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Well... I think it's done for the time being:

Can someone, anyone at all please please help me check this out for me and see if you see anything wrong with it? *cries*

I didn't test this on IE, so if anyone can do that for me then great.

At the minute it looks horribly wrong in Opera, it looks fine for Safari and Firefox ON A MAC only.

I'll test it out in the PC labs tommorrow.

And no there are no artworks, it's 00am over I should be sleeping! o_O

This wasn't my original design, I intended to have a top background image behind the container as well but not sure how that works and didnt have time.

Honestly speaking the design took me ages since I was really indecisive with this and that.
And the CSS was killing me since it won't do this or that and i know it's bad to have rollover images but it was already included in the design at the start and I don't want to change it.
Now I shall freak out if anything else is wrong 8D

I hope to add at least 2~3 images if I have time tommorrow. I'm freaking out on my presentation - eep eep eep!
(It IS worth 50% of teh module after problem now is I didn't check the layout fully and lack of content) ;_;
I'm seriously freaking out if he criticises me for being the same as everyone that wants to make a portfolio, lack of content, competitive with others out there, how do I do financial gain out of this, the design is shit, and worse I know it's not fully checked properly so I panic if he askes me etc etc *cries*

For odd reasons I know that elenniel will say that this looks complex XD

BTW, is photobucket or LJ working properly or is it my connection that's sad and can't see the layout of my LJ properly?

I go to bed now. And freak out. And freak out tommorrow. Freak, freak, freak, freak, freak out. (Currently I'm wondering why I'm so scared of this as well. x_X)
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Because I moved/transfered blocks within my uni campus.

I applied an application to transfer because the noise in the previous block is killing me o_O

So yesterday I moved everything myself, took me 2 & 1/2 hours, sometimes I even wonder how I managed to do that =P
Moving stuff from second floor of one block to the third floor of another, my arms and calves are aching even today 8D

I have car lessons in 15 minutes, hoping my feet and legs will be nice to me.

I'm glad to have transfered despite the hard work of moving the stuff (Felt like walking to and back the tourist centre of Giant's Causeway, look that up if you're interested, and yes without the stuff, but in my case with th estuff and up and down teh stairs bwahahaha 8D)

It's more peaceful and quiet here and I'm SO happy. The flat mates in this one are fine, only that they manage to fill everythin up in the fridge & cupboards @_@ But they spare me space, and they're nice so yay!

Later ne ;)
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Please answer this! (For my assignment purposes)

Image you are working in a boring office.

You decide to dream and fantasize.

What general stuff would you be fantasizing about?

This applies to both genders and that I'll be more than happy to know what you think other genders would fantasize about.

Eg. Hawaii, dressed as a rich person and playing around a flowery field... etc.

The story is, i'm having 5 characters, 2 girls and 3 men and I need opinions on this ^^;;

Arigatou gozaimasu!!
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At the minute I'm in the Uni's library, using their computer resources. (They didn't open this weekend possibly thinking that no one will come here)

Right, I've good news and bad news, let's go with the bad news.

Bad news is I'm giving up my pc, the desktop is working but the monitor (like [ profile] yadh_morwgh says) is "In a coma". (My brother says it's like a vegetable now)
So I'm offcially without a proper working PC.

The good news is, I'm getting a MacBook Pro, a second hand one from my friend (Since he wants to sell it for quick cash)
So it's mainly cheaper (At least I don't have to pay £1700 approx for it) and it's still brand new since April, the system is Tiger, little old but good enough.
(The good thing is that I can chase him if there's any problems XD)

I won't be getting the mac until at least this coming Saturday (Or the next which I really fear)

*shrugs* All's well, so just wait a little more and I can post again (I can always go to the library every day now XD)

It's 11:12 am for now, may come back later since I'll be bored sitting at my accommodation place. Expect afternoon or so.

I still have a letter to sent (urgent for my expenses) I just hope they'll GIVE it to me this year.

