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Hmm... My first week of Term 4 is over.... and I have a presentation TOMORROW & TUESDAY. Such a pain...

Random talk, I'll try not to spend too much time as I still need to go and work in Uni today...

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Kingdom Hearts - RE: Coded )

Full Metal Alchemist Manga (It's ended!) )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! )

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One Piece )

I feel stressed, stupid presentation, and we have to do another one again during the middle of the term and after our submission... I want to cry sometimes ;_; (I'll try to be strong, I'm just stressed and tired on the amount of work that needs to be done and not knowing the process of how to do it =( )
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I'm alive! O_O Still alive lol, still surviving through the amount of work available during my study period. Once I get the time off I feel I should've been doing something productive in relation to my course lol.

How are you all my f-list?

I don't even remember when was my last post... *goes check* Wow jan 29th!? o_O;; I've been complete MIA during Feb!

Anyway, there are lot that I want to say but I kind of don't remember or more like I want to keep it as short as possible because I don't quite remember what I've done for the past few weeks.
There were lots of ups and downs that kinda needs to be F-locked too.

Anyway, let's start on the fact that I have finished our group project work on 5th March (No screenshot available since we didn't even get the game working until the last week x_X;) we're the only group that did a game, the rest all did animation. I'll go more detail on this in F-lock.

Also, today was another deadline for my scripting assignment, PLUS a proposal was needed to be done for my future research project AND yesterday I was assigned another assignment that the idea needs to be pitched 2 weeks later or so I think. =[]=;

On another note I know I've been on facebook more than LJ lately. This is because 1) I'm addicted to their flash games (Still able to play during my studies... I am So dead lol) 2) FB limits the number of words I can use, which means I post short sentences, saves me time posting a long rant like I usually do on LJ. Unless people don't mind me posting short sentences here...

Eh... I'll stop here for now and I shall go post a long rant via F-lock.
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This is really random & I need it to get out of my head otherwise I can't work properly!

I've finally realized why I liked images of a beach and I wondered how they unconsciously managed to squirm their way into my projects/works etc. Because I don't exactly favour sunbathing or swimming much, getting into a swim suit annoys me in a way but I've always liked the look of a beach. The sound of calm waves sooths me though.

The reason, pure, simple and idiotically enough is because the combinations of yellow, green, blue and white - my fav colours are ALL inside that picture. Just... have fun searching for it - the Blue skies, blue to sea green ocean due to the mixture of blue water and yellow sand; the waves and clouds of white, the yellowish golden sand and eveything sparkles under the sun - how did I not notice this before!?

(Because I really am not a person that likes to be out in a beach that much... more like I have no feelings for sunbathing or swimming like others do. This pulled me back really.)

.... *Wonders if there are any nice long landscape view posters of a beach out there*
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I think I'm getting a cold.... I don't know if it's because I haven't exactly rested much ever since I came here (I go out everyday to either buy stuff or get familiar with my surroundings)
Or that it could be from the girls, because one of them said she's having a sore throat today (She said she went to some trip yesterday and it was warm or cold within seconds) I have a funny feeling I may have got it off another girl, because she said she got a cold before yesterday and now she's recovering, I could've gotten it off her since the four of us sat together having a converation one night. (And I was sitting beside her, the others were across her)

So far my throat is sore, it has been like that ever since I came back from grocery shopping today. I'm also starting to get a running nose so I thought I may be getting a cold. I'll have to go out to get some medicine or something tomorrow.

I suppose it's ok to get a light cold now and so I won't have to get one again this coming winter.
Still, it sucks =(
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Damn immature closed-minded people!!!!
It's not really much of a big deal, I just got the random jeer from some stupid person in a car again.

I went to check out the UNI just there now, to see how long it takes me to walk there (15 mins via foot hurrah!) funny that the guy who was giving out slips didn't give me one. Maybe he thought I don't speak English or are not interested in this kind of thing? He only avoided me, but didn't for those that looked non-asian. But that's ok, because I saw slips of it around and it's probably some bar or band or something.

