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Well, I WAS free since 20th Aug, that is, free from the submission of my Masters Project 8D
This may be a bit of a long and disorganised rant, so come in and read!

Let the rants begin.... )
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Met [ profile] maiyeng for the first time yesterday - I had a wonderful time, thanks for the hospitality =D (Say hi to your mom for me!)

My trip to London was quite alright, however on the way back, I'm glad I came to the train station earlier - because when I got there, I couldn't find my 21:05 train. Waited for 5~10 mins and then realised the announcement board said it was cancelled o[]o; 9it was meant to be a direct route)
Panicked, ran to the rail information and the woman told me to go on which platform and change trains at Woking. So I did that and asked the man that checkked my ticket if I AM meant to change trains and will be able to get home that way.

So then I changed trains and was at the quiet zone, but unfortunately a huge group of turkish students or something came later, they're SO noisy & drunk and it got worse near the end of the journey. I was unfortunately crowded around by them and they left at the same station as I do =_=;
I was so tired and was hoping I can take a nap but can't.

Anyway, I got back home around 11:30pm or so. One of my flatmates probably forgot I was away today and thought I was kidnapped or raped or something because she said she called me, I didn't reply, she texted me, I didn't reply, she facebooked me, I didn't reply 8D;
(Apparently two of my flatmates, one coursemate and another same media schoolmate was there chatting and one of them told me they had just been talking about murders, kidnappers, rape etc. XD;)
My other flatmate thought I was going away for a week as I said 'I'll be away on Saturday but will be back on saturday night' - but it's on the same day right? o_O;
(I'm happy my flatmates are worried for me, though I found it hilarious when I came back home ^^; )

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday =)

Some other random thing - can't believe is gonna shut down and remove all their scanlations (Something about scanlations are no longer approved by law or something...) Wuwuwuwu, stupid stupid now how am I gonna get my weekly scanlations of jump? T_T
Oh well...hopefully something will work out....

Rambling on KHR, if Shimon's Blood is Sin and Vongola Primo's blood is Penalty, doesn't that sound like Shimon actually did something sinful and was in fact the one that betrayed Vongola and not the other way around? - Vongola bestows penalty on Shimon then? Hmm....

Hetalia, I can't believe they're getting their own Hitsuji de Oyasumi series (Counting sheep) want want want want...... XD;

That's it for now, work work work T_T
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I hope my flist have been well =)

Eh... I'm kind of on break at the moment, for 2 weeks (Though my first week is nearly gone) and now I have to start to work again =(

I'll talk more within the cuts, I'll try to keep things as short as possible ^^;

Uni work )

Let's talk about happy stuff!

Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep: ENGLISH release date )

Eyeshield 21 )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (6th Anniversary) )

Earrings )

Fly with Me (HK TV drama) )

I think I'll leave it around there, I forgot what else I can add. I really miss having the energy to socialise in LJ. I now always post one short sentences in Facebook just to let off steam, I can't really do that in LJ. Once I start typing in LJ, I spent my time pouring my thoughts out 8D;
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How have you lovely ladies & gents on my flist been doing? I hope you're all keeping well <3
Sorry for not being around that much ^^; I've been trying to put my mentally mind at ease over my short break back at home.

I think I'll start on what I did back home and then the latter of the post will be my whining against my pre-production for my masters project (worries & whines eep)

Easter Break )

Uni rants )

Other random rants )
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Sorry for lack of posts x_X

My school started at Monday, my presentation went ok on Tuesday, today I talked with my group (Still doing a game, not my concept but doing it with someone else's concept, which sounds more fun and challenging in a way.)

Have to watch 10 videos (lasting 40mins which means at least 1 & 1/2 hour)

My essay has been pushed back to 22nd, But I hope to get it done by this weekend and have it handed in. I have no time left.

On the other hand, you can see spoiler endings & secret endings of Birth By Sleep on XD;
Watching the ending of this game makes the whole story plot from KH1, KH:COM, KH2 makes more sense.

