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Well, I WAS free since 20th Aug, that is, free from the submission of my Masters Project 8D
This may be a bit of a long and disorganised rant, so come in and read!

Let the rants begin.... )
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Work is hetctic as usual... I don't panic that much when I work at home. Nowadays when I work in the Uni lab it's really hard to concentrate since there's lots of distractions (Because everyone is stress, sounds of sighing, whistling, people randomly saying things like 'You shut up!' for fun, and even the damn door that creaks loudly everything it opens and closes is quite tormenting...)

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Hmm... My first week of Term 4 is over.... and I have a presentation TOMORROW & TUESDAY. Such a pain...

Random talk, I'll try not to spend too much time as I still need to go and work in Uni today...

Uni work )

Kingdom Hearts - RE: Coded )

Full Metal Alchemist Manga (It's ended!) )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! )

Naruto )

One Piece )

I feel stressed, stupid presentation, and we have to do another one again during the middle of the term and after our submission... I want to cry sometimes ;_; (I'll try to be strong, I'm just stressed and tired on the amount of work that needs to be done and not knowing the process of how to do it =( )
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I hope my flist have been well =)

Eh... I'm kind of on break at the moment, for 2 weeks (Though my first week is nearly gone) and now I have to start to work again =(

I'll talk more within the cuts, I'll try to keep things as short as possible ^^;

Uni work )

Let's talk about happy stuff!

Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep: ENGLISH release date )

Eyeshield 21 )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (6th Anniversary) )

Earrings )

Fly with Me (HK TV drama) )

I think I'll leave it around there, I forgot what else I can add. I really miss having the energy to socialise in LJ. I now always post one short sentences in Facebook just to let off steam, I can't really do that in LJ. Once I start typing in LJ, I spent my time pouring my thoughts out 8D;
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Very very quick update.

I just handed in one assignment on Friday there and another one to hand in for next friday plus a poster presentation on Thursday(If the scehdule did not change) and another tutorial for the following tuesday....

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By group tutorial I meant a tutorial with my tutors (Programmer lead & animation lecturer) on our master project pre-production.

Let's just say I'm now calm but I know I will be terrified tomorrow.

Especially since those that had theirs today came back being p*ssed (Heard that the tutors were being assholes and I MEAN arseholes)

They even told one of them they can take the £600 refund back and quite the course. I shall prepare tissues so when I walk out of the room I can run to the labs or toilet and cry 8D; (Of course, I hope that won't happen but you never know...)

It doesn't help when it feels like I did a lot of work but I have very little results to show...
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Or today, when the clock strikes 00:00am.

I hope my idea goes well tomorrow - I will cry if it doesn't =(

And I know I'm getting really stressed - I'm not eating properly, have no appetite even though I AM hungry. I don't even want to eat until I really starve. This is a bad sign and I know it. (I bought a small mini-set of premade sushi (4 pieces), I only ate 2 & 1/2 for the whole day...)

It's bad I know. I cross my fingers for tomorrow.

I'll have to start looking up on soups soon - force myself to eat something.

This is starting to become like my final year in undergraduate and I hate it x_X;

EDIT: I have only TWO weeks left to hand this in PLUS another assignment at the same time - I'm dead T_T

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How have you lovely ladies & gents on my flist been doing? I hope you're all keeping well <3
Sorry for not being around that much ^^; I've been trying to put my mentally mind at ease over my short break back at home.

I think I'll start on what I did back home and then the latter of the post will be my whining against my pre-production for my masters project (worries & whines eep)

Easter Break )

Uni rants )

Other random rants )
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I'm alive! O_O Still alive lol, still surviving through the amount of work available during my study period. Once I get the time off I feel I should've been doing something productive in relation to my course lol.

How are you all my f-list?

I don't even remember when was my last post... *goes check* Wow jan 29th!? o_O;; I've been complete MIA during Feb!

Anyway, there are lot that I want to say but I kind of don't remember or more like I want to keep it as short as possible because I don't quite remember what I've done for the past few weeks.
There were lots of ups and downs that kinda needs to be F-locked too.

