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Hmm... My first week of Term 4 is over.... and I have a presentation TOMORROW & TUESDAY. Such a pain...

Random talk, I'll try not to spend too much time as I still need to go and work in Uni today...

Uni work )

Kingdom Hearts - RE: Coded )

Full Metal Alchemist Manga (It's ended!) )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! )

Naruto )

One Piece )

I feel stressed, stupid presentation, and we have to do another one again during the middle of the term and after our submission... I want to cry sometimes ;_; (I'll try to be strong, I'm just stressed and tired on the amount of work that needs to be done and not knowing the process of how to do it =( )
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They say it'll be out in Summer...

Though I guess it probably doesn't apply to the UK yet since they'll have to Kiss US's *ss first (No offence to both countries but this is a fact and a truth.)

Then again, at least we don't live in Austrailia - who probably is and always have been the last of the list o_O;
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Posting this so it'll be out of my mind and I can concentrate on work:

Yeah! The game is out! But not for me... T_T

*Wishes English version would hurry up*

EDIT: Gah no wonder Terra's voice sounds familiar, he's voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou! (Tezuka from Prince of Tennis, Hell Teacher Nube)

EDIT: *spoilers?* OMG SO VANITAS IS VOICED BY SORA'S SEIYUU!!!!! (If WIKI IS ACCURATE THAT IS) WHOA What's the connection between him, Sora & Riku!? (I'm surprised, Sora's Seiyuu voices well... I didn't realize that was him at all...)
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Ok, for the last time, this is the Birth by Sleep trailer with ENG sub:

Dammit I wanna play... so badly... so I can know what's up with the story...
I suppose there's always the option of looking at wiki... someone will definitely upload the spoilers there hahaha 8D;

PS: I love the music of the trailer. You can SO hear traces of Roxas's theme, Sora's theme & Dearly beloved in it ^^

PS again: You can tell that Vanitas is voiced by the older Riku (That is unless I'm wrong) If you think about it, Sora's Seiyuu probably doesn't get much roles within the game. (I mean, if older Riku voices Vanitas from BBS and Kairi voices Xion from Days XD;) Oh wait, Sora's doing KH: Coded too... guess he does after all lol.
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Gah I want! I want! I want! Why are there so many nice stuff for 2010!? (And I don't have much time to enjoy or approach them? T_T)

Sora~!! Young Riku Kairi so cute!! Ventus is so cuute too!!! <3 >.<

Aqua & Mickey are so cool together (Twirl twirl twirl!)

And Zack, ahahaha, hitting on girls again XD;

Storywise of playing, Nomura Tetsuya says it's this order:

Terra > Ventus > Aqua.
And Ventus has the easiest battle playthrough....

However it's kind of funny they used 'Ventus'. I would've thought they'll use 'Ciel' instead in terms of the sky and not the wind. Maybe Ciel sounds girly? XD;

Quick Post

Nov. 29th, 2009 12:36 pm
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Oh my last post was a week & half ago... I thought it was longer.

Em... I sort of came down with a cold again.... just from yesterday.
I went to Bath (Wales) I did bring my scarf etc but I still manage to catch a cold in the end.
I can't really rest at this time of the term. I've 2 more assignments waiting for me o_O;

Anyway, my life revolves around assignments at the moment so there are not many interesting things going on.

Except I went to Bath yesterday. I didn't exactly go to the 'bath' in Bath, I went to Bath because I was interested on what the Christmas market there looks like 8D;
(Kinda similar to what we had in Belfast, maybe larger)

Oh yeah, this isn't exactly new news now but the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep version of the PSP:
I dunno... I personally preferred the DS one for Kingdom Hearts version. This one looked... plain in a sense that it's just.... boring.... kind of sense. The pattern would be lovely on the DS (Which IS out for ages) and maybe Tote bags or normal bags, purses, scarfs, hats, belts, chokers, bracelets etc, but I personally don't think it worked well on a PSP.
Besides, I liked my FF7CC one better in terms of composition.

However, the Birth by Sleep THE GAME seems more interesting than what 358/2 Days seemed to be. No offense to those who love 358/2 days, but I personally thought it was boring, the main idea concept is understandable but it seemed like a very small plot forced to be made into an enormous plot kind of thing. If you like the organization [which I don't] and Roxas [one of my favs but this game didn't do him justice] then you'll like this. Otherwise it may feel like it's your average plot that even you yourself can write up one.

Also if you liked that game so much, I hope you survived the Mary Sue-ish feeling from Xion and the continous annoying battle system that if you failed the mission you must start from the beginning again. Save points within a mission? You wish.

