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Skip this paragraph if you don't like hearing anymore of SD and TP ^^;;
I know I know I'm at it again... the more I think about SD, the more I realised an think, BLU is sh*t while TP isn't as bad, but I'd preferred if SD was licensed by DramaQueen. I remember hearing that DQ is mostly perfect.
They're gonna lose all those lovely glossy picture prints, and as far as I remember TP DOESN'T PRINT IN A STANDARD SIZE!!!! They print in THEIR standard size. Meaning some of Sugiura-sensei's artworks WILL be cut off in corners T_T (The pain~!) I don't get why TP doesn't print in at least an A5 size. It's usually B6 in Japan and HK and even Taiwan (Not sure about Korea & China, Singapore and other Asian countries)
They draw in B4, it gets reduced to A4 for monthly comics and B6 as a complete volume. I don't even think TP print in standard USA size either, such a p*in in the ass.
If there's bad translation, badly presented English version of Silver Diamond by TP I WILL NOT BUY IT!
Why should I support a company that doesn't even know how to present something well!? It's a dishonor to sensei's works - totally! Supporting her is one thing and supporting the license company is another! I can read in another language get a better presented version of it, why should I buy something presented badly? How much of my money is going to sensei? If most goes to the badly presenting company they can go and *beep*
Start reading here if you don't like my above rant on Tokyopop ^^;;

I got 72 (Type B?) Copic markers (Very very expensive markers for manga work and other work) for a reduced value of £70! Initially they were £210, and I do think it's a bargain.
I didn't pay for it though as I didn't have enough cash on me and I don't know my pin to my credit card, so my brother bought it for me as a gift =P Arigatou ne Onii-san!
I didn't want him to get it as I know we're both poor students and if I can afford it I'll get it myself. But he went along and bought it for me =P

Was waiting to cross a road today, saw a pigeon walking on a road. I was thinking of something else then, cars from the other side started to go, and the next minute I looked on the road again the pigeon was lying on its back, crushed looking and feathers seemed like it burst from its body I didn't dare look into too much detail so I don't see any blood but I know the pigeon was dead. Crossing the road with it next to your side is not pleasant. What's unpleasant is really that 'How can you die when you're supposed to be able to fly away easily you dumb bird!? You succumbed to the cars - how can you be so suicidal!???'
It wasn't a nice sight at all and I've been pondering why I'm the one seeing these T_T Poor animal.

Mom called today and mentioning she thinks my old man is back here. My brother joked that he thought he was back since last summer and have stayed here since. LOL.

Booked to see Doctor on Wednesday morning. My head was sore again since Sunday.

Won't be staying at home tommorrow for too long since mom is coming to do errands and I'm her loader/carrier.

Uh.... two 'm's or one 'm' in Tommorrow? I don't get why FF is still using US English when I told it to us UK English. When you look at a word for long you'll begin to wonder as well.

Oyasumi nasai~ ;)
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Ok, Silver Diamond isn't mine but MY FAV MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm happy to know it was Tokyopop that licensed it (Since I do know some certain companies are terrible with translations *Stares at VIZ*)

I dunno whether to be happy or sad I'd just hope they make the translations as perfect and accurate as possible.
The chances of finding this manga in chn would be harder as they've licensed, as I don't know how to gain access to the Friday forums... if only yesasia would at least SELL this product.... *cries*
I don't know anywhere other than going to the actual shop in Hong Kong and getting it there ^^;;

But I'm glad for Shiho Sugiura-sensei!!! Silver Diamond was a good choice (Well, Koori no Mamono no Monogatari[Tale of the Ice Cold Demon] are good as well but general storyline speaking Silver Diamond has a more 'Let's explore and build this world' sense and KNMNM talks about 'building a peace process between humans and demons.')

I have up to 11 volumes of Silver Diamond in chn (Which they've just released recently) and Koori no Mamono no Monogatari has been completed before Silver Diamond.
In fact I've heard from one of sensei's text that she mentioned she's pictured around 16 volumes for Silver Diamond...5 more to go (approx.) I'd really wish for licensing it after they're all completed but I'm happy for sensei as well to have people see her works...

This is your last chance to find scanlations of it in
I'm saving them to compare the translations. (Hope to make it in time)

Really, I'll recommend Silver Diamond any day!
Ok, so I know it's labelled as the BL category, but honestly speaking you don't see too much interaction, the only thing you'll find are hugs, hugs and more hugs. (At least KNMNM had a kiss...for CPR stuff....) and really not indication of BL... except for Chigusa, but you'll be prcturing him like a kid and Rakan as the mother (bwahaaha)
Sensei is quite shy about yaoi so she doesn't show much (Kisses are her limits), thus she focuses on her stories and how she illustrates it. Simply splendid *sparkles*

(I know I know, I know I'm gonna keep on writing this and never shut up)
But are the "Blu" section of Tokyopop any good at translation? I heard they messed up something the last time. *Wards evil away from SD (Silver Diamond)*

Speaking of which the only thing I didn't get from them was the orange mug. I remember them having a new cup with more colours (Is talking about SD accessories) I bought them all from JPqueen since they were hard to get at first. (I know I'm a helpless SD fan ^^;;; )
I really should train myself to read the stuff in Jpn. I'll but the whole section if I have to!!
In fact, I wonder if the licensed ones would have those pretty colour page inside!? The chn version is made the same as jpn versions so I'm sure of those (Only very hard to get online though)

For those interested (Or don't know about SD) here's strom in Heaven's summary:
"Summary: Rakan lives alone, and the plants in his garden grow so thick and fast that it seems like a jungle. One day a man, holding a gun made of wood, falls right down into his garden. He seems to come from another world, and he's searching for someone who can bring back the green into his own dark and inhospitable world."

