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*Blinks* Still alive 8D;

Just quick update with Beautiful cooking for those interested:
EP 10:
Hey I didn't upload this so an lj cut it is. )

I have took out and updated some new icons.
Now that I look at it I'm not that happy with the borders of thye new Juudai & Yuugi ones.
The Tsuna-in-Reborn-suit is so cwute <3

Am looking for new LJ layouts, I'm getting really sick of my old one (I still like SD, but I'm sick of the style now) I want a rainbow themed one, but dunno what characters/mascot to use and not get sick of looking everyday.

Keep well everyone <3
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[ profile] nicky87 sent me this:
If it's for the better of the place for us I don't mind doing it.

I may not have time to comment or post tomorrow anyway.

Good luck to those who do join ^^
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I need bed, I shouldn't be staying up this late...

Anyway, I have the mood theme of onion icons done.

Try and see if anyone can use that?
Lemme know what emotions and icons go best, I dunno ^^;;

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I forgot to mention....

I FINALLY GOT [ profile] devel_icious's PHONE CHARM GIFT!!!!

I got it back on tuesday, I never got the time to post about this.
*hugs* Thank you so much for this gift! <3

It was so hard trying to take a picture without it blurring on me o_O;;

Strange to say it reminds me of Eiji & Fuji, so maybe I'll call them that XD (Neko to Kuma)
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So... I was wondering... when people are reading comments in my journal....

Would it be better to change it back to the initial LJ setting?

Take this for example: (Sorry this is a friends post)
Please excuse the contents, just change your encoding settings or something so you won't be corrupted by the content ^^;

Scroll down and you'll see a very long bunch of nested comments.
Would it be better if I leave the journal settings as it is, or does anyone feel that it's better to change it back to the default LJ setting? o_O

Come on, you know I don't bite. (Well except for rolling aorund the floor and acting like a freak XD)
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I've kicked this people out of my list. I think I've given enough time:

[ profile] chocoxberry
[ profile] ekaterina85
[ profile] emcyclopedia
[ profile] kappa_girl
[ profile] kioyuki
[ profile] ochibi_
[ profile] ryo_shishido
[ profile] mc0820

Don't worry enko-chan you're not on that list ;)

I seriously need to make a post to remind me what I added the person for. I'm getting forgetful with the amount of people on my list.
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I'm cleaning up my friends list a bit.
I'm gonna remove some users from my friends list.

The reasons that I'm doing this are that:
1) I really don't remember why I friended you in the first place.
2) We don't comment on each other much.
3) You may have had closed a previous journal and had a new one, and I had both or something.
4) No matter what you've posted, I can't comment on it because I cannot find anything to comment.

The following that will be erased from my list if you don't remind me who you are, how I met you, what we have in common, are you ever going to comment my lj within A WEEK are:

[ profile] chocoxberry
[ profile] ekaterina85
[ profile] emcyclopedia
[ profile] enko_chan
[ profile] kappa_girl
[ profile] kioyuki
[ profile] ochibi_
[ profile] ryo_shishido
[ profile] mc0820

Honestly, the main idea is that I don't remember some names when I see them, you don't comment in my lj so I don't know you too well either. I may or may not have friended you back then but if I can never remember why you're on my list, then there's nothing to share between us.
Most of my posts are public, even though some are friends-locked, I still prefer to show it to the ones that I KNOW who they are.

The rest are safe for now, but there are some I'm wondering if I should keep them or not since they not longer post or comment on my lj (And it's the same for them if they posted something I can't comment on either)

I remind you I'm doing this not because I hate you people or anything, but rather that I seriously don't remember who and why you are in my list.
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The codes and layout design goes to [ profile] thefulcrum

I just edited the colour scheme and images a bit to my fav SD XD

Since I don't think many people would look at my tags anyway... the blank advertisements on the right shouldn't be a pain to other people hopefully. (Unless anyone knows how to put it right under my page summaries, let me know.
Now I can have 15 userpics...

Another thing that is incomplete is that extra heading at the top left covering Chigusa's face.
I am wondering if there is a way to get rid of it, apparently I've tried taking the codes off but it doesn't seem to be the remedy.
I'll mess around with it again later.

The flowers on the right looks really clustered doesn't it? o_O Tell me it is and I'll change them again.

The bg pattern is from

I haven't tested this on IE yet, hope it's not absurd.

And yes, that is a lot of tags. I better clean them up, don't you think?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found a way to hide those headings. I've yet to test it on IE.
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If you happen to add me as your friend, PLEASE post on my LJ otherwise I won't have a clue with who you are and I won't be able to add you back or post on your LJ.
Why? BECAUSE I DON'T know!!! I ain't notified of it!!!

Unless you don't want me to know then.... o_O

And if I happen to miss replying to other peoples posts then gomen! I'm thankful to have a gmail account, but if I do happen to miss replying then gomen...

Anyway that's that.

It's already 8:20pm, nii-san ain't back yet since mom is home late today.... hmmm.... should I go play Xenosaga or do something else?
My second brother twisted his leg again...