Ok, enough yapping and concentrate on essay.

I'm dead tired really. I want bed D=
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Oh I went to see the movie Avatar on Sunday with a friend (For future references? 8D;)
So I admit I didn't just sleep... I went and did shopping to stock up for christmas. The movie thing was totally out of the blue since I slept until 12 noon on sunday, a friend texted me at around 11.40 asking me if I wanna watch avatar with her.

I said yes, because everyone in uni was talking about how amazing the CG was and that the story was crap. I decided to see how 'brilliant' the cg was and how 'crap' overall avatar could be.
So I spent the whole day with her then.

Avatar does have brilliant CG, the story wasn't that crap as I thought it would be, just so-so your average typical plot. Anything more complex could possibly make the CG much harder to make. The practioners just called the clan as 'Blue monkeys'. I thought they looked more like 'blue cheetahs' to me.

So yeah, it was ok, cg = brilliant if you ever wanna do something like that and good collection for references, story = average. Overall ok. I would only buy it for its cg.
And after watching that movie I went to the ladies toilet, was waiting for friend and funny thing was a small boy came in looking for his mother, I told him that yes, she's in there (Because I saw her with him, he went out and later came back again) and strange kid lol, he started to babble about how awesome avatar is to me, and saying how he likes KungFu panda and pixar works etc. Wow kid, I'm surprised you don't mind talking to a stranger like me o_O;
Cute kid yet with a bit of oddity lol! XD;
(And my friend said "Wow you've already made a friend so quickly!") Hahahaha XD;

I'm having a rice cooker sent to me! (I guess I couldn't live without one after all) My brother is so nice lol...

Anyone know any good virus-free method of converting videos and put them via youtube? (Actually, more like I wanna know what format and how big etc to put them up on youtube... maybe I'll figure this out myself later...) Some people wanna see my assignment movie... to be honest I'm not happy with it and I don't have a title for it either. I'll see if I can do something about it before or after xmas....

Random question, recently these few months I've noticed that whenever someone (anyone) from my flist posts youtube videos on their blog, I always get the same pictures for whatever content they were supposed to be.... get me? Is it the same for you gents and ladies?

Lately my phone gets out of battery really quickly... it's been a 3-4 year phone now so it's no wonder it's starting to um... get old. I hope it lasts until I find a job next year lol 8D;

I'm back to uni on the 11th Jan, and I have a report & group presentation to hand in. I think I mentioned this before. *Stares at calendar* ....I want more holiday T_T
And they say it'll be even more HECTIC next term.... ugh ugh ugh.

Birth by Sleep Japanese version is out in Jan 2010... *envious*

That's it for now, I may think of more random stuff later.
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So, ever since my last post about the day I arrived:

So I'll be giving a summarised version of what happened then (Because there are some parts I don't remember either)

Let's start from Tuesday 22nd Sept! XD; )
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Current Status:
Other than typing on LJ, have arrived safely in Bournemouth alright 8D;;
Still getting settled (more like buying items and getting familiar with my surroundings)

I'm gonna rant on the day that I came to here.

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday (Today):
Monday )

I really wanna go to the aquarium!! It's this one here:
I have yet to find out which day suits and where it is situatied (In town center somewhere) I wonder if I should wait until I get my student ID....there's not much of a difference and buying the tickets online is cheaper.
I have never visited places like these on my own ever. (I have this weird nervousness of going alone when it comes to sight-seeing or eating/drinking in a certain place.)
I know I should really try and go out more and help myself learn that it is not awkward to go out alone and treat yourself nicely and enjoy yourself. People won't stare at you thinking you're alone because well, you're alone.
I don't like being outside after 5pm either if I can help it... I feel unsafe outside in the night x_X

Anyway, that'll be for the moment! I don't enroll until next tuesday and don't start until the 5th Oct, so whatever sightseeing and stuff I'll get it done before that and then the work comes!

