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Hmm... My first week of Term 4 is over.... and I have a presentation TOMORROW & TUESDAY. Such a pain...

Random talk, I'll try not to spend too much time as I still need to go and work in Uni today...

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Kingdom Hearts - RE: Coded )

Full Metal Alchemist Manga (It's ended!) )

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One Piece )

I feel stressed, stupid presentation, and we have to do another one again during the middle of the term and after our submission... I want to cry sometimes ;_; (I'll try to be strong, I'm just stressed and tired on the amount of work that needs to be done and not knowing the process of how to do it =( )


Nov. 21st, 2008 02:17 pm
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The translations for Jump has came out quite early this week.

- *ROFLMAO* Poor Sanji!!!! That's his very worst nightmare coming true!!! XD XD;;
- I wonder if Luffy found himself a bride?
- If Nami could learn stuff form that magician *Reminds me of KH were you learn stuff from Merlin and MM's master*
- Go franky! Make us something new!!!

- Oh Hibari actually agreed to do the plan? I thought he hates crowding? 8D
- An OMG VARIA!!! Nothing amuses me to see how curvy Lussuria's hips are (And his cock-like head), Levi with his mustache and a small flag saying he still doesn't acknowledge the current Vongola X XD, the new kid with the frog helmet looks cute and lastly, I like the current Irie better XD

Other stuff:

Yugioh anime
- I really, wonder if there's a different of watching the US verison and the japanese version. Everything's good but Yuugi's voice is disappointing! No emotions at all! I wonder if the US version is any better o.O;;
- Actually, so far I can't say I'm happy with how it's portayed. Though I find it quite amusing to find Inui's(Adult Lambo) seiyuu voicing Kaiba and Gon/Naruto/Lambo to be voicing kaiba's little brother 8D I think Jou's seiyuu is the same for Gunter's, not sure.

Dear School gang leader
- I love this manga, wish there was more.
- You can read it in onemanga.
- Talks about how a girl ended up being in a delenquint boy's school, and not exactly the sort you need protection much, but just cute in her every way. So hard to find such a female character lol.

What's this?
It's being advertised on LJ, is it any good?

This looks good, not sure if it's any good though:
Yeah, I dunno mandarin, but if it gives free lessons, it's always good to knwo if they talk behind your back 8D

I really want some new icons. I've been trying to find of either Tsuna or Yuugi, but ust can't seem to find what I am looking for.
And I really want a job so I can buy myself maor icons to use in LJ 8D;; (<--Not good money wise)

Had been back from meetinga friend.
I think I'll be away home next weekend or the week after (Since mom wants me to 'move stuff' back to my room. If she's gonna refurnish the house again and if I have to move them again because of this I will fume.)

Anyway, nothing much new.
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- *ROFLMAO* Luffy dear had Hime-sama fallen in love with him!!! ((LOOOOOLLLL!))
- It's amazing how they can make money with Luffy, '1 touch = 20 zenny' XD

- OMG!!!!! WAO & YAY!!!!! So Irie Shouichi was on Tsuna's side! (One of the possibilities I did expect.)
- I just hope Amano-sensei won't pull another string again and that Irie still was on Byakuran's sideafter all. I hope no, I like the idea of Tsuna & Shouichi being friends, possibly one of the sanest friends Tsuna will ever have XD
- And they just won't show TYLTsuna & TYLReborn. Sensei, you better show it to us before this arc ends 8D
- Can't wait for the scanlation =P

- I'm so happy to be able to see what's her name? Maria? Well, the woman that was accused of killing Hughes and ended up going to the east and is now back with 'supplies' 8D

Other stuff )
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I finally got my hands on the "Ventiquattr'ore su Ventiquattro" KHR doujinshi!!!
It landed in my postbox nicely.
The book is beautiful *rubs cheek on book cover* Er... and I got Tsuna!!! =D
Thanks for the sig [ profile] pandachop!!! (unless I got the wrong person sowwy then 8D;; )
@ [ profile] koyar Me wanna ride on hibird too!!! <3