Anyway, let's start on the fact that I have finished our group project work on 5th March (No screenshot available since we didn't even get the game working until the last week x_X;) we're the only group that did a game, the rest all did animation. I'll go more detail on this in F-lock.

Also, today was another deadline for my scripting assignment, PLUS a proposal was needed to be done for my future research project AND yesterday I was assigned another assignment that the idea needs to be pitched 2 weeks later or so I think. =[]=;

On another note I know I've been on facebook more than LJ lately. This is because 1) I'm addicted to their flash games (Still able to play during my studies... I am So dead lol) 2) FB limits the number of words I can use, which means I post short sentences, saves me time posting a long rant like I usually do on LJ. Unless people don't mind me posting short sentences here...

Eh... I'll stop here for now and I shall go post a long rant via F-lock.

Quick Post

Jan. 18th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Sorry for lack of comments again ^^;

I hope you're all well my flist! *huggles*

I hope these few weeks won't be a nightmare for me...

I'm doing character rigging for my group project - which people kept scaring me that it's really hard and more difficult than modelling - it's between either me or another student to do either modelling or rigging.

Both of us didn't mind which and since we were indecisive, we decided with the flip of a coin. I choose Queen Elizabeth (The guy said the Tails looked like rigging) and he's the one that flipped it - and now I got stuck with rigging 8D;

Maybe God wants me to do rigging - since I believe Modelling is something that can be learn easily(?) compared to rigging. (I'm a greedy person, I wanna learn both but we don't have that much time.)

Maybe I will do character modelling for my final project XD;

Talk later - I'm off to get this essay done ^^;
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Sorry for lack of posts x_X

My school started at Monday, my presentation went ok on Tuesday, today I talked with my group (Still doing a game, not my concept but doing it with someone else's concept, which sounds more fun and challenging in a way.)

Have to watch 10 videos (lasting 40mins which means at least 1 & 1/2 hour)

My essay has been pushed back to 22nd, But I hope to get it done by this weekend and have it handed in. I have no time left.

On the other hand, you can see spoiler endings & secret endings of Birth By Sleep on XD;
Watching the ending of this game makes the whole story plot from KH1, KH:COM, KH2 makes more sense.

Ok, enough yapping and concentrate on essay.

I'm dead tired really. I want bed D=
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Report & group presentation must be done for the coming Monday. Therefore lack of comments from me for the time being 8D;
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*Repeats* My assignment schedule for the whole year:

Schedule in picture format because it was taken from a PDF and I am too lazy to type the codings all out 8D; )

I must be sad enough to want to work on my assignment in Halloween... then again I don't like Halloween that much 8D;
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So, ever since my last post about the day I arrived:

So I'll be giving a summarised version of what happened then (Because there are some parts I don't remember either)

Let's start from Tuesday 22nd Sept! XD; )
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Current Status:

Packing up for going abroad.

I'm leaving on the 19th September (Saturday) and moving in to the campus very soon, so have been packing yep.
Enrolling on the 29th (I'll probably explore the place before and know my way around)
I don't offically start on the 5th October.

I'm excited about the course! And meeting those on the same course as me! (It's fun to exchange emails before hand and you won't feel too awkward lol)

Still, I'm sorry for the lack of entries, replies and comments.
I hope you all continue to do well, my lovely flist <3
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I got an unconditional offer from BU (Bournemouth University)
Oh my God I love you! *Worships* ((Ok, that's probably a bit dramatic but I'll pray to him later to thank him))

So hopefully once I get all the form-thingy stuff done I'll be off to my further studies! <3 <3

(So yeah, my phone interview did go well =) )

Anyway, I'll update more on this once I know everything is up and running for sure.
Strangely, right now I need a nap.

*Huggles flist*
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I went to the Haltford (Hertfordshire?) University in Hertfordshire on Saturday (yesterday)
There was an open day based on the Masters subject I want to do so yeah I travelled with Nii-chan over there.

Got up at 4.30am to get that 7.00am plane and must be there by 9.45am for registeration 8D; (We travelled to Louton first, then via bus to there)
Because it's a saturday there weren't too many planes so we had to go at certain odd times.
We came back to Belfast around 7.10pm then. (We're both so tired we needed sleep!)