I wonder if there's anything I'm missing out, One piece is a definite though =(

Will speak more on what modules I'm doing this year once it's definitely settled XD

*hugs all*

PS: I got my hair cut. If there's anyone to model for me hmm.....
Sakura from Card Captor? The idea is that the front sides are long, short at the back, I wanted to go for a different look, the hairstylist mentioned that it's boring cutting it short in teh same style so she went for a 'modern' look XD


Sep. 19th, 2007 09:05 pm
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I'm back at my bro's place for a few more days.

My PC is still doomed.

I'm freaking out on some modules sicne they have ORAL presentations (And one of them is a Viva =[]=)

My head and eyes hurt for the minute so maybe I'll drop another note tommorrow.

Hope you guys are well.
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I'll be back to Uni on Sunday, so I may not be online too often (Though it seems like I'm on it once in a while doesn't it?)
Have to enroll before I can use my uni's pcs and set up broadband and stuff at my place, but my main concern is my bloody pc.

My PC is doomed for now, we're still trying to find the problem and hoping THAT is the problem and it'll be fixed easily if possible.
(I'm in a depressed state because of this.)

Keep in mind I'm using my brother's laptop and won't be on it often. (It's his after all)

Sorry if I don't reply too often for a while.
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Not including this week but after the following next two weeks I'll be back in Uni.

I still haven't packed. Or visit my mother yet. Worst of all I got nothing back on the news of fees and stuff. They say it takes them 10 weeks to process a form, it's been over that a long time ago ever since I got their confirmation of receiving my form.
I don't get why people are so lazy, unless they need a kick-start like me or something but I'm always very willing to work if I'm in a working place with other people.

Still no response from my course director yet, I'll phone her next week if I have to....

And then there is something else in which I am forgetting.

I just hope I live with no partying, noisy, troublesome flat mates this year. This is my final year, and I most certainly will squeal at them if they disturb me. My patience is UP.

Anyway, I hope you lovely ladies and gentlemen or doing great ;)
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Good morning sunshine!

Hmmm... placement visit today. it started off windy in the morning (no pun intended). Not exactly pressured about it, industrial advisor very happy with my progress, the placement officer sounds friendly enough in the email.

Argh! Yesterday! There had been a guy that's kicking and poking behind my seat, finally I snapped and told him to stop yesterday. If he still does it again today I'm going to give him a lecture or something. I'm p*ssed, he's not sincere at all when he says sorry. If he finds it so entertaining I'm more than glad to swap seats with him and I'll poke the back of his seat for him seeing as he finds poking at other people's seat in the back is entertaining.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't happen again.

Good luck to myself on the visit today! ^^;;


Jun. 16th, 2006 02:08 pm
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Internet server broke down for a while (At Bro's place) (And I have to say I hate Proxy settings/stuff. I dunno what they are and they annoy me. Are they those shared ISP things again?)

So when the server was up again, I have to say I'm 20% relieved and 80% disappointed because there's nothing other than junk in my Uni email! (No signs of jobs)

On the other hand I've angered the translation group (I admit the horrible delay was entirely my fault) when I was meant to reply to them around uh...5 days ago? (Today's the 16th right?) and well, couldn't do so. I do feel guilty, and I think I should have my stomach pain pill ready like Oishi does @_@
(So I'm prepared to get fired, even though my bro kept saying it's a fansub and all...) Fansub yes, but fansubs are better than the translations than the official ones for strange reasons, heck you even watch fansubs!

And speaking about niichan... *sighs* Well, beggars can't be choosers, I know I was the one that ask him help on this whole new CV and CL for an actual game company, but if you think you don't have time then TELL me. Not being like all 'mad' and stuff. I'm actally pissed and right now I'm actually cranky. (Or probably because I'm cranky I'm being very sensitive again. Then again I'm always sensitive)
I know it's common knowledge to spend lots of time to prepare CVs and all, but do they have to be so - oh, well he says my stuff doesn't look professional looking. If they do, I think I would've studied H level in English and probably get a B, I won't need your help and probably I'm already working as a journalist or whatever and not agonizing here trying to get this and that info correct! *sighs* beggars can't be choosers....
How long does it take one to write a CV and a cover letter when you apply a job? I'm just wondering. L used to tell me things are fine, I don't know what other people write like (Usually the examples online are professional yet hmm... little informality here and there... I do wonder...)