I didn't find much stands (You know the way they should be promoting stuff for students that came in? Yeah those,) maybe it's because I'm late to there? (It was nearly 3pm) Or that they didn't exactly start until next week? I'm not sure.

So I walked back to my place, I was waiting at the red lights. Yes, you can probably guess it, some person in a car went 'yoyoyo' while passing by me. How immature! And it sounded and looked like a girl (18~20+?) unless it was a guy with grown long hair but it sure didn't sound like a guy.
PEAS AND RICE! I don't get why is it always me? Because I'm on my own walking alone? I look short and look soft that can be easily pushovered? What the *BEEP*

Curse them! I have no patient of a saint! Imagine THEM being thrown into a different dimension where everyone looked the same except for their oneself. Let's see how well you take it. ((Hey this sounds like good story material!))

Honestly, why do you have to make fun or and ridicule different races!? I hate it even more where you're born in a different place, they don't accept you over here and your own stupid homeland don't accept you either.
I'm telling you, I still aim for a place where race, gender and ages don't matter anymore.

I should pray to God tonight and tell him how sorry I am for the lack of prayers these days and that I have learned another lesson that people are still continuously sinful until they accept Jesus take your place in sins ;_;

PS: Hey, I just noticed we do have a p****** off mood in LJ, does that still make you swear? 8D;;
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Just a very quick update.

Going to Bournemouth tomorrow to the Uni's Open day. Won't be back until 11pm on thursday (Initially we should be back 12 hrs before, but Niichan's getting an interview on that day in London so we have to stay longer)
I seriously find that I hate staying abroad.

I curse the plane schedules. I long for the day that plane schedules operate the way like buses and trains do. Then again I hope no stupid people will plant bombs or something ill. Damn people because of them it's hard to carry lisquid stuff around (My bottle of 100% pure water!)

Anyway, wont be active too much sowwy x_X
Once a month kills - it just had to come now.

Keep well you all <3
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I forgot where the meme came from, it was either stolen from [ profile] sonia_leong or [ profile] fuuringo(sp?)

Meme )

Personally I am not quite fond of horror stuff, I dunno why reading fictions let me to a conversation with nii-chan whom he started talking about how hilarious this following horror movie is, so I found it on Youtube and I am glad I have enough guts to watch this with pure amusement XD;;
Mr. Vampire )

Random rants )
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Dearly Beloved:
I'll never get tired of this Kingdom Hearts song and I love this version as much as the other two 8D
Anyone heard of the Chain of Memories version before? (Though mine is RE: Chain of Memories)
It sounded like droplets when the KH2 verison is of ocean waves and the calmness in them.

One Piece:
Read the newest chapter. Not sure why sensei wanted to elaborate more but I guess that's him.
And I've noticed one conidtion to join the Strawhat crew, you need to know how to cry XD

Lemme see, driving exam is tomorrow, then my results from the last semester will come out on wednesday, meeting with art supervisor on thursday, one more lecture to go on friday morning and I leave for belfast on afternoon! 8D
My friends are rather concerned about their results though I am not one bit. o_O Possibly because I already have one big exam in front of me the day before to take my mind off it or more like I didn't want to care 8D
As long as it's over 60 on average I'll be happy (I doubt I can get 70 for any one of them, and I don't like who is responsible for correcting one of the other modules either because I didn't add enough pictures to my website, no time! 8D)
I also have Intelligent Business Systems to worry about so that totally took my mind off for anything at all. =P

Later ne =)
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No energy to talk about it really.

I hate parties.

I hate places with people I do not know.

I hate places with too many noisy people in them.

On top of that I'm tired as hell and I mean HELL.


I'll speak about it tommorrow.
I swear, I'm locking my room now for once and locking my family out. I need to be alone seriously.


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