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Firstly, it seems like I haven't updated much after "His reply" (I'll get on it asap, even though I really should but I'm too tired to deal with him atm) well, let's just say this week (day/end) happens to be the Easter week, brother is off work so I've been spending more time with him and people from the church.

So yeah, I'm still alive and well, and I hope you all are too (My lovely flist)

Secondly, for those that have wondered why I created this in my deviantart:
Let's just say some random guy came up and asked me to draw it for him after seeing my Nazca picture.
You may or may not have noticed the person asking many people to help him draw such a picture.
I drew it for a challenge and I'm sure most of you sensible enough can guess that the guy basically wants this picture drawn because it 'turns him on'. (Why do I attract such people?)
Then he said someone wanted a commission like that off me (I refused, because I was sick of drawing a similar themed picture, I also don't have experience on the commission side which i should really try touching it.) and someone else came over asking me if I could make a modify version of it with a seat-belt.
I didn't do anything since I was bored with it. So if he ever comes up to your door and asks you for a favour, you'll know what to expect ^^;

Thirdly my internet has been a bit crap lately, or maybe it's just really crap today.

Oh yeah, did I mention my mother decided not to go to Germany and that I won't need to go with her? Well, she decided that she wants to go to cardiff to visit one of her gazillion friends (She always claims she has many friends so I can't really say I know any of them)

Because of the holidays, brother and I have been playing Gundam Musou 2 quite a bit more. I have to say not seeing Garrod from Gundam X being a part of it is a disappointment. In fact, so far I find that there really isn't much stories with the "Mission modes"(the mode where all people jumble together). In terms of actual stories with actual endings (I think it's because so far I have not seen a proper ending with mission modes) "Official Modes" does have stories with actual endings, though they only revolve around "Gundam - The one year war", "Z Gundam", "ZZ Gundam" & "Char's Counterattack". Not that I complain since this time it's more interesting than the last ones.
For those that want to know they have the above previously mentioned gundam series, then there's G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam (Which had been in the first game too), the new ones are Gundam F91, Gundam V, Gundam Seed & Destiny (or just Destiny).
The only amusing thing so far is that I have completed Turn A Gundam's story (I think, because each one of them has 5 stages) and that I get to see the main male character Loran, crossdress (This actually happens in the anime, where he's not really doing it because he wants to but because the hentai man wanted him to crossdress to hide his identity. I think he agrees because Loran gets to see his admirable Queen Diana of the Moonrace.)
Loran Cehack: (I'm not sure if it's Rolan or Loran really)
I have to say whoever designed the dress is great, because it manages to hide areas where it should point out that Loran's a male, look at the shoulders for example.

Skip Beat.
In relation to the newest chapter, I wonder if that Phone call was actually from Shoutarou? (Because if Ren actually heard his name being called by Kyoko, I really don't think he's immature enough to switch the phone off. Maybe Shoutarou is shocked or mad that Ren is the first that came into Kyoko's mind?) And the guy from Beagle Vie Ghoul is so hilarious lol.

Full Metal Alchemist.
Anime. There's a new Anime out! This time the storyboards style look more like the one in manga. I suspect they've changed most of the Seiyuus for most characters. I'm just glad they didn't change Edward's.
Manga. How cool of Riza. (With her guns and all) and that "When we're alone, the Colonel always call me Riza" comment is a brilliant tactic.

One Piece.
It makes me wonder, is there any proof that Ace is really Luffy's brother related by blood?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
She knows! Kyoko-chan finally knows! Tsuna & Kyoko together are SO cute <3
And Bianchi is such a schemer XD;; (Being good for once)

Yugiph GX (Anime)
Currently a bit addicted to it. I love stories! And Juudai is so cute! <3 (<-- I guess it's official that I like cute stuff)

Chrono Trigger
Is about to battle with Queen Zeal in Black Omen. And then will have to look up faqs for the new dungeons. But will only play if I have free time.

I have a funny feeling I'm coming up with a cold.... maybe due to being out and about frequently these few days/weeks. I just hope I don't get sick, I have been feeling tired but it's nothing major, hopefully it'll go away.

Love you all! *Sends hearts around the place resulting on scaring people off* ^^;

EDIT: I knew there was one more fandom I forgot!
Anyone read the NEO POT yet? I wonder if I'm able to pick up the series again because of this. I just have to say I love the TezuRyo moments. And what's with that guy saying Ochibi-chan is cute? o_O;; (Although, Ochibi-chan IS cute.)
Oh yeah, ochibi-chan is so cute with glasses on. I wonder where he got it from though? Doesn't strike me as the type to study hard like Buchou does and hence getting glasses in that manner.

I feel so bad for not keeping up with flists' journals!
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I dunno how we started this question, but me and my brother somehow WONDERED, if there was any RPG out there whose plotline is not about saving the world?

Because we counted whichever ones we knew and all of them are plotlines to save the world 8D

I find this subject interesting, if there is an RPG out there with a plot that doesn't involve on saving the world, lemme know! 8D

List of RPG games I've played )
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Still alive, just some quick ramblings (Won't be replying much until 14th Oct is over)

Chi's Sweet Home anime has just ended for now! I wish they'll broadcast it more, but I guess they can't because the manga is so slow. (More like, I don't see any updates recently)

Talk about old stuff, my mind wandered off to Hunter X Hunter lately (Was watchng the greed Island Final OVAs) and then they had a new recent manga chapter out. Let's see how long the following chapters last.