Went to hospital to see stomach consultant/specialist on Monday, err... not exactly sure.
I mean, not sure because it seemed like the doctor I was meant to have ad been replaced by another one, and it seems like this doctor is less experienced, doesn't smile and I have great trouble trying to understand his accent.
Anyway, they dunno what my problem is (I dunno what I'm supposed to tell them either, since it had been ages and I did forget what my own problem was, maybe occasional sharp pains?) so I had to go back to the hospital for additional check-up on a later date. And I thought I was supposed to make an appointment there, but the receptionist said they will send me an appointment letter. They better. It sounds painful, the additional check-up. It's either putting a camera tube via your mouth to check for abnormalities inside your stomach or from below. Mom says she did via her throat, it's envious that she feels painless and energetic about it.
And I had 4~6 tubes of blood sucked-I meant, well, taken out of my arm. There's a big purple bruise (which hardly happens when they take your blood out you know?), I can define yellow, purple & grey colours. Wow.

Also went to some Christian groupings my brother tends to go every Monday evening. That would be my first time going. I dunno, it's nice, but I find it hard to mingle with people myself.

And then I got called out by mom on tuesday (She came up here) So that day is also occupied by her.

Yesterday my friend called again, which I have only just seen him last week. Which was fine, but this coming sunday I'm going to church... another full day occupied because you had to go with the groups after church. And then the cycle starts again on Monday. Not going could mean I am being mean. And it may seem like I have to go out again tomorrow. I have yet to contact him, my gmail is open for now.

I guess I'm just mad people occupy my own free time when I am unwilling to meet up with them. But I still meet up with them to get them out of the way asap. That's not a good thought you know, but since it's like feeling you never wanna meet them because of your own laziness (Not because I dislike you mind you, but it's possibly because of a possible conversation that I can hold, I feel like I'm too quiet at times when my brian could actually think of so many things to talk about), you'll feel guilt and would go out either way. Nii-chan says I have trouble taking the initiative in these circumstances and needed a kick-start. Just like a cat. Or a car, you'll have trouble trying to get my engine started. Once I'm out there doing the stuff I'll be fine.

Anyway, I'm just mad if I have to go out there (In the wind & rain, last night alarms went off too hahaha, not that it matters much, mp3 player is the remedy.) tomorrow.
I'm lucky mom still didn't call me yet, which she does from time to time.

Then again, I think currently I just feel annoyed & mad for no reason. I'm such a brat 8D;;


Skip beat 130 - Mwahahaha, strike 'Yumika' down 'Natsu'! Chihiro is such a b*tch. No, seriously. Look at her wanting revenge! Still not aware of her own faults. Instead of whining and cursing behind peoples back, shouldn't you work on your skills more? You've no one but to blame yourself. This type of person makes people sick, I hope she gets a mental break down from 'Natsu'. Fight Kyoko! Fight!
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That I just had to post to get them of my mind 8D;;

Youtube Videos )
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Oh yes!!! Happy Birthday to Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!! (<--Still Highly fangirl of KHR)
*Coughs*, well, honestly the files could be posted even now, though I suppose it's still not 14th yet for people in the US. If no one posts until I wake up tomorrow then I will do it =P

Anyway... am going to some kind of consultant/specialist regarding my stomach next monday...which I don't really remember why I have to go see one again... (Mom phoned and was planning to have me go over back home to go to Dublin with her, until I told her that I already mentioned to her that I am gonna see a doctor.)
Won't be going to her place until at least Halloween is over. (It's really to buy clothes, since last year I put weight on I didn't bother buying anything, and I'm also the type to wear the same clothes for years, hate spending money on such things unless I really need to, which I do if I'm going abroad.)
Personally I don't like Halloween nor St. Patrick's Day.
Halloween = People get excuses to burn people/animals/stuff, throw dynamites/fireworks into people's homes/stores/places.
St. Patrick's Day = getting drunk from the day before and on the day and possibly even until the next day until afternoon where you get major headaches by then and during the process they tend to do a lot of harmful things.
It may be a fun time for everyone but definitely not for me =P

I hope some group will do the subbing of Skip Beat soon. Kyoko's seiyuu is just so great at her role XD;;
"Aw-HawHawHawHawHawHawHaw------!!!!!!!" I love the birth of the pandora's box scene mwahahaha XD;; (the fun starts around 3:30 XD)
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Once again my head had hurt from Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, today I currenty feel ok. (Though not sure when the night comes)
Was too sore to make my brain think of anything, I even went to bed quite early than usual on Wednesday night I believe.
I thin it's related to my shoulder again, (Only found out where to ease the pain source last night)

OMG that hedgehog is co cute!!! (Though it's hilarious to know that Kusasabe said it was drunk/undigestive because of Hibari's overflow of flames XD;;; )
And then it went cancer- I meant berserk because it thought it was its fault for injuring Hibari, aww...
And Dino sure knows how to teach Hibari - To be able to emit flames means you need to be pissed off (Resolve & Pissed off means the same thing? XD)
Chrome looks so cute wearing the Sailorfuku without an eyepatch on the cover ^^

And Spanner is alive - Yay!

