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Skimmed through the raw in youtube.

OMG Nakatsu finally finds out that Mizuki is a girl!!! XD XD
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In the past few days I have started to watch Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ) aka Hanakimi.
The J-Drama is WAY better than the Taiwan one.
At least, the main character looks cute and can be boyish and feminine-looking.

The one in Taiwan looks like an oba-san that disguised herself just to come back to Junior High. Plain ugly. No offence to the fans, but the director should've picked someone else.
The guys in the Taiwan Drama however looked nice, and younger looking than the heroine.
I also didn't like the way they directed the drama, they overdid everything to the point that I don't even think it's funny. And some people said it's funny and all, I just don't get it.
However they do keep close to the main storyline, but I still think they overdid the characters and it made them seem like they're out of character, which still ruined the storyline.
I never liked the ending either, it's like watching kid's play.

Anyway, back to J-Drama version. I love the OST that starts and ends the episodes! Springy-kinda feeling, that's exactly what Mizuki represents!
Although they did change some parts, such as they don't have Mizuki's friend Julia in it, her parents came to visit her instead. And they added an additional reason, that why Mizuki decides to come to help Sano because he saved her in America, and unlike the manga, which just plainly mentions she came here because she idolises him and it gives her courage seeing him High Jump.
The boys here imo doesn't look as nice as the ones in Taiwan, which is ironic o_O Some of them are so thin I could even say they're barely anorexic looking, though still healthy in a way.
My fav is umeda-sensei (infirmary teacher) XD He is hilarious! A very good actor!
Actually, because they didn't really overdid the characterisation, all of the actors were pretty good. The ones from Taiwan seems forceful and fake.
Sano seems a bit 'merciless' for the whole 6 episodes, I'm not sure if it's me or anything, I just recall he's supposed to soften up when he learned that Mizuki was a girl, apparently this one didn't soften up that much.
The girls from St. Blossom are hilarious! Hibari is such a great actor!! XD
And Masao, dorm head of dorm 3, I always look forward to seeing him getting possessed bwahaha!

PS: Actually they did change most of the storyline and some characters aren't relating to the manga that much in terms of personality (For example, Umeda-sensei is actually gay, where in JDrama, he sounds Bi to me o_O)
But strangely enough a lot of the storyline works out. I just hope the ending is good.


Princess Princess D.
For those that doesn't know, Princess Princess is a story about three guys who looked feminine, became 'princesses' for an all-male's high school. They had to wear like a princess (Frills and lolita wear lol), eat like a princess and act like a princess to other students.

So far, I'm a little disappointed with the drama. It appears that Mikoto is like the main character rather than the supposed main character Tooru. Maybe this is the director's intention, since it'll be strange to have another media presenting a main character that is willing to become a princess because he'll get many good rewards for it. Mikoto's reaction would probably be the most 'sane' one.
I've only watched up to episode 4, and I'm wondering if Mikoto's girlfriend would show up haha.
Still, I prefer the manga all the way. You get to see Sakamoto Akira wearing a dress as well.

They've only got 8 episodes, so I guess the story isn't long anyway.
Imo, I still don't see what's so pretty about the princesses, Mikoto is the one that looks the nicest here. Yuujiro still looks like boy to me, but probably there are some people in Japan that does look like that? Hmm....

Tooru doesn't get much light here, is what I feel for a main character.

PS: I ran through it quickly and I have to say I'm disappointed with the drama version =P


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