Quick Post

Sep. 18th, 2009 03:58 pm
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I won't be available after tonight, quickest and assuming that I will have access to internet is Sunday/Monday. Otherwise it'll be until I have my enrolment done (Not that it matters much right? I always go away for a few weeks and on a few weeks like a cycle...)

We're leaving the house around 8.30am, plane leaves at around, will arrive in Southhampton, then around 1.15pm at Bournemouth. My appointment to get keys and signing contracts will be around 14.10pm - so busy!

I hope to get settled soon, like looking at places for local supermarkets and stuff.

I wonder if the campus' internet is ok with torrents.... otherwise that means no Chi's New Address for me! ;_;

Later then =)
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I know I haven't been active on LJ for several weeks XD;

As mentioned in the previous post, one of the ends of the charger of my Mac had managed to burn itself and commit suicide, hence I was without a PC for days. (Not that it mattered much huh)
I COULD use my brother's, but I shouldn't abuse his stuff and that he needs it to work too.
Here you go for a pic of my KO'ed charger:

Nothing much was keeping me in the past few weeks, other than replaying FFX (Which this time I played it properly and I played it since I finished replaying KH1 & KH2 and that my brother wanted to watch.)
I also had a 1 week course on 3D animation 2 weeks before too. (Which this time I found it more fun.)

And like I said I attended my baby-sitter's wedding. This is them here: (You don't have to watch this, I didn't show up in the video but my mom did XD)
I hope this is the last wedding I attend to whoever that is related to my mother. (Honestly, I don't mind attending this one because I do know the person. Ever get tired of the fact you get to go to someone's wedding and you have no clue who the person that is getting married is?)
And I got them this gift:,5,shop,home,homecategories,hkitchen
I think it's cute XD; It's a huggie Salt & Pepper set hahaha. (Though I wonder if anyone that is wedding would appreciate such a gift) One day when I get my own house I want something as cute XD

I haven't read a single entry on LJ for weeks.
So this post is a large post. (Then again, most of my posts are large too right?)

(And this following paragraph is about fangirling FF7 & Other Square Enix stuff 8D)
Rant rant FFVII )

Rant rant FF Dissidia )

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days )

Random thoughts concerning my future Masters )

Detective Conan, One Piece, KHR, Skip Beat & nostalgic anime )

Random random, not that the above posts doesn't have something random in them XD; )
That's about it.....

I <3 you my flist! ^^
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Will be only posting short sentences to summarize/highlight what happened for the past few weeks.

1) 3 weeks ago things went smoothly. I took a break from the PC and played FFX (Since I have finished both KH1 & KH2 and my brother wants to see me play something on the TV, FFX was the only option)

2) 2 weeks ago I went to attend the 1 week 3D animation course held in the Waterfront. It was fun, and I'm not shocked to learn they use 3D Max Studios there (It is cheaper than Maya lol)

3) Last week, I busied myself on drawing and translating stuff (for a certain group).

4) That same last week in the weekend, the ends of the charger of my Mac commited suicide:
I have no idea how it burnt itself, I just know I was out of a PC for days.
And on that very same day my iPod (It has at least 5 years of history) also passed away on me.
(To make it simpler to understand my charger cannot be used, hence my mac cannot be used. My ipod cannot be used because it died on me and if you charge it up it says ""

5) This current week I had to attend one of my mom's friend's wedding (And the bride used to be my babysitter when I was really young, so yeah I'm happy to go even if I was relunctant at first. But happy days for her, she looked gorgeous that day.)