Hahahaha "balls of Gold" ahahahaha.
Brother: *Points at Luffy wearing his own red shirt with a newly sewed floral design* It must be his first time in his life to feel so humiliated.
"Men are slow, and think of covering their heads befoe their bodies" 8D

What's the difference between a hedgehog & porcupine? o.O;;


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:04 pm
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My heads are either tired or kind of hurt.
May turn in early today.
Ack I mean my eyes, can't think right x_X

I have a funny feeleing those pests are coming form that specific corner of the bathroom (We sprayed some pesticides on it already) I hope the insect that was happily hiding in there will DIE.

For some odd reason had been looking up at the Ratatouille recipe from Pixar's Ratatouille:
Wikipedia is love at most times.

Speaking of which, who was it that started those repetitive moves for carameldanse and the capirinha? (There's also a new one i'm seeing recently, oh yeah and quite of lot of people were using the super mario brotehr remix where mario and Bowser were competing for Peach, though Peach is sick and tired of these two 'old' characters XD;; )

Oh yeah, and those that look at the KHR comm daily (like moi) they posted this days ago and I thought it was quite an amusing yet horrid-themed youtube video:
The one about some 4 alices in wonderland and twisted the story completely, and well, it's the music that's captivating @_@
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There's a Katejyo Hitman Reborn forum around:

I joined hahaha 8D Will see if I have time to comment towards the end of the day.
Join it if you like! (And as usual my username's Windy, how unoriginal 8D)

Stole this meme from [ profile] yadh_morwgh I Think I actually took this before from [ profile] koyar

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
Created by OnePlusYou

And that was without any caffine. I'm only awake 1 & 1/2 hr ago, took a shower and dug into this =P
I shall drink tea later on.

Anyway, head & shoulders still sore (Ever since wednesday) and haven't been feeling the best, it's like having a flu/cold and it's annoying.

Tidied sitting-room up with brother yesterday (Oh yeah and I did the kitchen too), I have to say it'll take more weeks =w=;;
I feel dead tired.

I got my results today! It's a 2:1 (Second class Honours Upper Divison) I'm not exacty excited or anything, more like relieved on the fact that I may get a 2:2 (Which never happened and I'd say I'll be overly excited if I get a 1st, which never came)
Though I'm happy to get a 2:1, it's not bad *Gets bricked for not being grateful enough* 8D;;
As for actually scores, they still don't come out till the end of this month =_=;;

I ♥ u my flist! XD;;
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I need to find an icon to represent I am hyper...

Anyway, throughout these weeks or month, I'm not sure if people have noticed it or not but there are a lot of caramelldanse & capirinha anime crossovers found in youtube.
First time I noticed was in deviantart where there was an artist called meru-chan I think, drew characters of FF7AC performing the caramelldansen.

I have nothing against them, I just find them cute, tedious yet fun at times. Besides, the Tennis no Oujisama one I find in here is scary. Tezuka dancing with dinosaurs in gb. And I post them here hoping they'll get out of my head.

I'm not sure if this is the actual product or not but I'll use it as example No.1:

The actual link here:

See more dances: FF7CC, KHR, POT, SSBB, I know that some of them may be tedious but I think it's for something like DDR? Not sure. )


May. 14th, 2008 11:18 pm
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I apologise for fangirling about reborn[KHR] all the time 8D

I found this in deviantart - KHR x Kingdom Hearts crossover - SWEET. XD
(And honestly speaking Longchamp was never presented in teh anime, maybe he'll get a role if he's ever presented in the serious storyline arcs?)

And here's the Full PV of the singer for the 4th OP song of KHR. Honestly speaking I like this song than teh rest of the openings:

Here's the actual op if you want a comparison:


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