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And it's TP (Tokyopop) that's licensing it.

I just hope the translations are accurate. That's another fav series of mine they licensed. (Ahem, her precious Silver Diamond)
If they dare make translation mistakes with both, Windy will curse them!!! 8D (And agonise all day for her fav series)

But honestly speaking, why not license the novel instead of the manga?
The manga currently has 3/4 volumes, it takes at least 3 months for Matsumoto-sensei to draw it out (Similar to Saiunkoku Monogatari, I wonder if all novel turning into manga are producted at such speed?)

The novel itself has at least 16 volumes with 4 omakes.

And for those that don't know or are oblivious or obnoxious, Kyou kara Maou (aka God save our King) is a shoujo-based novel with BL elements in it. Not sure if it's entirely considered as BL, but yes they are in there.
(But it's better than loveless I suppose. Loveless has BL, GL, shota, non-con, bondage hints in there. Don't understand terms I listed? Then stay innocent and don't ask.)
As far as I remember Kyou kara Maou is labelled as a comedy shoujo story.

I have mixed feelings with companies licensing my favourite works. If they translated it properly then I have no complaints. (But Silver Diamond doesn't work with the actual Kanji maybe that's why it'll take them to have the first volume published in august 2008?)

And VIZ is evil, end of story.

Sleep I shall go to for tommorrow!
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For those of you interested in Matsumoto Temari-sensei's work (Official illustrator of Kyou Kara Maou)

Or just Kyou Kara Maou, they have these wallpapers up until 6th November:


Conrad~!! XD
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Man I'll be home tommorrow and I fear for the long stay of 3 weeks. I have not heard from my placements either.

Right now my stomach is in REAL pain. My once a month finally comes (Not yet, but it's a sign very soon)

Kyaa~ ♥
The games for Kyou Kara Maou are out (For a while now) I'm tempted to get the limited PS2 edition but I don't have the okane....
And someone posted screencaps of the PC version (ConYuu! ConYuu! XD XD)
And then I've noticed this!!!
(I wonder if that's actually the PS2 version...)
Anyway it follows the novel! I SO wanna play! Kireii no Sakura! Kawaii Conrad and Yuuri!!!! <3 <3)

My bro is away up to Derry, one of his friends asked him to take him to Derry, so he's away and probably won't be back until later in the night.

I really should be packing up, but my cramp is killing me.

I wanna work on [ profile] shiratsuyu however I don't have the motivation at the minute. Now I want to colour my fanart of Haruhi from Ouran! And then I just remembered about going to check FET forums once more. Let's just say, we have really hyper freshmen around the place lol.
Oh! Anyone know about CutexGuy? (You can see some scan from [ profile] random_truffle) I found them in Chinese in emule, I'm thinking of translating them, however is already scanlating them. Oh well, I will still do it I think.

I'm planning to do another manga competition held over here deadline 30th September, and try and get it done and sent in. Whether I win or not, saying it doesn't matter is a lie, however I'm aiming for the fun experience I will be getting =)
Although my storyline seems a bit long for 20 pages... I'll try and manage....

I hope I get signs of placements soon. I do not want to be at home at all. At least, until I did something financially good, I don't want to go home for the time being. If I don't get to work on one in August, I'll have to go to the Animation Flash workshop (Which I'm happy to go) and the annoying thing is I do not know if I should sign up for aummer classes in August (Aiming for the Oil painting ones, but if I do get one in August then I don't want to attend these classes)

Princess Princess (Or Puri Puri) anime has ended! I have to say I prefer the manga better. They never showed Akira dressed like a Princess in the Anime!

Lately I wanted to start playing Golden Sun II: The Lost Ages again, however I don't have the time, and guilt is coming over me T_T (But if I am, I swear to use the best password off the FAQ!)

Watched the extended version DVD of the Lord of the Rings a couple of days before. I have to say I pity for J.R.R. Tolkien. It's annoying people tend to love criticising one's works, especially when Tolkien made the book especially just for himself to see, he hasn't intended to even show the people at all! Sometimes I just don't understand why people love to speak before they go and see it in the creator's point of view. Sometimes I think to enjoy a piece of text, you'll need to read and understand and think why this is as such and such, not just think this shouldn't be that or that. Think WHY the person had it this way etc etc.
Then again, it's like my brother says, "It's better to have some criticism, that shows people do care about the idea. Either the book is way too perfect for them to criticise, or the book is SO bad it's not even worth criticisng."
Very true indeed.

Speaking about films, Garfield 2 is coming out here in July!!! I can't wait!!!! <3 <3

A black GBDS Lite is out here in the Europe!! Me and bro went browsing in the Game shop yesterday, and the salesman offered us to play the newly out Super Mario Bros. I have to laugh at my brother's platform game skills, since he said he's grown old for the jumpy jumpy scenes XD

I want to change the theme of my LJ again. I'm putting the block of text back on the left. Problem is I can't think of a good thing I like. I love Hanamachi, however the arts are too strikingly perfect to have me make them into something. I want a white and Blue theme again. No pink! The only pink I accept is Sakura! (Cherry blossoms)
I want to use Silver Diamond, but there's hardly a good scan pic.
Like I mean Hanamachi has very lovely Sakura too, but I don't want to scare people off seeing two males kissing lol (Although Noboru-sensei's art is fabulous!!!)
Another thing is I'm very tempted on the plus account option, but if there's no way I can get rid of the vertical colum that ruins my background image, I don't think I will change it. I don't mind if many ads are at the bottom, but not the side!
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What the.... I've never heard that joining a summer school needs to be interviewed...

I got the message today and realized they sent me an email yesterday, saying I have an interview day tommorrow, I'm not entirely ready so I hope they'll change it.

I phoned them and will try again later.

The bad thing is niichan won't be back until 4pm or so, if I have it early tommoorow morning that means I must leave tonight and go back to mom's place for it. The additional horrow is I don't have a clue on what kind of interview it is and I SO do not want to wear an interview suit, high heels and walk all the way from my house to that place (It's alright if I don't have to wear high heels, but walking for 30 mins and possibly longer is killing me.)

Oh I wish they'll change it to Thursday or Friday @_@

PS: She just phoned me there now, no escaping it must be tommorrow. Although I can confirm no high heels. Thank god XD

Anyway, here's a good-eye candy for the PC version game of the up-coming Kyou Kara Maou... I heard it that everyone has to wear a dress, and this one features a picture of Yuuri in a wedding dress!!! ♥ (Although the pic is SO small >.< )

I wonder if the PC version si the one where people can fall in love with Yuuri and that there's a Dance with Conrad and Yuuri? Me loves XD XD

PS: To all my flist I'm sorry that I still don't reply to your posts, I have been reading them, I just don't have the time, gomen ^^;;
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Was just after seeing the 75 RAW.....

OMG F*KIN GAWD I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!!!!!!!!! Wuwuwuwu.... why am I not born as a Nihonjin? Q_Q *bangs fist*

So Shinou took Yuuri as captivaity and banned everyone, even Morgif (except Murata) outside.....

OMG I WANNA SO READ THE NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*
Why didn't I buy them when I was in HK? *cries*
It's the only thing that I can read of! (On top of that they do have many volumes ^^;; )


I can't wait, I wanna see the next EP already.... Q_Q


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