Wait a minute, what about the Kanji!? They can't survive without showing the actual characters!
We have the 'number children' in there, where 'Kazuhi' is known as 'Leader of the thieves' but can also be read as 'first (children) of the lamps/lights/glow' (Usually a 'numbered child of a certain clan'.
The idea of the 'number children' are that 'children that are useless and not needed in the world' are to be given a 'number in their name with their own clan name'. That is what Kinrei and the Fake Prince states. But whether that is true or not we have yet to find out until the ending T_T
Such as 'Miya', while it means 'palace' (I think) the 'Mi' is read as 'Third', another words the 'third child of some clan that is not needed.

Oh... I can't think anymore, so excited and sad about this. Be back later for more?
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I didn't get the final book yet, went to Tesco and saw a big queue (Especially in Waterstone, WHSmith etc etc) they're selling it at midnight, which is exactly 21st July (Where the book comes out)
I'll get it whenever I can, to be honest I'm not actually that excited about the last Harry Potter book o_O Strange.

On the other hand I finally got my hands on a Silver Diamond 11 Chn version. 11 volumes... it was rumored once that it'll end around 16 volumes... ohh...
Seems like the Ayame prince is getting his own taste of the one being eaten/sucked, and all white snakes are against them, but they're on Rakan's side, which the snakes themselves confirmed that Rakan is the Sanome Prince.
Rakan's mother makes an appearance whether brainwashed by the enemies or something (Which in fact, Rakan talked about his past and when Rakan was a young boy, he's SO cute ♥ And in case you don't know who Rakan is, he's the character I have in my icon right now XD)
It also seems like the Ayame prince will probably go against Kinrei in the future, since he's p*ssed with the fact he's being used.
And Kinrei is such a bastard =_=;;
Anyway, it also seems like the ghost elder of the Kinrei's clan (Or possibly the very first person of Kinrei's clan) has appeared.
I thought Kazuhi's group will meet Rakan, but they STILL haven't.
And the red haired guy (The one with the stone,s forgot his name) seems to be planning revenge.
A character that looks like Miya whom gives medicine to the fake prince is also planning a fusion on the fake prince's blood with a live human. So far, the blood works with stones. Kinrei uses this tactic, which he says he can still carry out those sayings without the fake prince around (But captures him for his blood)

And always always, I never get enough of this story, it ALWAYS ENDS SO QUICKLY!!! I didn't even realise I was at the end of the book arrrghhh!!!
Want more SD T_T (Silver Diamond, not super deformed, slam dunk, sweatdrop or anything else.)
And is it me or does Touji seems to be the one that's like a new child? (Well, at least he got to point out the 'free-hug' thing XD)

Rakan gambatte! XD
I'm talking nonsense here I need bed it's bad bad bad bad bad....
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They finally have a cover up for the 11th volume! ♥o♥

Fake Prince & Rakan! XD
Honestly I think the fake prince is like a shadow copy of Rakan.

May 20th, a few more days to go although in Japanese ToT

Hoping the chn version will be out a month later.
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OMG I cannot wait. I should be preparing to go to bed now (Eyes kinds sleepy) and having a last check I saw this:

OMFG Rakan's mother(?) is fully awakened!!! They're using her as a tool and imposing as that Ayame Prince's mother!!! =[]=

T_T Poor Rakan.... having his mother being used like that....

It also seems to me that the 'sanome' are like plants. At least, it seems like only the 'female' are like that. If a female sanome and male(Not sanome) gives birth to a Sanome male, and looking at the way Rakan's mother grows back to life like a plant, I still think the rare ones are the Male Sanome and not the female. The male sanome probably has a stronger regeneration on plants? Thus the male Sanome's purpose of being in that world is to make other female sanome grow? *scratches*
Does that mean male sanome will die for eternity?
Hmmm... (There is no proof to this, this is just what I think)

And it also looks like the 'Ayame' prince isn't exactly the 'main' villian here, the 'Kin'(Forgot his name with the word 'gold' in it) seems to be the main villian here. (Or probably there is no main villain at all). He seems to be in rivallery with Chigusa (Gold vs Silver)

At this point I'm still wondering why it's called Silver Diamond. We can assume 'Silver' is relating to Chigusa or his tribe. Unless the sanome are 'diamonds' to this world, we still have to wait for Suigura -sensei's progress on this.

I really hope it doesn't end on 16 volumes but it seems to be so.

*Wants to buy the newest volume when it comes out but doesn't understand it* (Damn, I don't understand why I can't find it on yesasia, if the chn version is there I'll buy it!)

And also not forgetting, I really hope Rakan has something in relation to the sun. They're all waiting for the sun to come, could Rakan's father be teh sun or something? (<---Too imaginative of me XD) I always think Rakan is the 'Prince of the Sun' or something XD

*HYPER* I need sleep, but knowing Silver Diamond is coming out soon again.... *hyper*

Ok, I'll come back replying other people's posts later, I need bed or I'm doomed.

PS: I went to the dentist today, need to take another day off work for fillings....While it's an unpaid placement I'm still freaking out that my boss may not like me taking days off =_=;;
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*Jumps in Joy*


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