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Man, I totally fell worship with you(& your work) all over again.

Just saw the 'Gun Mania' Doujinshi Yamane-sensei grew, and my favourite panel was the one that Rinoa(Wearing a face mask too) got slashed into the air by Squall so far far away. (You'll have to read the whole DJ to know what I mean. Alright not the whole but the middle part.)

In case you're wondering, I'm a Rinoa-hater. I've never understood why people love her when they hate Aerith, while they complain Aerith is flirty and act childish. Well you MORONS, Rinoa is 10 times much more flirty, immature and childish than Aerith is. SO SUCK FOR YOU!!! # # #
*Shakes her head wondering why idiots don't see this sort of reasoning within it*

And IMO Garnet is way prettier than Rinoa. XP

*Throws confettei on air and does a FF pose* I LUV YOU SENSEI SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, I've been meaning to mention this site but it's been a while I thought it would've gone done, appears it didn't.
Bascially it's about this Chinese guy(Unless you have prove saying he's a Japanese or Korean etc etc) who has a pile of photos based all on his emotions and they're just simpliy hilarious! It's definitely something worth taking a look at when you're down.
And for those live in the USA, you may or may not be familar with the site ^^
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Icon sites in fact.
The first one contains tenipuri(It's allEchizen but strangely the webmistress appears to love SengokuRyoma ^^;; ) and today I just went and browsed and found they have my fav Loveless(They even have Seimei!!) and Kyou Kara Maou(Especially ConradxYuuri!!) icon in them!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
They also have FMA and many many more, ♥

And this one:
Is also ♥ for if you are either Pikachu or Legend of Zelda fans(me) you'll LOVE the icons that are created here and I LOVE the webmitress's illustrations as well. I loved the way she displays the progress of her work ^^

I'm now off to bed...
((My toe still hurts >.<))


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