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Kyoutenka, or translated as "Heaven's Mirror" is the ending song for Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata (here I go promoting again! 8D;; ) The song is simply beautiful to hear (And if my brother says it's nice to listen then it has to be since he claims himself to be a music moron XD;; )

Lol, the game has been finished a few weeks ago, they have a New Game+ thing and the enemies are now harder. I don't think I'll be touching it too often since brother bought The Little Big Planet (Which the platform sort of kills me this time x_X)

Kyoutenka )

Damn the back of my teeth are hurting for a while, either the wisdom tooth is acting up or that my stress is getting to me. Hopefully the dentist can tell me that they're just being normal as usual ^^
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I guess I better update the "amusing" (Or not-so-amusing) thing before I forget. Long Rants as usual.

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Hiya all! I've missed you ladies & gents *wonders if there's still any gents on her flist* for a long while <3
Hope you all had a merry xmas & happy new year =)

Firstly, I was back in Ireland on last Monday, and then back in Belfast on Tuesday. And had been trying to adjust due to the oh-so-not-wonderful jet lag (har-har) throughout the week. (I mean, waking up early & going to bed early is not bad. It's a little annoying getting sleepy around 7pm though. And also for feeling sleepy during random times, I am not up to do anything much.)

I am typing this while still having the feeling of wakeness. After this I'll probably in bed, so comments won't be made until maybe tomorrow ^^;;

Anyway, long rant starts here!
Oh, rants & new stuff from family haw-haw. )


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