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A big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] maiyeng for sending me ROM 2 UK & Eire!! (That was really quick! I got it this morning ^^) *hug hug hug*

And also, *Holds up disc* I thought it was something you had in there by accident haha 8D;; Turns out it was a web doujin game of Maku & BJ? X3 (Have yet to try this out, so thank you in advance!!!)

Re-reading some of these entries, 'Poison' reminded me of a work called 'Crayon Kingdom', it had the similar Chibi concept, though I have to say 'Poison''s art would probably excel 'Crayon Kingdom'. *blinks* Yeah it should, even though Crayon Kingdom managed to get an anime from it =P
And 'Beyond' feels a bit BL 8D;;; (hahahaha, I wonder if the mangaka was intentional, KKM? La Esperanca? 8D)
I really like Sun Kitten's story concepts (looked once at her 'looking for the sun', quite like it though) and I do like 'Homecoming'.
'Promise Me' I seriously, seriously, NEVER looked at it back then. Even now I only manage to glance here and there because the art doesnt appeal to me. But funny enough if you do concentrate hard enough on it, you'll find that it is ok. It's the eyes... you know how I love looking at eyes...and these ones have so many eyelashes despite male....*coughs* and if I would concentrate on it, the story is quite good yet depressing (<---has been reading many unhappy fics lately)
'Happily Ever After', so many text cramped in text bubbles, I feel like reading comic than manga o_O;; And the ///// strokes on character's face, forever intentional? Looking at the eyes now reminds me of 'Skip beat' 8D (Kyoku-chan's eyes are captivating in terms of her opened pandora-box XD;; )
'Experiement 1817295HASH7205', are //// strokes on cheeks also intentional? It looked fine on the first frame of the 2nd page but the rest.... and it reminds me of Naruto... it just does ahahaha 8D;;
And it makes me wonder if that one is a black mage, since it doesn't seem to know how to use magic to heal OwO

Redeemon - I have to say I'm surprised it made the judge think of 'digimon' (Really now, if everything ends with 'mon' then they're all digimon? What about Pokemon? =P)
Dom is so cute <3 and for some odd reason I thought one of the girls was called Rachael, I wonder where did I get that from? 83

Thanks for the lovely gift again [livejournal.com profile] maiyeng! <3 <3 <3


Oh yeah, anyone seen the new One Piece & Ouran, Full Metal Alchemist chapters yet?
One Piece's latest entry reminds me of the 'Females only country' from 'Journey to the West' XD
If it was Sanji, I'm sure he'll be in Heaven. And Luffy's complain would be not enough food 8D (I can't believe Oga-sensei used 'mushrooms')

In the recent chapter of Full Metal Alchemist, they're saying a new anime for FMA will be aired soon!!! I wonder if this time they're gonna stick back to the original story? OwO

And Ouran, well, nothing much exciting, other than it seems like that particular solicitor may or may not be trying to help Tamaki out by taking over the main house o.o;;


DMC2 continue to be easy 8D Brother only has 2 missions left I think. And then it'll be the girl's turn I think. Makes me wonder why the first one is so hard =P
Very soon it'll be the third and I'll know how bad Vergil is!!! XD

I wonder if I should give up on Shoku-dan's KKM. Their quality is getting on my nerves. Seriously.
And its ending song is so captivating I can listen to it for hours like I did for LMC's 88.

Is it me or does it seem like there's a lot of good stuff coming out in Oct and this Winter?
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Spent my whole afternoon reading these entries:

I really wish I had faster connection...anyway....
If Windy is born in Japan and located in Japan, even if she doesn't become a mangaka she'll have fun being an editor mwahahaha. You shall all suffer form Windy's criticism them XD

I will have random thoughts posted in a cut section, whereas I will announce who I think would be deemed of winning after the cut.
I WILL give very hard criticism, so give or take it. There IS an entry that the story is just... PURE CRAP! It killed it off as it does have nice artwork. No seriously.
Copy & paste this to let whoever you wanna know, if they're not happy with it then learn to accept these kinds of crticism because once you've become popular you'll always receive these kinds of criticism.
If they come and flame me for what I've said just to vent themselves out (hahaha) I have my fire extinguisher ready. Like I have said, if you can't accept this, how can you ever learn to accept more in the future?

I give you criticism hoping it would do you good. It may or may not, so work your way around it. I'm being nice enough to read these twice, and yes one of them is crap, WHY did you not consult the story to somebody else!? How could you let yourself down!? ;_;


My thoughts, very long lol )

If I am tokyopop, these are my choices:

1st: Two for Joy
- I had a very hard time choosing between Two for Joy and Innocent Until Proven.
- But I go with Two for Joy.
- Very clever use of magpie colours and the past and present main male character. The ending ended beautifully.
- Everything fits.
- Brilliant backgrounds, fighting scenes etc.
- Brilliant story-telling via illustrations.
- I'll be shocked if this doesn't get first place or not end up in the first three places! (Tokyopop, you MUST have eyes, widen them!)

2nd: Innocent Until Proven
- The story is what won for this piece.
- Of course, the creator proved very good story telling.
- Like I've said some things feel a bit exaggerated, some not expressed properly.
- But you're definitely on one of the 3 tops! (Again TP needs another eye to see this)

3rd: Until Death Do Us Party OR T Time
- Either of these two can get 3rd place.
- T Time, for great story telling, lovely illustrations. The simplicity of the story may let you down but I think this will definitely get in the book.
- Until Death Do Us Party, for a distinctive setting and wonderful illustrations. I hope the background setting doesn't let you down.
1) Until Death Do Us Party OR T Time (Either of them one up one down)
2) 13 Shards
3) The Way We Were (The art saved her life, her story wasn't too bad)
4) Alice Fogarty Hates Small Towns (the story telling saved her life, I REALLY hope this one gets a place)
5) ???? Dunno, I can't find one that is good enough. Either Changes or First Train or Alone.
Other ones recommended:
Changes: I hope story telling doesn't let you down.
First Train: Your ending killed you! I hope your story telling can save you, I really hope it can.
Alone: Your perspective of people and bad story telling killed you! Your art may save you, I hope it can.
Yin or Yang: Your story killed you!, Your backgrounds killed you!


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