6) I only came back home yesterday and finally I was blessed with a new charger from the mailman. Oh hail mailman! *worships*

Therefore I'm extremely sorry for the lack of responses over the past few weeks. (I'm still compiling a large rant after this)

I love you my flist!
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I'm still compiling rants about Final Fantasy Dissidia, which will be in another post. (On another day)

Anyway, it seems like there was no Beautiful Cooking Last Sunday because they were airing something else which its final episode is coming to an end.
So yeah none for last week. *Crosses her fingers for a better one this week*

Oh! This is so cute!
It's a red pirate bunny plushie which looked lovely (In terms of quality and cuteness)
Currently they're doing a... promote of some sort and preorders get a 25% off.
I went and preordered one because it just looked huggable and cuddable(Is that even a word?)
I should really consider taking my still alive precious plushies at mom's home and bring them back here. Chances are she'll dump them for me - which some are too precious to be forgotten =(
(Oh dear, I'm 23 and still crazy with cute things like plushies XD;)

My watch is fixed! - Yay!

That's it for the day. I've been quite tired due to very odd lack of sleep on Sunday night (Woke up at 4am on Monday morning and couldn't sleep.)
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Firstly this Beautiful Cooking EP 12 for those that want it.
Read more... )

I've been dead on LJ over the weekend and until today because I had to look after my brother who-uh, well he didn't break his leg, he just got an inflamation inside his right leg since saturday, couldn't walk at all so I had to look after him 8D;

He went to see the doctor on Monday (Luckily his foot wasn't as sore as in Sunday so we did manage to drive to the doctor's place.) The doctor told him to take Nurofen tablets, which will ease the inflamation. (I like this doctor, and so does my bro because this GP isn't his dedicated GP and was another one. This GP explains things well and seems to have more patience in the opinion of my brother.)

Anyway, nii-chan was told to take things easy for a week, he's now back to work today.
In case you're wondering what the problem was, the doctor had used a scientific view that there is a 'cushion'; or some sort of fat down at the back of your ankle. That fat acts like a lubricant of some sort when you walk. It was probably eroded much because of the constant walking on Wednesday & thursday (Aka my days over in Bournmouth and London).
In short both of us know it's due to lack of exercise XD;

Hence that was my weekend 8D;

I'm getting an interview with the Bournemouth Uni this coming Monday (6th July) at 10.30am via telephone. They give me two options, whether by phone at 10.30am or travel to bournemouth and be there at 12 noon. I went with the phone. I hope things go well - this is the final boss! (Or should I say after the interview the final boss is their decision?)

Nothing from Hertfordshire so far, I wonder if they thought I'm a hassle or not qualified enough because my application is late?

Anyway, my watch stopped yesterday! It needs new batteries... why couldn't it have stopped on a monday when I was already outside in the center so I could tend to it? T_T
Oh well, maybe I'll go out tommorrow or sometime this remaining week to get the batteries switched.
I like this watch, not because of how it looks but because it's a major convenience to me.

My watch is actually a men's watch, I needed a watch that's big on the diameter so I could see the hour numbers on the face. Those tiny ones for woman are useless. You may as well switch it for a bracelet if you're keen on the look.

Anyway, the convenient part is where in the night time, if I happen to wake up the watch has this glow feature on it. I could see it in the dark with this. The reason for the bigger diameter is so that I don't need to squint as much without my glasses. Who wears glasses during your sleep anyway?
I used to have a watch like that but I had once been persuaded to use a different one - I hated it and I want my old one back (Which was either thrown away or somehow went missing, I don't remember what happened to it.)

That brings me to an interesting question - how many of you wear a watch and can't live without it? (I can't live without it) Care to fangirl/fanboy to me about what your watch looks like or how awesome it is? XD;

Oh yeah, mine's not a digital watch.

I'll leave my post here XD; Gotta go for lunch.


Jun. 26th, 2009 12:55 pm
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So tired!!

Anyway, back from the trip since yesterday. Didn't get home until 2.30am though.

