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Aug. 21st, 2009 11:54 am
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I finally got my own windows PC!
I er... bought a Dell one recently (Because the devil side of me just think my own Mac sucks so much, sorry mac fans!)
I'm loving it! It's a bigger than my mac in size but at least I can now use the softwares I bought a year ago! (And that I can also reuse comicworks, and try the new Sai art program.)
I have yet to test it with a tablet though. Hope it works fine.
And winamp I love you! Same to you Chrome - goodbye Safari but damn you IE!!!

The current bad news is that I'm having problems with my external hardrive.
It's a Western Digital 1 TB, which in reality it's really a two 500GB harddrives, needs a software to change its raid. Raid 0 reads it as 1 TB, Raid 1 reads it as 2 500 GB (One for back-up)
I tried making it compatible with both windows and MAC before (Formatted it as FAT32). The harddrive is driving me nuts, brother and I were trying to set up so this Neo pc can read and write the files. It says if we change it to Raid 0 (Which it already is) it may erase all my data.
Ok, so I decided to back it up with the MAC with another recently bought 1TB harddrive. Turns out my mac cannot read my old external harddrive. What the crap?

My whole data is in there (Never mind my collection, my most important art PSD files are all in there!!!)

If someone could just guarantee to me that while my harddrive is already a raid 0, selecting raid 0 again for it in windows would not erase all of my data, then things would be fine.

Sorry for the rant and lack of comments. I wanted to make this a happy post but it cannot be because there is always always always something out there to spite me Orz!
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I know I haven't been active on LJ for several weeks XD;

As mentioned in the previous post, one of the ends of the charger of my Mac had managed to burn itself and commit suicide, hence I was without a PC for days. (Not that it mattered much huh)
I COULD use my brother's, but I shouldn't abuse his stuff and that he needs it to work too.
Here you go for a pic of my KO'ed charger:

Nothing much was keeping me in the past few weeks, other than replaying FFX (Which this time I played it properly and I played it since I finished replaying KH1 & KH2 and that my brother wanted to watch.)
I also had a 1 week course on 3D animation 2 weeks before too. (Which this time I found it more fun.)

And like I said I attended my baby-sitter's wedding. This is them here: http://firstlook.ie/?p=379#comments (You don't have to watch this, I didn't show up in the video but my mom did XD)
I hope this is the last wedding I attend to whoever that is related to my mother. (Honestly, I don't mind attending this one because I do know the person. Ever get tired of the fact you get to go to someone's wedding and you have no clue who the person that is getting married is?)
And I got them this gift:
I think it's cute XD; It's a huggie Salt & Pepper set hahaha. (Though I wonder if anyone that is wedding would appreciate such a gift) One day when I get my own house I want something as cute XD

I haven't read a single entry on LJ for weeks.
So this post is a large post. (Then again, most of my posts are large too right?)

(And this following paragraph is about fangirling FF7 & Other Square Enix stuff 8D)
Rant rant FFVII )

Rant rant FF Dissidia )

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days )

Random thoughts concerning my future Masters )

Detective Conan, One Piece, KHR, Skip Beat & nostalgic anime )

Random random, not that the above posts doesn't have something random in them XD; )
That's about it.....

I <3 you my flist! ^^
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Will be only posting short sentences to summarize/highlight what happened for the past few weeks.

1) 3 weeks ago things went smoothly. I took a break from the PC and played FFX (Since I have finished both KH1 & KH2 and my brother wants to see me play something on the TV, FFX was the only option)

2) 2 weeks ago I went to attend the 1 week 3D animation course held in the Waterfront. It was fun, and I'm not shocked to learn they use 3D Max Studios there (It is cheaper than Maya lol)

3) Last week, I busied myself on drawing and translating stuff (for a certain group).

4) That same last week in the weekend, the ends of the charger of my Mac commited suicide:
I have no idea how it burnt itself, I just know I was out of a PC for days.
And on that very same day my iPod (It has at least 5 years of history) also passed away on me.
(To make it simpler to understand my charger cannot be used, hence my mac cannot be used. My ipod cannot be used because it died on me and if you charge it up it says "www.apple.com./support/"

5) This current week I had to attend one of my mom's friend's wedding (And the bride used to be my babysitter when I was really young, so yeah I'm happy to go even if I was relunctant at first. But happy days for her, she looked gorgeous that day.)

6) I only came back home yesterday and finally I was blessed with a new charger from the mailman. Oh hail mailman! *worships*

Therefore I'm extremely sorry for the lack of responses over the past few weeks. (I'm still compiling a large rant after this)

I love you my flist!
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Before I forget...

My poor PC... I don't know what's wrong, I used two spyware check softwares to scan the whole pc, took them out, used ati-virus and well everything - why the *beep* is that despicable icon STILL there?

*sighs* *Goes for a fresh air*


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