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Otomen by Kanno Aya.
Kanno Aya is the same mangaka that drew 'Kokoro ni hana wo!!'

Otomen, a guy that has girly hobbies, thoughts & specialties, loves cooking, sewing & shoujo manga...
Not that he wants to become a girl, but his mind just can't help being romantic and girly....
That's Otomen.

Sharing Otomen, scanlation group is Serenus Dreamers.
Their description:
Asuka is a guy who has likings for girly things like shoujo manga, baking, and sewing. However, his mother forbids him being so and wants him to grow up manly. He starts learning kendo and karate and grows up to be stoic guy. But can he fight the urge of falling in love and hiding his real identity?

This isn't BL (LOL). It's shoujo, comedy and well, romance =P
It's about a guy named Masamune Asuka (I think, but Asuka is definitely correct) that on appearance, he's a cool, mature and manly guy. That's how everyone sees him. Until love comes his way he begins to re-touch the lovey girly stuff he'd loved all along but was forbidden to him. (All thanks to his mother, which she did it for a understandable reason 8D;;)
One funny aspect I like is that a guy (That later becomes Asuka's friend) is tailing him for ideas and as a model for the famous 'Lovetic' manga. And Asuka doesn't know the mangaka that drew Lovetic was standing right in front of him XD;;
The female main character is quite loveable too. It'll be a long while seeing Asuka's love bloom 8D;;

If this ever becomes an anime (Take 'Skip Beat' for example, it's been made into an anime and will be out this autumn, october I think) I'll be one of those that would definitely see it 8D;;
Warning image heavy )
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They say it's gonna snow today, tomorrow and a couple of days over the UK & Ireland.
*Looks out Window*
I can most certainly feel the cold emitting off my window, it's quite windy indeed (No pun intended) and well, I still haven't seen much snow yet.

Maybe they'll start soon? (How troublesome!)

Had been reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga (Well, because the main character looked a bit like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and well because there's nothing interesting to look or read either.)
Surely enough the main character is nothing like Sora lol. He's called Sawada Tsunayoshi, they all call him 'Tsuna'. Sounds like Tuna doesn't it lol? I'm reading it for fun, and poor guy that gets the worse at the end ^^;

Anyway, it's gonna get cold over here... I just hope it'll come and go quickly.
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To any mangaka out there somewhere....

Can anyone tell me if these methods are suicidal?
Keeping in mind that these methods will be used for print/web etc (if possible)
I have never printed a piece properly/successfully, so if anyone out there could help experiment this?

I have looked for various ways on cleaning up lineart and how people put their screentones on their piece digitally via Photoshop, but there's none that is close to the method that I have found.
So can anyone tell me if these are suicidal methods?

Suicidal(?) Method 1 - Preparing your page for screentoning

- Have your art scanned in Grayscale 600dpi. (Assuming that you have inked your piece properly, meaning clean lineart, no pencil sketches!)
- Open it up in Photoshop. Fix the art's position and use brightness/contrast to adjust if need to.
- Go to your Channel panel and select 'Load channel as selection'.
- Right click on the image and choose 'Select Reverse'.
- In your layers panel, add a new layer.
- In the new layer, fill in the picture with the black colour.
- Delete your 'background' layer.
- Add in a new layer and have it under your lineart layer.
- Fill white in the new layer.
- This way I have eliminated the white areas (If you don't have the eliminate white/black plugin)
- I can freely drag screen tones under the lineart and above the white filled layer.

Suicidal(?) Method 2 - Screentoning

- Having done the same thing using method 1 to your scanned/digital screentones (And assuming it's also at 600dpi like your art/manga)
- Drag your screentone onto the screen and work away.

Once you have completed your piece, flatten your image down. Should be ready to print (?)
Are the methods above suicidal?
Can anyone spot any disadvantages and advantages on it? o_O
I learned eliminate white from looking at a japanese tutorial and the other eliminating white bg technique is form someone from DA.