Anyway, I'm pretty interested in Birth by Sleep however I won't have the time to play it anyway. Maybe I should just wait for the price to drop or just wait for the English version instead. Japanese version is out at the start of next year, if English people are lucky, maybe they'll get it for Xmas at the end of next year (And if Disney and Square wants to make maor $$$££ then they should have it in Summer instead, not xmas.)
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Anyone remember this post?

Anyway, I found better versions for those that want nicer versions of the performance from All credits goes to those people.

This version does not have the corrupted chrono series in it:
Provided from ffshrine )
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[Taken from]
Symphonic Fantasies is a concert tribute to video game music from Square Enix. Two concerts will be performed in Germany. The first one will be presented in Oberhausen on September 11. The second one in Cologne on September 12, 2009 (Sold out!). Both will feature the WDR Radio Orchestra, WDR Radio Choir, and several soloists, conducted by Arnie Roth.


1. Fanfare overture by Jonne Valtonen

2. Fantasy I: Kingdom Hearts by Yoko Shimomura
* Dearly Beloved
* The Other Promise
* A Fight to the Death
* Hand in Hand
+ more

3. Fantasy II: Secret of Mana by Hiroki Kikuta
* Fear of the Heavens
* Into the Thick of it
* The Oracle
* Prophecy
+ more

4. Fantasy III: Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross by Yasunori Mitsuda
* Chrono Trigger
* Scars of Time
* Battle with Magus
* Prisoners of Fate
+ more

5. Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy by Nobuo Uematsu
* Prelude
* Bombing Mission
* Battle at the Big Bridge
* Phantom Forest
+ more

6. Encore by Yoko Shimomura, Hiroki Kikuta, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu
* Destati
* One Winged Angel
+ more

Total time:

My comments & youtube links )
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Rant, rant, rant. )
BL rants )

That's it for today, unless something fun comes up XD
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I really need a Sora icon for this lol...

There's a new Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection CD that's out recently. I have to say this did lighten up my mood a bit 83
I feel like the sunlight has lit around me and flowers are blooming... that's just a metaphor of what I thought 8D;

It's here if anyone wants it:
LJ cut for just for this link, I didn't upload it )

01. Dearly Beloved
02. Traverse Town
03. Hand in Hand
04. Missing You ~ Namine

-Sonata on Themes of KINGDOM HEARTS-
05. 1st Mov. : Sora – Allegro con brio
06. 2nd Mov. : Kairi – Andante sostenuto
07. 3rd Mov. : Riku – Scherzo e Intermezzo
08. Finale : Working Together – Allegro vivace

09. The 13th Side
10. Roxas
11. The Other Promise
12. Concert Paraphrase on ‘Dearly Beloved’

I want the recent KH version DS too =3= - Houshi~!!

One more random thing, this looks interesting:

"You have breasts!?"
Hahaha... I think all females and males have 'em, why else is it called 'breast cancer' for a male too? XD; (<-- Don't mind Windy, but for those dunno just read the description and you'll get why that girl says it so. It's really funny!)
I think I will like it.


May. 14th, 2008 11:18 pm
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I apologise for fangirling about reborn[KHR] all the time 8D

I found this in deviantart - KHR x Kingdom Hearts crossover - SWEET. XD
(And honestly speaking Longchamp was never presented in teh anime, maybe he'll get a role if he's ever presented in the serious storyline arcs?)

And here's the Full PV of the singer for the 4th OP song of KHR. Honestly speaking I like this song than teh rest of the openings:

Here's the actual op if you want a comparison:
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Some propaganda on Birth by Sleep and 356/2 Days.

356/2 Days: (For Nintendo DS)
If you can read Chinese good for ou, they do have Jpn scans from the site, I just took these because the scans are bigger.
356/2 Days seems to be about Roxas' and Axel's days during their time with the orginazation and between Sora in his deep sleep and Sora awaken timeline.

Birth by Sleep: (For PSP)
First thing I saw about this is ZACK FAIR!!!
Ha! I knew they'll invite him into KH, because FF7 seems to be selling quite well and we all know that Crisis Core is Zack's Tale.
Kingdom Hearts! Let's bring the whole FF7 cast abroad! 8D (Though I don't mind one bit LOL)
We have Sephy, Yuffie, Cloud, Aerith, Cid, Tifa in KH so far. Don't remember if Vincent, Barret, Cait Sith or RedXIII is in there or not (Don't think so)
You will be controlling Roxas as your main char in this one I think.