So the trip schedule was like this.
Theh Journey )
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I have a funny feeling my mac can't read DVD-RWs...
I miss my old -nearly capable of everything- pc in the past T_T

Mom rang yesterday and the day before, she ranted for 1 & 1/2 hrs non-stop (Yeah, she didn't find me much last week via phone.)
It's no wonder her sore throat doesn't heal for talking so much (Bet she must've called other people to chat later)
And we had a conversation which lead me to asking this (girl talk?)
Like I said, girl talk? )

Anyway, I received my manga package from Sweatdrop yesterday! Wow that's quick and no hassle! ^^ Major yay! Thank you so much!
I didn't mention that yesterday since I've forgotten about it after mom's call.
(For those that did see me ranting about a certain title the other days, yep I bought that one (Love Stuffing) and two other titles, Murphy's Law and Ambient Rhythm.)
Have yet to read though.

I hope the referee stuff my placement referee sent me wasn't lost in the post. He claims he sent it the day we finished our emails, and that it could be lost. He said he'll sent them again if I don't get anything by Friday. So nice! *cries*
Good news, my Uni referee has sent me her stuff! Oh my God thank you so much!!!

I've been wondering if my LJ has been boring to anyone recently. The thought just popped up.

That's it for the time being, keep well ladies & gents!
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Rant, rant, rant. )
BL rants )

That's it for today, unless something fun comes up XD

Doing ok

Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:50 pm
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Sorry for the miserable post in my last entry ^^;

I suppose I am feeling better (I guess it's really because some of my referees haven't replied at all, I'm getting worried.) Anyway, that's for me to worry about.

Let's talk about happy things!
For those that have read my entry about the NEW Beautiful Cooking II, if you're still interested then I'm posting links here for downloading: (I got them from They're all megaupload unless you like filefactory XP;)
Downloads here )

Have anyone heard of The Priests? I've been listening to their 2008 album lately. It's wonderful. No wonder their album had hit the markets way high up.
I usually have no interest in much western music (Or more like, my main music are usually anime pop, game soundtracks and random chinese songs that appears nice to listen to.) it's great to find something melodic enough these days. (I suppose people like rap, rock & metal [What is metal?] nowadays. I tend to prefer classical and orchestral music more... [Or rather I prefer music that has a melody in it].)

And I have also been listening to Escala It's really nice to find good music of the Strings category. Reminds me of Gundam X's background strings music.

Anyway, anime wise I have managed to get a hold of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! People would know them better as the 'Season Zero', it features approx. the first 6~8volumes of the manga (Where not every game is a card game) it's interesting. You can find it at

Hohoho, I have read about the special chapter from Ouran Highschool. It's about how Haruhi's parents came together XD; I have to say maybe until Ouran is finished, I don't really want to read the plot any longer (Because at the minute Tamaki's Grandma is TOO powerful =_=;; )

And no wonder in Reborn needs the group needs motorcycles. But how long are those motorcycles gonna last?

Chi is so cute! So far, only they do Chi's New Adress. Maybe you can find stuff in youtube now?

Hmm... there aren're really anything muxh exciting lately. It's been nice weather over here, which is a surprise harhar.

Oh yeah... I've been thinking of something interesting lately.
Imagine yourself, that one day (Not trying to curse your or anything but just 'maybe') you had an accident that landed you in hospital. Somehow, when you woke up again, you've forgotten all your memories. Now, the thing is, whether or not your were injured/had an accident, but just that one day you woke up and have realised you forgot everything, what would you do?

I think I'll freak for forgetting about my family, friends offline & online once I remember such people exist! XD;
You'll be wondering what you've been doing all life lol.
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I wonder if I could come up with a more interesting title/heading other than that one? (I've been using it a lot)

Still alive, I haven't been active much in the past few days. I'm back at my mom's house and I feel uneasy to do comment or write LJ much. Hopefully I'm back at my bro's tomorrow.

Currently feeling slightly miserable for no particular reason. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
Listening to Kingdom Hearts music is making me sad but that's the only thing I wanna hear for now =_=;; How stupid of me.