Things just dont work out for me no matter how hard I try, I hate summer vacation, actually I hate ALL vacations. Vacations are not vacations, they're the seasons of hell.

I'm going home this weekend and next weekend, to clean up my room, have someone come in and paint the horribly cracked walls. Going back home, cleaning my room, is not hell. What's hell is spending like 90% of my life span with my kaa-san. I'm hoping nothing happens, but I SO doubt it.

And then there were people saying I'm not assertive enough (It's true, writing on a journal is a different thing.) Oh dear, if I happen to be like that one day, you're all gonna complain again saying either I'm oo assertive or I don't think of other people's feelings, etc etc.

(Honestly speaking, I'm sick of that everything I post here these recent months it's always complain. I do want to type something happy you know?)

I'm actually still cranky, I want to talk about stars, but I'm not quite in the mood. I'll come back to it later.

And no, my PC is still not set up. Problem here is that the house keeps getting....messed up very frequently.
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Yay Yay ♥!!!

I'm loving it even more, that mother of Narushige doesn't want anything but to actually destroy her clan!
And poor Touji! He's so naiive and cute!! (The omake had me laughing really hard, for Chigusa was being over-calculative and managed to put him and Rakan together in bath(Usually it's Narushige and Rakan, Chigusa and Touji)

While I'm happy about it (Can't get over it yet) I've moved out of the campus around a week ago. Currently I can't touch Photoshop since my PC is not connected (I'm using my bro's laptop) That means all wallpapers, icons, graphics etc will be delayed (Did I mention this before?)

I bought a 320GB external hardrive ♥ Now I'll have more space, am happy, since my internal 160GB one is busted. No, really. I can't wait to copy all the stuff to that drive and make it like a back-up data.

On the other hand, I'm still trying to find a placement. I'm having my downs at the minute, my wonderful Uni decided to send me a letter saying I didn't pay their lecture fees (Which I do recall there was a hassle on the provisional and official forms I got this year, but I swear I did leave the official form in.)
Now I'll have to pray I have that form scanned in my PC, if I didn't then I don't remember if I did receive the form or not (I was possitive I handed it to them)
I never got a receipt back for the official one, so you can say I'm quite pissed off at the minute. Gawd I hate summer (No, I actually hate vacation, the real vacation for me is when I'm studying or working for another place outside of my home)

Things just doesn't go well for me. I wonder where my luck went? (Must have spent it all praying for silver diamond, ouran highschool host club, viewfinder, GDefend, and finally got that Hanamachi Monogatari Then again I rarely have luck at all...

Niichan said he think he claimed he met one of a classmate of mine back in primary school.... not that I really mind, since honestly speaking I hated primary school. I wonder how I ended up in such an insensitive class and it felt like a battle ground back then lol.


May. 19th, 2006 12:12 pm
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My assignments are just handed in - I'm done! <3

However, it's summer holidays's depressing...

Because the ones that I'm close with, I won't see them anymore...reason being I've still a placement to do and since they're mature and have the qualifications, they go straight up to final year...

So I'm back to square one again, walking alone on my own, the journey that no one but myself that has to walk....I'm tired..... *sighs*

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed later, since um, I stayed up all night, tried to get some sleep, couldn't at all and just ended up staying up and finishing all my assignment....

My eyes are seeing flash, so I really should go to bed.

Just wait a little while longer... I've placement emails to send..... =_=

I promise to be a good girl, don't leave me!
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Theory test tommorrow.

Assignment hand-in on Friday.

