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The poem will be in lj-cut, because it has something to do with Viewfinder(BL)

Took me an hour to type an email properly to the student financer *Wants to kill student Loan company* Ugh I remember the days of the uni telling me they have NO resource to contact the slc... rrright... if they have no resource then how the flip can they send me a letter and can receive my calls? HUGH? =_=#

Um anyway...

I just realise I've 2 more weeks to go and it's xmas holidays... honestly speaking even if I go home I don't want to celebrate. It's MAJOR pain. Ugh... nightmare memories =_=;;

Anyway, I won't have time to comment today, so I'll hope I can do that tommorrow.

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Nov. 21st, 2006 12:00 am
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Only saw this today, since this is something quick, I decided to post it (With my niichan nagging beside me =_=;; )

Your Dream VF Christmas date

Your dream date for Christmas is... TAKABA...come with an empty stomach and a craving for sweets because this bundle of energy is on a hunt after all, it's Christmas...and that means lots of delectable desserts to devour. All the better because you'll need all the hyperactive energy to keep up with all the fun this guy has planned!
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Not surprised, hmhm, of all the people he appears to be the most sane (hahaha)

For a while I thought this was a 'Which Viewfinder character are you' quiz, but looking and thinking about it clearly.... there's no way I'd ever choose Asami, none -nil.
Unless I happen to be Asami? ||| Nah~
(Since we're both taureans, I'm not surprised if we have the same interests, KUkukukuku....)

Yup, talk about sweets, I haven't gone to starbucks for a few months now =3= *Wants to get the white chocolate bar she bought once* It's a white chocolate bar that's not too sweet, ideal for drinking coffee, to me, anything that is not to strong in taste is perfect -///-

Anyway, me bad, I should be in bed. Work~ T_T


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