Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:16 pm
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*Wonders who is talking behind her back so much since yesterday*

Anyway, there was a few days I couldn't get onto LJ, not because of my connection, it just seemed like LJ wasn't working =P (Or maybe, it IS my connection)
So sorry for lack of replies once again.

Ever wondered why people would friend you?
I've been wondering lately, since when people friend me and don't talk to me, I tend to think, "Why would they friend someone like me?" 8D;;
Recently an LJ member [livejournal.com profile] misteen friended me (Not that I minded, if you talk to me I'll remember you better) but having me looking at their interests, I cannot define from what purpose they would friend me 8D;;
Usually it would be related to fandom, that much I understand *Yells KHR, FF7, etc etc for current results* LOL
I don't get why he/she friended me.
Why would you friend someone like me? 8D;;

Anyway, had been playing online RPG game, and I have to say I came across something quite unexpected (funny? Not sure, but do read if you like, I wonder if I should f-lock this?)
Met a kid around 10 yrs old asking me how to make love, no seriously. Skip to the next big paragraph if you don't want to see how the conversation was developed. )
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Still alive, in case of any of you wondering why I always do this, chat for a while and then go offline for a while 8D;

- Where to start, oh yeah the headache.
Thanks to those that were worried for me, I know I complain about it from time to time.
I did question this to my doctor before, she said it's really just muscle tension on the shoulders and it carries the pain all the way to my head. The only rememdy is to do some stretches to ease the shoulder (Which I shamelessly don't do ^^;, so it's my fault really.)
It was sore for a few days hence I've always wished my shoulder muscles have relaxed by the next day.

- Mom came on last Monday, so spent my time with her. She came up to our house so some housecleaning we had to do. The pests are still around, though I haven't seen any for a few days now. Some mature, some young! It gets on our nerves. Maybe we should've gone to B&Q again to find stronger pesticides. Although nii-chan doesn't want any strong flavour.
And then I saw Liam on Friday as well, because the first ever Apple store has opened in the victoria sqaure in Belfast in the whole Ireland (I think whole Ireland since they were all saying it... people even queued up in the night to wait for it to open, it was on the BBC website news o_O;; )

- Other stuff that occupied me was translation, playing some Devil May Cry 3 (How rash & cool Dante of the past 8D;;) still job hunting (& trying to think what is it that I really love to do, had been constantly reflecting on this, and had been thinking of working in the government departments because I don't think my family has ever tried to before in a western country. I find it amusing and fun and yes, it would be interesting to know more about such and such going on in your country because that is what I need, I'm still as clueless or not as interested in these things. It's just something that can't knock on my head easily, I'll have to approach it all the time. Shamelessly, there's a lot of terms I've heard but still don't know up to this date.)

- *coughs* Sorry for the long rant, em oh yeah, finally registered on eBay for the first time and bought my very first item (See how slow I am?) Bought the FF7 Crisis Core UK version with the so-called artbook for approx £26.50 (postage included)
At least cheaper than the £30 in zavvi.com (<--Windy is cheapstake 8D;; )
The voices are ok so far, I didn't play it, but my brother is though, since he never touched the JPN version before, he decided to go for this one. He still likes his Uncharted though.

- Hmm... finally.... I have been shamelessly playing an oline RPG game called 'Tales of Pirates'
Everything's so colourful & vibrant! (Windy loves exploring)
My eyes were set on this before I got my mac, they only work on Windows though ;_;
Lucky my brother let me install the program in his PC and can play.
There's another one called Flyff (Fly for Fun) that I'd like to try, since well.... the idea is you can have your character fly.... but other than that there's nothing that attracts me, maybe I'll stick to the one I have now =P

Anyway, I may not be on often since Tsuna's B-day is coming up, we've only a week left to do stuff for Tsunafish eDoujin ^^;;

I love you my gorgeous flist <3
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Did I ever mentioned I went to play www.runescape.com?

It's an online-role playing game, it's FREE, I got playing into it because my little male cousin was playing it and saying how good it was and all and told me to join, so I decided to try it out and see.

Now the funny thing was, I went for a male character XD

When I was a newbie (Still am one, even though my level is around 15 or so) I was walking around the first town (Where all other newbies, middle level and high level people were here) there was this female character that's running around asking guys to be her boyfriend.
Now somehow she saw me and started chasing after me (I was a male character remember?) and asked me to be her boyfriend.
OMG~ I didn't know how to react to her, I mean since I'm also I know the feelings alright, so I sorta ignored her and walked away, she kept chasing after me saying 'Please~ Please~' and I just told her 'You'll find someone better someday' and walked away again. In the end, she probably give up and just went looking for another one.
Talk about being desperate, I wonder if she's really desperate or just looking for fun (BTW, she's a beginner too), or is a male in disguise (Like me, vice versa) saa.... @_@
I told my brother about it afterwards, he told me I have two choices to speak of to chase her away,
1) Tell her I like men.
2) Tell her I'm gay.
Now, number 1 is very true, and number is not true if I'm a girl, but since I'm a male character I suppose you can say so, but that's a bit too much x_X

The second amusing thing is,
One time I was still a low level guy and wandering around the place. I heard there was this ghost mansion around, since i got quite excited I decided to go there. However what I didn't expect was the monsteres were quite high level for me. So I wanted to turn back. Now the the entrance was designed to be that, once you enter the mansion you can't go back out.
You're given two options, eitehr go complete the quest or find a way out.
So I was minding my own business and rtying to find a way out... which was way hard, and then I came across a player, I asked him does he know if tehre's a way out, he says:
Him: How much money do you have?
Me: Uhh... not much, only around 100 or so... why? ((Obviously this guy wants money, but I really don't have much to give him, what does he expect from a newbie?))
Him: Hah, you loser.
Me: Whatever ((If he doesn't help me I don't care either way, I'll either die or just spend the rest of my life trying to find a way out myself))
-So I ignored him and walked away trying to find a way out.
Strangely enough a minute later he came after me telling me to follow him. I was wondering what's up with him, but I did, slowly but I did follow him. In the end he lead me to the exit and told me that's the way out. I just told him a thank you and soon he walked back into the mansion.
Well, I got outside free, it makes me wonder why he would suddenly do such a good deed.
I told my brother about it too, and I asked whether that person was feeling guilty or his conscious or something. Bro says it's possibly a bit of both. I also asked him if I happen to be a female character, I wonder if he'll treat me differently then? Well, I didn't exactly bitch him back or anything (That's usually what I'd react anyway) I wonder if the phrase surprised him or what. It's not everyday to see someone that doesn't fight back and that if you don't help them then they'll just turn away from you lol (Me evil?)
It was nice of him to help me in the end, even though he was being rude at first, teh money is ok, but the 'Loser' really isn't neccessary. But oh well.
Ne, what do you all think? I'm just interested since i don't communicate with different people much (Or should I say I don't commute with those that I don't like, so I never have much experience with other people) I really wonder why a human being would be like that lol.


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