Really, really, tired, depressed, busy, annoyed(because of placements), guilty(For not doing the translations, replying emails, lj comments), extremely worried (That the uni's printer may not work tommorrow, the one I have sucks on the colour)


Gomen in advance @_@
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This isn't 'new' news anymore but I've turned to Coach status in FET for a while now(ie. 5000+ posts)

Although the problem is, I don't seem to be able to post anymore in all those topics. Not because I'm not able to post, but because I really have nothing to discuss.

It's sad...It's like, I haven't been on there for around 2 weeks I think? I went up there today, and I only manage to make around under 10 posts.... I used to make more than that...
It's like there's nothing for me to discuss and I hate the feeling it's like I'm gonna leave the forum because I turned coach and that's not what I wanted.

Also, I noticed I was the one posting there, and when I was about to log out, there's like TEN guests out there LOOKING but not POSTING.

I can't discuss if you guys don't talk! *sighs* Or am I scary? is that it? Because I got 5000+ posts, that doesn't mean I'll come and eat you alive ^^;;


Gomen ne...for being moody.... I've a group assignment to turn in for next Thursday, and my group did NOTHING on it. I don't know how to cope this time, because I'm not that good of a programmer and they're more crap than I am.

I still am finding a placement and if I don't get these ones then I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should even email the Quizdom guys or not at this late stage.
I've another group assignment which just wants to make me eat them ALIVE. I told them over and over again to DO THEM EARLY!
And the other one-self assignment.... I know I did really bad on it... I know I just did. Went in a different direction and I really really want to do good in it, because I had fun with this module, honestly.

I don't even know what I'm good at anymore. Okaa-san phoned me days ago and YES she's asking the SAME questions AGAIN. They're like knives stabbing into my heart. Why don't you just get a real one and do that? I'll be very grateful if you do, honestly.
Gawd I hate Ireland. *sighs* I just do. Alright I don't mean it... but I dislike my hometown very very much. There ARE nice people back there, but something just wants to make me puke there.
I don't quite like Belfast that much now either.
Derry is ok so far.

*Sighs* Kaa-san may have travelled lots and seen many things, but that doesn't mean it made her have a more opened mind.

I wanna travel around the world too for some odd reason....but I don't think I'm much of a traveller...travelling form Derry to Belfast and down to Dundalk and back up to Derry again monthly doesn't count as travelling does it?

*Sighs* Oh quit it. *Pinches self* *Sighs*

.......*Sighs* Oh lord....this year is a miserable year....then again every year is miserable and fortunate.

I remember scanning all the documents for the court case back earlier this Easter holiday....son of a *beep* he just had to do it in April! HUH!? =_=

*sighs* Wuwuwuwuwuwu.... ((Just ignore me))
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Ok, if anyone can give me quick feedback:

I need a (Made-up)name for one of my assignments(I can't choose Kaze Works since it doesn't sound professional for a business-like assignment)

So which of the following sounds better?

Link Productions
Link Designs
Links Studio
Link Works

Or any other suggestions?
(What I'm trying to make up is a brand name for a promotion company, and I'm stuck on thinking of a name.)

And oh, please give me a reason why you choose the name you made up for me, since I do need a reason. Like uh....
I chose 'Link' because I link/place images/pictures by me on each other.
Or 'Vivid works' because I like pictures that are bright and sharp it catches people's attention.
...Actually that's a nice name too.. but um...

Somebody able to give me any suggestions by tommorrow?
(My deadline is Monday morning, but I've a report and another interface to design ^^;; )
This brandname is for the promotion part, so if I don't get this done I can't have my report done by Sunday.

And no Japanese names! Because people here are...well....not aware of the outside world too much.

*goes thinking of more names*
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Firstly, I've been ill(Caught a cold) since Last Friday night. I'm still recovering now, maybe I should go to bed (But it's like, 2:30pm in the afternoon... if possible I don't want to take a nap, otheriwse I won't be able to sleep in the night ^^;; )
I hope I get well soon before I go back home. That's right, I'm away back home this weekend. (Now I can play more KH2 at my bro's place! XD)
Stupid cold bleh. It's always around this time of the year there's bound to be a cold/flu season. Whoever that actually is able to invent a cure for this damn virus will be seriously f##king rich.