There's nothing new, I just want to rant on my LJ 8P

Silly rant starts here, cutting it in case I didn't know the length of the rant. )
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Still alive because I did come down with a cold/flu (Assuming I got the dry throat around Monday/Tuesday)
Had been sick for nearly the most of last week. Was supposed to go home yesterday but didn't. Still recovering.
And mom is already eyeing my schedule to look after her 'house' next monday =_=;;
Anyway, sorry for not being able to reply much ^^; *Hates the fact you couldn't live without a box of tissue for days*

There's a NEW Beautiful Cooking 2 out from TVB (Remember the one they had back in 2006? They have a new one out this year on April 5th now, still airing.)

Here's a part from the first EP XD;
In here, just hiding it so the post remains text )

So far it seems like this video's hoster had all EPs minus the third one online.
(If any of you wanna see actual download links (though .rmvb) I can post them up here while they're still 'fresh' 8D;;)

Hope you're all keeping well =)
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Sorry for the lack of activities these days/weeks ^^;

Nothing much is wrong, just that my brother (we think) had caught a cold/flu last Thursday and he was really sick (Well he thought he ate something wrong, but we both ate the same thing so we think he caught a cold) until Saturday (So I took care of him heehee)
Now, I can't really say it's my turn or not, I don't have a fever or anything but I do have this odd dryness in my throat for these few days (Not really a sore throat, but equivalent to when you have a cold/flu that your throat is so dry, you keep drinking lots of water and that it feels like the aftermath of having yelled for hours or something.)

It's been two weeks I haven't gone to church (I was stilling working on my portfolio) I went their last sunday and it feels refreshing <3
I heard a story from one of the people, he said he went to some kind of place (As far as I know he travels from places to places to go on holiday as well as going around preaching if he can. I don't know if it was Canada or Hawaii or whatever place he went to) and had talked to the person herself, hearing this particular story from her.

She was a young girl (Real life story) probably around the ages of 18 or something. She was walking home or to some place at night and she was running late. She came to an alleyway that would save her time but this alley is well-known for getting killed by thugs or something. She was so late so she decided to chance it, hence she knelt down and prayed to God for safety for going through this alley. After finishing her prayer, she stood up and walked down the alley. A black man (No offense to blacks, it just happened to be one) - or a thug imagine a very gangster-like character walking from the other direction and looking reading to kill. She had her head looking down sort of fretting 'Is this it for her?' Looking from the corner of her eye, the guy didn't seem to acknowledge her and just walked past her. She was safe that night then.
The next day there was an announcement on the media (newspapers?) that a girl victim(not her) was killed near that particular alley. The article asked for people from the community to come and help the police to testify/see a number of people to see if they were involved with the case. Our protagonist, whom would help people if she can, went to the police station and came to see if she recognized any of the possible murderers. She came across the man she saw last night and recognized him. She asked the policemen if she can go over and ask that person a few questions. The police allowed her and she went up to the guy and asked, "Why didn't you pick me last night?" (Pick her to kill)
The guy then replies, "You've got two really big, strong mean looking white people both by your side, I wouldn't dare to touch you with them around!"

I dunno what you think of that story, but I think God is just 'Wow'! What a wonderful person, he SO deserves to be praised <3 Lovable, lovable! X3
As for the two thugs by the girl's side, I'm sure she probably didn't notice it (Or for anyone other than the murderer for that matter) otherwise she wouldn't ask him.

So that was one of the most interesting things I've heard since Sunday.

As for what's keeping me away really is FF. I can't say the latest verison (3.10) is helping much but much better than the .8 one I think (Whichever the one that kept on crashing) at the minute, while it doesn't crash that much it seems to stall or like the feeling of eating your CPU so much you'd rather close the program/application because it's just plain annoying.
(I've use FF for gmail, LJ, deviantart accounts and I don't wish to switch it to safari since Safari is a mac thing as IE is a Windows thing =_=;;

The only reason I kept on using FF is because it has a saving feature, else I won't bother with it seeing as it's so dumb at the minute =(

I hope you're all well, sorry for the lack of comments ^^;

PS: Speaking of which there's finally an ENG group that subs the 'Chi's New Address' anime ^^ go watch! It's more hilarious than before lol!


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