Also, sometimes I hear that if you shrink your size down it'll mess up the screentones etc. Is this totally true?
Why is it that if working on manga in the traditional way, nobody complains that once it's scanned they get to be shrinked as well and it doesn't affect them one bit? Why? @_@
It kind of doesn't make sense, so that's why I'm questioning ^^;;
As far I as I know, TP always ask the manga to be toned on THEIR original size. But wouldn't that make the pixels of the screentone extra BIG!? o_O (And yet TP are the ones complaning that the screentone pixels were big. Was it them or was it someone else?)

I wonder if I should ask this somewhere else....?
Oh yeah, if I set the lineart to threshold, would that kill the manga if it's gonna get printed?

This is written out of curiousity and for future reference & additional techniques =P
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Taking from what the user Scorpio mentioned:
This is something that's been floating around German forums for a while. It's a 'distance learning' course for drawing manga which lasts 5 months. I'm not sure how many people have actually signed up for it, since they don't seem to show any examples of past pupils work. The site is in German, though you can probably get an impression of their sales pitch by surfing around. The basics of the course are:

1) Each month costs €89 (£60) and the entire course lasts 5 months. So you'll spend a total of €445 (£300). The monthly increments are there in case you wish to cancel at any point.

2) Once registered, you get sent a box of Deleter drawing supplies containing the usual basics such as pens, ink, drawing paper, screentone, tone hera etc. (The entire set is worth about £30).

3) Then you receive a set of textbooks with tutorials and activities. The 'workbook' is printed on drawing paper and contains drawing exercises. (By the looks of the thumbnail, early 'exercises' include inking over someone else's sketch and copying existing illustrations line for line).

4) When you've complete an exercise you can send the whole lot back to Japan for pointers by a professional mangaka. They say that envelopes are included (but don't mention anything about postage).

5) You'll get a help sheet from a japanese artist with little sketches and diagrams. There's heavy emphasis on real japanese comments! A german translation will be enclosed.

6) At the end of your course you will receive a certificate 'proving that you are now able to draw your own manga'.

7) There's a very enticing but vague promise of exposure in Japan and Germany. Current and former students of the course are invited to submit work for publication but they do not mention any details (format, method, length, payment, distribution, timescale, events etc).

I have to say it's a good opportunity whether you self-taught yourself in manga drawing or not.
1) The people in Japan knows what the aspect of manga is more than us here.
2) A Japanese-sensei is considered as professional if they are referred as sensei. Don't let the opportunity slip hearing from the words of the experienced/wise.
3) You'll definitely learn something.

And some of the questions she asked and my opinions/answers:

-Can you really improve substantially in 5 months by following guidelines that may or may not be suitable for your current skill level?
A. Anyone can improve, whether it is a big difference or little. And learning and practicing is improving, whether it seems like your artwork has improved or not. Learning new techniques are a big improvement. And if you learn to cook a dish for one whole month everyday, how can you not improve if especially the head chief is giving you constructive criticism?
And don't limit your self just because you think you know how to draw or are self-taught. If you can't draw variations of your own version then you still have a lot to learn. (i.e. if all of your characters look the same by the switch of a hair you'll need to work more here.)

- Does the structured set-up provide extra psychological motivation to draw, and thus warrant spending money for?
A. It's simple, are you the one to leave everything to the last minute or are keen to learn and remember stuff by daily? If you leave everything to the last minute, of course the money is not worth it.

- Why is everything done by post, when email is the obvious method of communication nowadays?
A. It's easier to mark on your existing draft/work than via computer. Put it this way, if you painted the area of your paper in black, via the computer you can't see how clearly the way on how you colored by your stroke marks, but if you send the original work to the mangaka, they can see how you did it and all. Besides, aren't we all saying that usual phrase nowadays? Reading it on a book is always better than on a PC, it's always better with the real thing.