Secondly, March 17th(Friday) is St. Patricks day. I must escape from this place before this date, otherwise I'll be stuck with the possible altered bus schedule, drunk crazy people that goes around roaring etc etc like an eejit and what's more, St.Patrick's Day is a day you'll get hurt by drunk people if you're not careful. So stay inside! (Those people would probably start drinking since thursday night and all the way towards the weekend I assure you!)

Thirdly, I still haven't found a placement yet, I'm still finding but there's no reply.

Fourthly, it appears my group DOES want to get something done this week. We'll see then won't we? To be honest I'm quite tired, the cold's getting onto me, but I know I still have to get them done.

I plan to apply to for the driving theory test. If I don't now, I'll know I'll never get to study really hard for it ^^;; (Though wherever the center is over here is a mystery to me, well not really, but I'm actually a bit senseless when it comes to figure out roads. And if it's far away I'll have to find out how to get there.)
Being in Ireland/Uk without a car is very inconvenient.

Did I mention I didn't get enough weapons in order to become an apprentice in BoF3? Well now you know. Lucky I saved my previous data I can start again. But It's a pain to earn the money all over again... *cries*
(Actually it would've been enough if I had removed the weapons from my characters, but the system doesn't allow you for some odd reason.)
Although I had a fun time meeting Momo again. I have to admit, Bof3's character personalities' are quite entertaining than the other BoFs indeed XD

What I'd love to play, is Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia/Time and Final Fantasy 6 on PSP again. Actually, I can drop out IoG from my list, but I loved Terranigma dearly and FF6 is because I can no longer find my memory card (I played up to the point where I've had everyone nearly learned all the magic spells and am ready to go to the magic tower)and I'm so p*ssed off because it was my first time ever getting that far. (My farthest when playing at a younger age is always before I could get to get summons and not even mentioning having relm and the others >_< but what's sick is that I'm sick of playing from the start and up to the point where your three teams unite again. I think I must've played around 10 times of that scene, so yeah it does get boring in a way.)
Terranigma is from the SNES, I think it was a product of Square and Quintet and probably Enix too, so I suppose there's the copyright issues(In fact, I heard that Terranigma never made it to the US but they made it to Europe for some odd reason. I'm not sure if it was this game or another one.) We still have our snes, but let's face it, it's pretty old and these recent years I've noticed that if you don't treat it properly all your saved data will suddenly disappear on you. Eric doesn't treat it probably, Andrew insists on keeping it but he doesn't take care much of it. (Or should I say, I've a feeling he wants to sell it in the future if it's meant to be some kind of antique...feh...)
The reason I liked Terranigma more than Illusion of Gaia/Time is probably because of the music, its storyline and well Terranigma's graphics are better than IoG and you can at least jump in Terranigma but not in IoG.
IoG is mainly about the myths and legends behind world history of our world.(You visit ruins and stuff, you travel but there are times you can't go back, which is really annoying.) You know, like visiting the Great Wall of China, Babel's Tower, Pyramid, sky garden etc etc.
Terranigma is more about a combination of History and Geography, which is also based on our world. It talks of a hero that's from the underground(UnderWorld) world that has to go fight these 6 towers and making the 6 main continents of the Earth (Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America, South America) appear on the 'OverWorld' in order to save the people in his town. OverWorld is Earth. If you're wondering where is the UnderWorld, my guess is that it's actually hell. So once our hero got the continents and the people back, he was sent out by the elder to go to the 'OverWorld'. You start from South America, your first task was to awaken the Evergreen tree, to bring Green around the Earth. Then you travel to North America, and you make the birds appear. Then you travel to Africa, making animals appear(Befriending all species along the way). You travel east and is near Tibet, you fight some shadow during the wintery season. While humans appear, you tend to drift into a deep sleep. You wake up and you find you're in a Monk place - Tibet. Then you travel east in a nearby place, trying to find a girl called Meilin in favour of a Monk. You find out that place is haunted(Has many many scary zombies, and the music is kinda eerie too XD) Once you found her(And her being ungrateful and you learn that she's a typical brat in the future in many ways) you go eastwards, you came to France! You can't advance any further because the King here is an asshole, not letting Loire(France) expand itself, but you found someone there who looks identical to your crush back home in the underworld. You actually go to stockholm(Norway) in order to cure an illness of that girl. Then I forget but somehow you proceed to spain. There you learn that Columbus is locked in the Madrid Castle(In what the queen is nothing but an actual ghost thing that you must defeat with the lowest attack weapon level!) Then you travel west via boat, and you come across some Mermaid place and you're there to defeat the villains in the mermaid's shed, and then you made it back to America again! And then I'm gonna stop here, because there's lots more I can go on(Yes, you do get to Japan, China and Austrailia if you wanna know) I dunno, probably I like building things and that's probably why I liked this game(The main aim of this game is to expand a countryside city into a larger one as possible and to learn more about the Hero)