Oh and because I saw today, I don't need to go back home for another few weeks. Mom's ok since she saw me today, but I guess E-niichan might miss me. Me evil. Well, he got a new laptop (He asked my nii-chan to save his money up for once) and well he got it. I just hope he'll take good care of it.... it's a Sony after all ||||
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Well old... Since I still love the old layouts I have, I only changed teh colours and the picture, putting it back on the right XD

I just hope the black's not too striking.

I'd like to change to the plus account, but they still won't let you put your ads in place unless you switch to a S2 layout, which it won't do since i like changing pictures all the time.

This is yet another picture of Hanamachi Monogatari, except for Syrui all characters are chibified! X3
Heheh, I think it's another announcement for a new CD or something, look in and you should see the pic somewhere ^^;;
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This time featuring a very old work of Square, Enix and Quintet and one of my most beloved games - Terranigma.

Our hero of the game(Above) is called Ark. Terranigma basically is about how you, as the hero, construct Mother Earth.

Like the layout? Are there certain things that don't look that appealing?

Ja ne~

PS: Also changed my main avie, no, I didn't get sick of KH2 yet, I just wanted something new lol.
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Even if the 15 pic is so tempting, I can't stand the fact it destroys my layout.

Maybe when I have more time to figure out how to properly form codes to overide those damn ad positions, I'll upgrade it in the future.

Oh! I made some viewfinder icons(It was tempting...Windy is a bad girl, it's 4am over here and she's still not asleep!)

They're all in my kaze-wroks journal:

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LJ has a new level account out there, one advantage for me is that they'll have 15 user pics. However you'll need to have ads on your journal.

Now I know right now my journal looks 'WIDE' I'm trying to see if I can shorten it back to the way it used to be.

Just need suggestions, does anyone think the ads are annoying when you read my journal?
Not just ordinarily reading it but when you are to post on my journal as well.

If it does anoy you, tell me and I'll switch it back to the free level.

I may use a different overide to see if the ads are laid out like this. Why don't they have a choice of ads either at the bottom or the right or left?

BTW, I'm finally back at Derry, was driving today. I really wish I have more confidence when turning the wheel ^^;;


Feb. 19th, 2006 08:06 pm
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I've noticed some people have friended me - not that I mind of course. It's just weird since I don't think I'm an interesting person o_O

But yeah, if you want me to friend you back, do come and talk to me so I'll know you better(Unless I know you already I can't friend someone that easily.)

(Well honestly, it's just that I wonder where do I get the connect from... other than TE and probably Yaoi, Tenipuri, I haven't gone to RPG sites in years so yeah I do wonder. Call me a curious cat XD)

And no, I don't bite, I nag like a mother XD

And oh, I never knew a Japanese mangaka would have an LJ. (Or should I say, it's rare to see one.) And she has quite fluent English IMO too. You wanna know who it is? Just check my userinfo, you're bound to recognize someone if you love Yaoi.

Oh yeah, for the [ profile] tezukaryouma gmail account, please remember if you don't know the password, you should come to either nag me or ask the founder: [ profile] brand_new_chaos for it. And no I don't bite. I nag XD

On the other hand I changed one of my avies. I give up Freedom for Rage. *Sweatdrops* XD

Hopefully I won't be using the Rage too much.
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I did mentione before I will create a LJ journal and it'll contain bits and pieces of my work.

Probably mostly Doujinshi/4Komas, since I didn't quite post them anywhere other than in FET.

Here's the webjournal: [ profile] kaze_works

And no, for those that did view in FET before, I don't have any new ideas up. (Though you can always look back and find certain stuff.)

I think I found the way to have a header plus a tiled bg in the free LJ. Yay. XD
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Changed it again. I know something still looks strange, but I'll tweak them later in a few days.

Kingdom Hearts II is out (Jap version).

I'm telling you I'm loving the game. Cooler than ever. The mighties of the triangle button yay.
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=w= Yay yay!!! X3

*Will upload later*

I will be back home from today on and won't be back at my campus til the 21st January.

I'll have to say bye-bye with my broadbane for a long while now QQ
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Lol, no, no not big changes. Just set the 800x600 wallpaper to 1024x768 pixels. It's easier to view this way. (Sorry 800x600 users.)

And added a white color to the top table background. Now it's easier to view isn't it?

To be honest...who still uses a 800x600 nowdays?
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Lol I was about to cry 'Why didn't it work for my friends page' but it worked out in the end XD

Yup, I tweaked it a little, my LJ layout is the same, only with different colours and picture. Somebody take a look at it and see if it looks fine? I'll change it back if it's unbearable.
Layout suited for 800x600+users.

Speak about layout, how many of you all actually read somebody's posts on their own LJs and not on yours? I'm just curious that's all.

Many love to Syuri!!!!

PS: And yes, pink doesn't fit me, in fact I dislike the colour. But I'll do it for this adorable character XD
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This scares me, LJ says my password is too easy to predict....

It does not.... #

Stop scary me like.


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