Right now my brain isn't thinking properly either so excuse for the spellings/grammar errors, (Then again I make them all the times 8D;) I keep on using 'their' when it should be 'there' gah!

Anyway, the uni looks nice, or the college campus rather. The facilities and connections with the industry sounds wonderful, but whatever put people off in the end would be the accommodation 8D;
Like my brother said, the tour guide never asked for opinions on the accommodation while she did get 'excellent' or 'impressive' on library facilties and stuff. (She probably knows the accommodation isn't too good 8D; )

Personally I'd like to learn there, but the end part does put me off (<--A bit hygenic) and I'm quite worried about what they want to see in a portfolio, interview and stuff and most importantly that this one course was thinking that you already acquired the techniques of knowing how to use the 3D softwares and can work on a piece straight away. My main porblem is that I have only touched the software for one module in my uni years and that I never got to do anything with it again ever.
So at the minute I'm quite paranoid. Can I do it? I wonder.
I'll have to pray and whine/cry to God asking him does he think I can do this or not 8D;
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There's a Katejyo Hitman Reborn forum around:

I joined hahaha 8D Will see if I have time to comment towards the end of the day.
Join it if you like! (And as usual my username's Windy, how unoriginal 8D)

Stole this meme from [ profile] yadh_morwgh I Think I actually took this before from [ profile] koyar

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
Created by OnePlusYou

And that was without any caffine. I'm only awake 1 & 1/2 hr ago, took a shower and dug into this =P
I shall drink tea later on.

Anyway, head & shoulders still sore (Ever since wednesday) and haven't been feeling the best, it's like having a flu/cold and it's annoying.

Tidied sitting-room up with brother yesterday (Oh yeah and I did the kitchen too), I have to say it'll take more weeks =w=;;
I feel dead tired.

I got my results today! It's a 2:1 (Second class Honours Upper Divison) I'm not exacty excited or anything, more like relieved on the fact that I may get a 2:2 (Which never happened and I'd say I'll be overly excited if I get a 1st, which never came)
Though I'm happy to get a 2:1, it's not bad *Gets bricked for not being grateful enough* 8D;;
As for actually scores, they still don't come out till the end of this month =_=;;

I ♥ u my flist! XD;;
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It's over!!! And I DO NOT WANT TO CARE about it anymore 8D

My marks may turn out sh*t in the end for theis module, but I really don't want to see it ever again!!

Now I have to start tidying to move stuff tommorrow & monday, also must set/hand in art stuff tommorrow as well.


May. 21st, 2008 09:58 pm
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I hate whoever it is that is banging downstairs. It is SO annoying. Damn drama girls - ugh! Stop bouncing around! is it not enough already when you are in the highest floor of the art building, dancing away and we that are right underneath can see the lightings shaking, the walls vibrating!?

I hate how SLOW this connection is. I wanna shut the pc down, but I don't wanna. I hate it when connections don't reconnect instantly.

I hate the fact that there are no answers in the notes in response to the past exam papers.
Explain why organisations take a reactive rather than a proactive approach to security & risk management
&%$@£+!!! =[]= The hell do I know!? oppose or pro it!? Why would a dumb company go against security & risk management for anyway!? Are they stupid or am I misreading this question!?
Where is the damn section on risk & managment!? I've looked through all notes and found nothing about risk & managament - I don't know!!!

Can the academic just stop using all those fancy words!? *rolls on floor, roll, roll* As if any of us would use so many fancy words in our daily life! *roll, roll, roll*

*sigh* It's not like I own a goddamn business and know how to run it, if I do I'll get FULL marks on this. *roll, roll, roll*

*sits up, prays to God* I admit I may not have studied enough but at least I made an effort to do it! Its not my fault if the answers are not there!!! Help me!!!! *Flops back on chair*

*Will die if all questions tommorrow turns out something she didn't expect* My efforts of learning the stuff wasted T_T

You try to educate people yet you don't even have proper notes for people!!! *RAWR*!!! *MEOW*!!!!


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