*Tries to think* I think I'll leave things at that. Maybe the next thread will be certain screenshots of what I liked in KH2 X3
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It snowed today over here in Derry. The bad part was walking around under it and while I was doing grocey shopping. Nice thing was it looked lovely outside. Though I hope this doesn't affect my driving tommorrow o.O
Funny thing was you see flowers are grown up(Not blooming yet) and with all these snow covered around them... I wish I took a picture of them this morning.

Uni )
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I just checked my uni email and that lecturer said it I was a victim of clerical error.

In the end he give me 74.

I wonder if I should be happy or sad *sweatdrops* (Like I mean, I'm happy about the mark, but it makes me wonder if it's because he was sorry about it etc to raise it that. Alright I do feel guilty for cxursing like that but it does make people raging you know. Likewise, I won't curse him anymore, but I wish the whole class will pass and get through with a decent mark.

I thank my studies advisor so much for helping me on this.

On the other hand, I think I'm getting a slight idea of what I'm meant to do for the ID. Only thing is that the infm server just had to slow/break down/ not that active in a Sunday.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 01:57 pm
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I looked at the main timetable for all, they say Autumn semester ends on 27th January, however the teaching for Semester 2 begins on the 30th - Next week!!!

Ok, this is not good. It's not good because it feels strange, so do I still have the lessons form last semester or am I still on a friggin break?

I don't get it. Last year it wasn't this late. Or was it? Hmm...
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So I went over there and didn't see a single person. Today IS monday isn't it? *sweatdrops*
Plus the fact that there's 3 rooms you're meant to look at, we don't know which one to go to, I went to all except for one of them but they're all having exams or no one's there or it's a room that's not for graduates, it ponders why would someone like me go to it.
Went to the main building to check, no notice board, ok, asked the lady at the Design reception, she said she wasn't notified of it.
Right now online trying to check the timetable on the COM side, those times for the classes disappeared!
I went to check the central timetable and oookkk~ the links's dead! (Or currently being upgraded one or the other.)
Then I saw my COM timetable it says the timetable commences on 30th January WTF!?

My phone's out of credit, I need to call someone but I can't. (And I'm actually broke at the minute.)

If I know there's no lessons on then it's fine, but I don't know and I don't want to miss it on the first day. F*CK!!!!!
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*Stabs voodle doll with pins and hammer*
((Realistically she doesn't have one.))

Argh! That lecturer never replied and I got message failures!!!

Not only do I not know if he got my stuff or not, I can't even get a word from him!!!

I've sent an email to my studies advisor yesterday and still has to wait for his reply which the quickest is tommorrow and I highly doubt it. This sucks, I'm away at the 4th and won't be back til the 14th Jan, I don't know hwen that damn lecturer needs to have the marks ready for the boards!!!



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