in Belfast =P (How ignorant of me, ahahahah ^^;;)

One of the newly built motorway (With a small tunnel) was totally flooded, look at the videos that are provided by the BBC!

It's not just Belfast I think Banbridge and other places in NI are flooded (My area is ok for we live in apartments though I am unsure about the slanted way under the train railways)
Mom said some bridges have broken but I cannot find any news on it.
Last saturday it rained non-stop, other than going to the market we never went out. Rained from the early mornings to the possible evenings, probably even all night!

Anyway, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, hopefully all wouod be good news. Brother has taken his day off so were planning to go out to watch wallie & kungfu panda *crosses her fingers*
The rain seem sto continue but I hope it would stop being so dreadful.
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Just a very quick update...

My first week is ok, first week = messed up schedule always. It will continue to the second week.

What I want to rant here is, that it's SO windy outside (no pun intended) it feels more like a bloody gale!
I'm sitting in my room (Campus) the window on my right, I can practically HEAR the 'Vii vii' sound it's really scary o_O;;;

To make it worse they've planted a big tree and it's near the left of my window (Though it's bad for the flatmate in the other room, bet that tree is right in front of her window.)
You can see the tree swaying.... if that tree collapses I wonder if it'll break my window o_O;;
There's still gonna be a bit of snow here.

So the thing I wanted to complain is the gale... the 'vii vii' noise is scaring me off. I can hear alarms going off in a distance (And I remember seeing a metal bin rolling around during that gale once too)
Bet they have closed the bridge by now if this continues (A lorry fell over the bridge last few years ago, no joke, the driver died/drowned I think.)
By complaining the bad weather I hope it'll stop 8D

Oh yeah, one more silly thing, for those of you that have played the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where everything is flipped over from the original gamecube verison, does the sun rise from the west and sets on the east in the Wii version?

Can't wait till weekend.


Jan. 4th, 2008 12:19 am
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OMG it finally started to snow in Ireland!!! (At least where I am at the minute)

It's beautiful! ^^ *Should really take a picture*
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Did I mention it was snowing? Well it still is and it's frigging March for christ's sake! ^^;;

Anyway, can anyone recommend some nice Chinese songs that have a pop-like yet eastern/Chinese traditional music? (It doesn't matter if it's Mandarin or Cantonese.)

I have been listening to these two songs and I sorta got addicted a little to the Chinese instruments lol. These songs were copied off my elder brother's music disc and I have no idea what they were called since I never checked the track name. I only know a few of the songs.

Here's two:
This one above is from a HK Tv drama (金枝慾孽) it's about King's Queen & mistresses and other servants/slaves/soldiers fighting each other inside the palace inorder to get fame, recognition and power from the King in order to survive. You may think - Wow I got elected to be a mistress/princess cool~ WRONG! Honestly speaking in the olden days, it could be worse than being in a prison cell than being in a palace(If you're not cunning enough.)
While the story is imaginary, it's a true fact within the culture, so for those that's interested in the chinese culture, this can be something you can learn about.
Uh, I don't have an idea of what this is, all I know is that the melody's quite directed towards more on the chinese side but I like it, the man choir and teh kids choir in the background sounds cool!

And here's another one from the CD but not the same style:
It's something else I really like =)

In fact, can someone give me feed back on the above songs? (This doesn't apply to people that speak cantonese but you can do it if you like.) The thing is, if you know mandarin and don't know cantonese, which sounds better to hear? I had a chinese friend over here, where I told her I find Mandarin to be less agressive in tone and sounds more harmonic, while she thinks Cantonese sounds better than Mandarin.
Even if you don't know both languages, I'm still interested to hear what you think of the tone ^^

PS: And if someone knows, do tell me the track title for them?


Noticed an interesting thing in the [ profile] yamane_ayano community. Click on it, and look at the title bar once it appears. You can see the extra 'BL' goodness in one of the spelling mistakes. I just spotted it today. Interesting lol.

And ViewFinder(Naked Truth) Ch7 is finally out! (Yay!) I find Tabaka-kun being much much cuter than before for some odd reason lol.
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Man, My lower part is drenched in rain!!!
Was walking to Uni camp, so I thought it was a little rain and I brought my umbrella. turns out to be a shower/flood like one, if I knew this sooner I would've worn my runners!!! (See? I told you whenever I want to do something it always have to rain on me!!! #)
The rain continued non-stop for a while.

Anyway, about grades, I took the assessment test yesterday. Last week I did a mock test and got 44.1% so I was really worried. Now today I checked my score on the real thing, I got 81.66%!!!! Thorefore I'm really delighted!!!! ^^

I'll come back later, off to work.


Oct. 19th, 2005 06:33 pm
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It always always ALWAYS have to rain when I go outside to do grocery shopping!!! # # #

It's hard walking for 15 mins and carrying two heavy bags plus holding up an umbrella. I hate Ireland's weather, it's always the typical mild rainy irish weather T_T


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