These are two of the three games Square said KH would recently have. The third one is a mobile game, and that one we probably have Sora as the main character.
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Firstly I uploaded that KH II Final Mix+ Secret Movie soundtrack (It's exactly the same with the sfx)
Let me know whether the link works for some people or not. Bestsharing should be ok.

There's water leaking in our bathroom ceiling again. My nii-san is annoyed with everything around him(Expressing that he doesn't want to collect me from the bus station early because these days I won't be traveling home on the train, bathroom leaking, newly bought PS3 is not working, some dud went and parked on his car park), but I told him I shall not be his sand bag. As much as how cold I sound like that - he is the one that always tell me to get out of the annoying/anger mode when something bad happens, but he contradicts it himself. When I get angry he tells me to go away and stop it. And I don't see myself doing that to him(And if I do it'll just make it worse), except for this time. (I didn't tell him to go away, I just said I'm not gonna be his white mouse, well same thing I guess.)

Anyway, my head has been quite sore since I came back home from the bus station. Have to confess my Nii-chan is lazy. Sure enough you've problems in life, but dammit the PS3 is yours, you decide what you want to do with it (It's not working properly, it's usually like this for new consoles anyway.) Problem is he doesn't want to spend additional costs. Honestly speaking I have to say I DON'T care. Say it if you like that I can play it, but I can survive without it if I want to. I'll just get one in the future if I can. I hate the way he's SO indecisive. Always worrying about this and that when it comes to money, but clearly he has his own savings and he names them as for emergency. I can understand that one wouldn't want to spend your emergency savings but if it bothers you this much then just USE it and put it back later. However he LOVES to buy stuff. We all do, but he buys expensive stuff when he is clearly a poor student. I have to say it is his own fault.
He kept saying he doesn't want to think anymore and is always forgetting things because he's old (There's a term for old people that because you're old you tend to forget things and he claims that's what he is.) Oh come on, you're only 29, he's obviously making excuses for himself. And then he makes excuses for saying he doesn't like to play 3D games very much - just be honest - you SUCK at playing 3D games.
He needs a girlfriend that will correct him now and then. The problem is he doesn't have one and I think he should get one. Sometimes I think what mother says is right.
I also don't get why he likes spinach but no other veg even though he says he doesn't mind.
Ok, so I don't like green myself that much either, but I am sure to get myself carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn, sometimes lettuce or other Chinese veg, or even sometimes fruit. He takes none of them but spinach. I don't mind spinach but spinach every day is boring to be honest. One simple fact - he doesn't want to spend money and eats anything that is over the best before dates. And he even claims I look better ever since I started to live and eat with him =_=;; I put on weight because of it and that I feel more terrible without have to eat other type of veg than just tomato or spinach.

I'm not sure what I want to rant, just want to complain something about him. More like, he should get out of that state and be a man already. So I know the ps£'s postage fee is dear, around £100 or something, but flip it it's your own fault for buying something that you think will lower your cost. I am the one that has to go through your stupid mood later. I have my own mood too, and it doesn't if my head is sore or anything to you since it makes it look like I'm the one being responsible for your own foul mood.

My head is sore and I am in no mood to comfort him. I already said it, he need s a good girlfriend that will directly speak his fault. Least thing he could do is say sorry.
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I found the music (Without the sfx) via deviantart.

If anyone think they'll want it I'll upload it.

(Guess it's only me and my freak mind that loves these types of soundtracks XD)


Apr. 24th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Can't get enough of KH2 XD

I LOVE this art man:

It's a pic of Axel and Roxas. I loved how the weapons and positions are drawn. Eh? BL? Well you can pretend it's not there since they did nothing but stare XD

I just find it beautiful even the background.
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Simon texted me and asked me about the assignments...I told him we're dead....

Anyway... I drew this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
SORA!!!!!!!!! And that cat-turtle like thing is me. Because I'm not feeling that happy, and Sora's happy face (Especially saying 'Under the Sea') makes me happy. (Ok, so half of it was an excuse to try and draw him chibi style)

Sora is so cute....I want a brother like him... (Were I can cuddle him and he won't say no as long as I make a long face at him heheh XD)

It's something to make me feel a little better. Do I feel any better? No, but seeing him like that makes me happy.


Oh I drew some pics in the yamane ayano community too. Though only if you're a member of that place will you see it there. I may put it up in my deviant, I don't know. I won't put it up anywhere else.


*Prays* God, please help me with the programming HCI thing and placement. I'm totally hopeless ;_;


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