- Even if you gain the experience and (maybe) exposure through this course will that really benefit your career more than if you had spent the same amount of time and money on a self-directed project? (eg RSOM, Sweatdrop application)
A. You know that some professional mangaka (Depending on who they work for) draw around 40 pages a month? 5 months = 5 chapters which equals to 1 volume. Estimating 200 pages in total. That is their usual pace. Of course, they could at the same time draw different projects, another story in the same monthly concept, or even once every two months. (Or even three, but this is usually for those that are drawing the manga version of a novel series.)
If you have learned how to deal with the amount of time you spent on the course, it's possible you can do 2 story projects (1 chapter each) within a month 30~40 pages each, so think about it yourself.

BTW, I'm just saying what I thought no harm done o_O

If I knew German I would take this course! (It's expensive, but if I really need to learn stuff properly, I'd like to be directed in the way the Japanese are directed.) Besides, I read from Japanese mangaka and some of them said there's manga club in school after school time.
I really wish I could experience that once T_T

I'm still feeling a bit gloomy from my previous post. It's not my problem and I'm the one feeling guilt about it. *flops*
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For all of those international mangaka out there that wishes to attend, here is your chance!

The official site is this one:

Honestly speaking because it's a rather big event (International!) I think it's still fun to create something just to hone your skills and try and get the feel of what it's like on this competition.

(It'll take me a few years to attend this, since I have never drawn in B4 size before and I honestly have only touched screen-tones via hand once o_O
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This rant is directed at my thought on the following uk-manga circle. It will contain offensive material, so if you don't like, don't read. If you want to defend your group then please admit you're sorry to that person.

I had been looking at this forum for a while now, though I have never joined because I don't see the point. (More likely I don't have much time for it nowadays)
The reason I started looking out for it are the competitions and conventions and stuff within the uk.

I came across this thread and I have to say I am NOT impressed:

The person only promoted their forum there, and the official sweatdrop group (including their fans) mocked endlessly. It's cruel.
So ok, you may consider that as spamming, if you're not happy with the thread then move it to the appropriate section or just delete it and pm the person. Those kinds of behaviour are IMMATURE.

If you're so scared of people coming and taking your fans away, then that just proves how 'professional' you people are.
Some confidence, if you're proud of your works then you shouldn't mind whether people go to other forums or not. They're not your slaves, even if they may be a fan, a fan has freedom to go anywhere and love other forums, mangaka works and stuff.
That just shows you're concerned on the number of fans that support you, not necessarily loving the fact that your fans love your work.
And if they're loyal they WILL remain loyal. There's no need to be afraid of people taking your fans if you know your fans are loyal to you.

It feels like a primary school fight. It's so immature.
Look at yourselves!
I'm surprised you don't feel any guilt at all!

Arrogant is the word I have for this circle. I'm highly disappointed.

You people taunt on those making doujinshi and doujinshi goods and stuff, yet you claim yourselves as 'pro manga artists'. Have you any idea that most mangaka are born from drawing lots and lots of doujinshi?
Do you know WHY people draw doujinshi? For making money? Ok then.
Then WHY do you draw manga? Is that for money as well? It's the same theory.
You draw manga because you want to express your love to it right?
Well it's the same for doujinshi. People draw doujinshi because it's how they express their love for that series.
Think of it this way, if no fans promote your stuff with doujinshi and stuff, or even if you've no fans at all, it just proves how uninteresting your stuff is.
Your manga cannot exist without fans, neither can doujinshi or even anime expos and stuff.
And here you are, mocking those that draw through with hard work. You've experienced it, you're the ones that should know best. And yet you mock other people. How contradicting.

And you guys want to win the world with your manga? You've already broken the first step, just because you can publish your stuff, nearly everyone knows about you, doesn't mean you can go and taunt, become arrogant and step on other people.

Those that posted in that thread I have to say they are terrible. Thinking they are the cool and great ones, if some rival exists they mock them or ignore them and go back into their own little world.What happen if someone greater comes and STEPS on you people hmm?

