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The spoilers are at the end of this post.

My current status is still on report, I'm planning to have it finished tommorrow evening.
I don't mind typing 3000 words, the hard bit is letting my bosses take a look at it afterwards to see if certain information need to be kept confidential or not.

EXTREME SPOILER FOR CH 70 OF MANGA FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!! Don't read if you don't want to be spoilt!!! )

Yes, HUGE spoilers.

I shall...

May. 19th, 2007 06:24 pm
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I shall be a good girl today and try and get as much done as I can with my report. (I've two weeks left!) Well, even though it's due for 11th June, I did mention I will be away for a week and that I still need to let my industrial advisor view it before printing it out and bound it and send it off to uni.

Oh sugar, I forgot that the second visit form. I'll look over that later.

I'll be back later tonight.

Hmmm... ;;

Dec. 5th, 2006 10:04 pm
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I got off work today because my head hurts.

It hurt until around 2pm (Until I took the Panadol pill...)

I'm so bad, I've taken off work yesterday and today and will also on Friday since I have an appointment with my GP.

I hope my bosses aren't mad with me ^^;; *prays*

I'm kinda worried about it, must work extra hard when I go back ^^;;
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*Reminds self* Will be on Thursday. I have everything done, just must keep log book up to date.

Industrial Advisor(boss) and another boos is happy with my progress. *Crosses fingers* I keep my hopes up.

Man... I hate working with tables. I vow to learn those
  • tags one day. I should really start trying them out now. Though I wonder where that tutorial is, I seen it on the webschool site but now I try looking for it and it's not there? Hmm...

    Tables are a nightmare. Now I understand why people say working on a site without tables are the best. (And that way I understand how the lecturer manages to resize the site for resolution purposes.)

    Library files are confusing. Well what's confusing is ibl files are for dynamic, yet asp is for changing just that page? Hmmm...

    Argh! there's a 3D animation lecture on at my uni tomorrow! yet it's too late to ask for a day off. Fun thing is it seems like the director is the one for the 'The wererabbit' movie thing. I don't remember the whole title, but I do recall it's very funny and perfectly done whether it is done via CG or modelling.
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    XD Ok, so 1 week has passed away for me from work.

    It's a *looks at time* 11:50am morning and soon when I finish typing it'll probably be midday or so XD

    (Work) )
    (Keroro Gunsou )

    (Five frog resonancing) XD

    If I...

    Aug. 8th, 2006 11:14 pm
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    If I happen to not reply you all immediately, or take ages to do so or don't comment to your posts than usual, well then I apologize in advance @_@

    I really should be in bed at this hour, I now get up at 6:30am in the morning, pray that I don't miss the 7:30am bus, arrive at work by 9am, work until 4:30pm, pray that I get the bus on 4:45pm and arrive back at my bro's place by 6:00pm, and then eat/clean/free time(Not entirely) and then am meant to sleep at 11pm the latest @_@

    So gomen!

    I also know I haven't been to FET forums for AGES. I wonder if I should resign...
    I mean I work in translations for a certain group, work in real life, then other issues in life, I still have to do such and such preparations for placements/school fees....

    Maybe I'll wait until the weekend and see?

    I'll speak more later on the week/weekend.

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    Can someone comfort me? *whines & cries*

    So I got offered a placement over here, and just there at 4pm today Jagex from Cambridge rang me asking did I get a placement.

    I so SO shocked my brian didn't register properly, so I told him I just got a placement yesterday and didn't tell him it was unpaid and that I'm still interested and that whether Jagex will offer me a placement or want me to come for an interview.

    If it's an interview then I don't want to go, since if I fail on the interview I've two jobs gone by then. If I'm definitely getting a place then of course I want to go! I've never been in other parts of England other then London, boring Birmingham.

    So I want to ring him back, but the number was witheld!!!
    I've no choice but to look up their their site and they don't have any contact number. So I send them an email and hoping they'll call back by Wednesday.

    Man I'm SO stupid!!! I hate myself at times like this!!!

