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Lol, my first time seeing the first Gundam (Amuro's one) on BBC news:

Nothing major, just about wikipedia and stuff.
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Apparently this one is the winner out of some kind of Gundam competition.
Saiyuki Gundam... I have to say it's a classic XD.
We have the red Gundam here as Son Goku, the one on the left is Cho Hakkai, the right which is mainly water base Sha Gojyo and Zero Shiki as Sanzo (I hardly see Zero SHiki being piloted other than Char or that other character in Gundam ZZ.)

Oh yeah, I'm referring to the original Saiyuki Story(NOT the one by Minekura Kazuya), which would be called something like 'Chi Yuu Jii' in Mandarin right? (Another different pronunciation for me.)
And forgive me for using the Japanese version of the Sanzo group, I wouldn't know how to pronounce their names in mandarin.
Apparently in real history there is definitely a Sanzo, he went on his own with his horse and some other fellow to India to get the Buddha prayer...
It was a Chinese person who went and developed the crack with the monkey, pig and water-demon along with Sanzo on their journey... it's a whole lot of fun lol.

Anyway, and here are two more fun ones and if you get them:
Sailormoon group:
Not sure what this title is but it translates to something like 'Definitely lose your life':
And yes we are the little blue one here XD

All taken from this site which my nii-chan browses and he's the one that showed it to me XD:

Anyway I'll be working on something this whole day, probably won't catch a glimpse of me yet ^^;;
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Lol, brother showed this to me yesterday, and I thought of sharing it for those Gundam, Keroro/Pekopon lovers XD

We have our usual green Zaku, then Char's red Zaku and finally the white Gundam XD

My guess is they have some kind of gunpla, or toy inside them. (As well as Pocky of course)

Mainly targeting 30+ year old men.

I wonder how much they even cost =_O
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This is hilarious, it's only around 1 min, quite short:
Let's guess who is the winner XD

And oh, for those of you that like either gundam, Disney or both:
(Scroll down the screen)



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