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I found this cooking website today through a friend, the official site is in chinese and they also have an English translated one:



Now I know how they make all those chinese desserts.... hahahaha XD;

Random stuff, I've started to drink bits of cider vinegar lately... the taste is quite addicting lol. They say it's good for you (Of course, under a reasonable consuming amount). It's like drining alcohol without alcohol lol. (And most people recommend toning it down with water and add honey to sweeten it.)

Oh yeah, this may sound early to you all but I'll be going back home during the Easter break. My brother wanted to see me and he thought of coming over to my place, but in the end we decided that me going back home would be way cheaper. I'll just have to dread flybe again...

Ever experienced that some one came up to you (whether in real life or digitally) said hi to you and thought you remembered them? I hardly remember people that have nothing memorable about (I sound cruel lol, but really if I don't remember then I don't remember) I had this girl that friended me in FB, she changed her name, her hair and her picture was in B & W, how does she expect me to remember her?
I never liked the idea that people think you and them are best buddies and stuff when they know completely nothing about you. Fine, you're a normal friend but we're not best friends, why should I tell you my whole life eh? getting sleepy.... ^^;
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Firstly, I wanna say thank you to those that give me b-day greetings & pressies - you people are so sweet <3 X3
(My b-day was on 29th April for those that don't know, which is like yesterday)

B-day talks )

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In relation to the previous post:

Here are pictures of my Keiki (Cake) done with this 5 mins chocolate mug-cake recipe:

The blue big mug on the left is the one I made the cake with (It's high enough that it doesn't spill)
The one on the right is just one of my fav mugs/cups, in fact the biggest one I have so far minus the one on the left (It has nothing to do with Van Gogh, just mere coincidence and that I just want to show off one of my fav mugs 8D;;)
And the brown thingy in the front is obviously the cake 8D;;

This time I made it sweeter and added a pinch of salt (Dunno if that helps tasting the sweet part of not, I hope it did)
I'm still wondering why the texture is a bit hard, especially when you're trying to break it with a spoon/fork.
It's fine when you it eat or that it's still hot I guess, and the mixture was thick enough
Oh well, I have no complains. Feels like eating a chocolate bun ^^

I also want to present some nice songs from Breath of Fire V (5) to listen to. Bof 5 has a nice OST, too bad the concept of either the gameplay or the setting has belittled itself. Uh, just listen when you wanted to find something casual to listen to ^^;

- Basically the movie ending part 8D;;

- The ending vocal song, all Bof vocal songs are in Japanese though.

Silver Tone:
- A 'Christmas-y'? version of the Ending part.


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