Oh yeah, if you're gonna say 'This person is jealous of us etc etc', oh wow, that's another point I have to add to the arrogant list. Not everyone is jealous of your little group.
I just find it injustice for the poor person that had to go through this. Imagine yourself having a fresh start and opening up new forums and circles, all new dreams, and then this certain bigger group comes and crushes you down. Sweatdrop, do you even remember how you were born? If you went through the hardships then you should know best. You say to support other people, but you don't. At least, not to the ones outside of your group.

Talk about uniting and making manga a better market, you've already broken the chance of supporting each other.


Anyway, that's all I have in mind for now. I especially hate arrogant people, they've lost my trust. I've never been so disappointed of this group.
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I know I haven't commented this whole weekdays... gomen!

I've just spent like 2 hrs to read and go through my emails and LJs heh XP

I've started on the sketches, it'll probably take a little while.

Xenosaga!!! I'm at the point where I'm on Mictam, just fought Voyager - Canaan is gone! Canaan is gone! NO~!!!!!!!!! Damn voyager making Ziggy and Canaan Suffer - DIE!!!! (Oh wait, he already did.)
I only play this in weekends though.

Let's see, I've sketches to do, translations, gotta have to take a shower later(right after this post), do laundry, put dishes in dish washer to wash, clear the kitchen...etc...
My press is finally complete. I hope I can clear the room.

Manga I currently read - Skip beat and Ouran.
Well Skip beat, at first you can say the reason for doing that is really childish - It's about a 16 year old girl that worked to her heart's content for the guy she loved, her 'boyfriend' is a well-known singer, they both came from the countryside and now lives in Tokyo, and the main character named as Kyouko is doing a lot of part time work just to keep the rent fees payable. One day she found out that her boyfriend sees her nothing more than a maid, commenst that she doesn't dress herself, and is a person that doesn't make him feel like she's a woman/have no sex appeal.
I thought she was gonna cry at first - and that's where this following event give me an interest. Instead of crying like most girls usually would, she instead became angry and laughed like a witch and all - you see these little evil spirits coming out from her subconscious or something and attacking the guy that she once loved and his mangaer XD - because of this, she vows to have revenge on that guy by going into the acting industry (It really should have been the singing one, but before she knows it she became an actor.
Unlike the shoujo main characters, while this one seems to have a sad/dark past, this girl is a rather strong person, and that's what I like about her, thus the story is hilarious and very interesting. I definitely recommend it.

Ouran is still as interesting, but well, waiting it for a month is a pain.

GDefend 30 should be out this month, if not, very soon.

The Anime I'm watching is still Keroro Gunsou (Hahahaha), and Kyou Kara Maou. Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Mahojin Guruguru, Da!Da!Da! tehy're all taking a very long time.

I still am interested in One Piece, but for the fact I have to wait for it and it's SO long... it bores me.

On the other hand, Niichan is starting to like Wild Half (Manga) I loved it very much and still do. Though sadly it's old now and since it's a manga (I don't think there's an anime about it) I don't think you'll see much of it. Plainly, it's about this dog that can transform to a half-human-half dog form, lives with his new pet guardian. This manga falls into the category of love, comedy, serious and horror at times.

Finially emailed Placement officer on reports and stuff. Got good feedback. I really have to start my log book or I'm doomed x_X

And damn county council, when will they give me my grant!?

Oh! LJ has a Halloween banner hahaha~! XD

That'll be about it for now.
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An article form Tokyopop:

Firstly, 'Cartoonist' is SO f#cking insulting. It's MANGAKA or Writer or Illustrator.

It appears to be the writer that got arrested, not the mangaka.

Well, it seems to be a Katana and not really a knife... some says it's a knife some says it's a katana...

And if this goes on his works Hikaru no Go and Death Note may be taken off the shelf.


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