    I don't understand God!! I prayed everyday and I already said I'll let you make the road for you've given me two roads and I accidently killed one of them. Please Please give me another chance!! *cries*

    Windy is stupid. So So stupid T_T
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    Although it's UNPAID. I work on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm. And it's at least 30~45 minute away from my home place, 1 hour~1hr15min away from bro's place, and that the bus times aren't that good and that the placement lasts for 12 months even though I'm required to do 9 or 10 months, it may seem like I'm crazy but I've a feeling I know I'll LOVE IT!!!!

    Wish me luck! I pray that the public transport will serve well for me!

    Must must must learn to drive! Must pass theory test! Must pass practical and well...eventually get a car... (Which kinda impossible since i don't have money o_O) but ahhh!! I'll hope things will work out!!!

    Starting right after my flash animation clases next week!

    That means I may not get my entry for the RSOM done over here.... and that I should re-think about the translation for the group I'm doing... gawd I feel kind of guilty.... @_@
    And I've still got to phone the Uni about my fees....rawr.

    But I'm happy...and then confused... I mean...eheheheh...*sweatdrops*

    Eric-Nii's B-day was yesterday, Niichan and me are planning to browse and buy a gift for Eric-Nii.

    That reminds me I haven't visited FET forums for weeks/days! Oh....

    *In hyper mode*
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    I wonder if I should go for it. I mean, I haven't phoned the person yet, but I think I'll still interview for it.

    The main problem is transport. I still don't know how to drive and if I live in Bro's place I'm 1 hour away from the city. If I live in Mom's place I live 1/2 hr away from the city.
    If I live in Mom's place, the bad thing is she'll definitely complain because this is an UNPAID placement.
    But I looked at the site and stuff and it looks promising....

    I'll have to start at 8:30am to 5:30am (1 hour lunch) and the sad thing is it'll go on for 12 MONTHS!!! (If I start in August, I end in August T_T)

    But If I do learn valuable stuff then I really wanna go... Ugh...why don't I know how to drive and have a car? *cries*


    Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:55 pm
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    I don't remember when I last updated.

    Anyway, I actually had a sudden interview on tuesday, so I never got back here til like tuesday night.

    Right now I'm slightly unhappy.
    I know that personally I don't want to take on the job, but I can't help but feel upset with the fact that I'm told I got declined again after the interview(Then again the interview was a joke, 15 mins without any general questions and they're finished.)
    It just tells me that I failed again and I know I really will panick when it's April.

    And then I've the prototype to finish for Monday morning. I think I've an idea with what I'll be doing, the problem now is getting it done under 3 days.

    But right now I'm just too upset to do anything. I know I didn't want the job, and I've always prayed they won't pick me. I guess I'll lighten up if I do get a success on getting a job.
    The other company I've applied has not replied at all. Should I email them or what? Or would that be impolite of me? Mou....



    Mar. 5th, 2006 06:37 pm
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    The PMS system just had to go off for me. When I was planning to apply for another job through the system, the pds worked but something's wrong about the pms, it logged me out which it shouldn't. Now I missed applying for the job!

    I'm pissed off, it's March already! March!

    *cries* I've only 2 months left, this is SOME JOKE!
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    I will be back to my place soon, I hope to re update my driver and pray the modem/broadband thingy works.

    Other than that I'm getting slightly upset. Well not really, it's more likely pressure on finding placements. The lecturer just had to scare our heads off
    -_-;; I have a bad feeling it's really the Multimedia students that aren't getting the placements because there's too many of us, to big of a competition.

    I know what I wanted to do, I wanted to do something related to the Design/Media stuff but I've been looking/skimming through sites and I can't find something that I thought I'll have an interest in. This is bad.

    But like I said I'd either stay here in Belfast or move somewhere far far away like Canada(For some reason I just don't want to work in the USA... but then again if I have to I'll have to.)
    And England... I dunno.... maybe I'm just being paranoid.
    Still I should find for jobs I like first, then I'll consider the location, then the salary. A job I dislike ain't gonna keep me active even though I'll try my best.

    i'm wondering if there's any useful online sites I can look for in relation to placement jobs.

    So if my broadband doens't set up I'll know I'll grow to be a little upset. T_T

    Oh yeah, L's back with his girlfriend. SOmehow it seems to me that he and her breaks up and then they just end back together in a funny way *heh* XD
    All's well for him.


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