Not only Hunter X Hunter, oddly I'd had accidentially landed on some Mahoujin Guru Guru clips in Youtube, only to find some following hilarious/good clips:
This one is a combination of using the full 'Hell Teacher Nube''s anime opening song, whether the theme is the Kita Kita Oji-san is being portrayed as No.1 (A clown with the song broadcasted along to create the hilarious impact imo)
They also have a V-gundam croassover one, but unless you know the V gundam scenes very well I'd doubt you'll know what's going on.
They also have a different 'Harate Hallelujah' opening of the first series guru guru:
It's like wedding bells & harate hallelujah combined, it's nice listening to the ears. If anyone wants this version, I happen to have it in mp3 format. It's actual titled should be 'The Bell of Courage', sounds romantic in a way =)

And speaking of older titles, DragonBall is going to be out in DS! I repeat, it's Dragonball, NOT Dragonball Z! Cross out the Z! It's the very first series of the Dragonball series, where you could easily define the difference between a young Goku & young Goten 8D
Here's some clips that shows the opening in the DS (And they're using the original song to!) and some gameplay:
And this is the choir of the opening song of the DS commercial they made especially for it 8D:

With most of the old stuff gone, the new things happening so far are the new Skip Beat Anime!
Anyone that hasn't heard of it before, go read the manga or watch th he new anime! (Man I love Kyoko's Seiyuu, VAing Kyoko's attitude is hard!)

They have new season of Gundam 00, though I have never watched an episode of the first series 8D;

And OMG REBORN Anime in HD!? (Widescreen HD, with new opening & ending songs)
I can't believe I'd live to see the day it became HD hahahaha 8D

Brother finally got his hands on a new Star Ocean PSP & Star Ocean games 1 & 2

Lastly we had been cleaning up waiting for someone to come fix our central heating... it had become quite cold these few days, and I thought I nearly caught a cold (Same for my brother).
I had letters saying I will most likely get a flu/cold at the end of this year and told me they're holding vaccine clinics.
Like, it's not something proud to say, but I always get a flu/cold every single year around this time of the year. So why bother? =P

Anyway, person should be coming tomorrow, must go to bed.
Oyasumi nasai.
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Devil May Cry!!
Is currently still playing the first one (Yeah I completed the 4th one though) and I have to say I hate having to battle with hard bosses... in fact, those that isn't even a boss! *curses the stupid cow headed scissor boss* my hands were dying of tireness of shooting the damn enemy - until I discovered that the easy to KO it was to jump and slash, jump and slash. Meehh.
And the jump button is at the triangle - the triangle!
I hate that stupid lion-dog-wolf-whatever shadow as well.

Is trying to download Devil May Cry Anime too. People say it's disappointing, imo, it's ok as long as you watch it in a relaxed state and possibly during at night as a movie or something.
It's not that bad. Not if only I could get the mp4 from Animeone.

Besides, Dante is so cool! Kakoii (And hawt as well mwahahaha 8D)
It's well-known he loves pizzas. And in the anime they made him love strawberry sundae 8D (I like chocolate sundae!)
And imo they made Trish and Lady looking a bit old o.O;;

Will be going to scan tomorrow. It rained today and looks like it will tommorrow. Mehhh. =(

Oh yeah, a correction. I have been mentioning Zavvy, Zaavy shop, but the correct one should be zavvi.
That was the place where we got a very cheap inexpensive broken sword 4 and ninja gaiden...*looks* sigma.

Oh yeah, for those that have a wii and played wii fit, is it any good for well, getting fit? ^^;
What does it require? (Other than the console, your tv, lines, etc) I think I should say what do you get to do in wii fit?
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Brother bought the 1~3 Devil May Cry games ever since we played the fourth one (Which well, the main character switched from Dante to Nero) he's played a bit of it yesterday (The first game) Maybe I'll try it soon 8D (Dante is so hilarious and cool in many ways 8D)

I think he also re-bought the broken sword games, and well, he got the fourth one for £4 in Zavvy 8D
Now I really wanna start and reply the Monkey Island series.... if only I could remember where it is (This house or my mom's house) Really wanna play the part where the cannibals kep putting me back in jail and adding extra security to the door 8D;;

Saw my friend today (Which he friended this journal 8D, since I'm hard to trace, as my other female friend says I am one of the hardest people to contact in the world? XD XD XD)

Anyway, I really wanna read more Chi manga but it doesn't seem to have updated much.
Luckily the anime is still there:
I quite like this EP:

In previous episodes the poor kitty got shut outside under the rain 8D;;

Have been updating on some Saiyuki, no wonder I thought it was strange that there hadn't been much update since last few years, apparanetly the managaka had to go and have surgery since July 2007 and must've rested until the January of this year. And personally I like Gaiden than Reload. Well, at least I'm happy that they've switched some focus on goku (Aka Seiten Taishi) in Reload, all thanks to Dr. Nii 8D;;

And I really wish people would understand the Me x Apple format (Me eat apple) 8D

Anyway, that's about it for now X3
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Currently at brother's place. Will be back to uni camp tomorrow.
(And 1 more week to holidays, I really need it.)

But anyway, will be showing some youtube videos but I'm making them as links this time (oddly enough they seem to state the video cannot be viewed after I posted up there for a while o.O;;

Ever since [ profile] maiyeng showed me debugged versions of super mario world, I showed them to my brother and I happen to find this one to be the most scariest (In terms of dying within the game that is)
You'll have to remember that this is a debugged version and that mario is automatic, basiclaly meaning is he not controlled by a person.

For those that know the ending song of Haruhi no Yuutsu, they made a debugged mario world and had it the music played along with it:

And speaking of mario brings me to super metroid. Anyone played super metroid before? Those that you have will find this speed run amazing:
Personally I don't think this person is cheating, he has godly skills to be able to do so many wall-jumps (In the past it's very hard to do walljumps ^^;; ) That video is at least 1 hour long but the game says he had it complete at aroun 38 mins or so - HOLY SH*T!!! o.O;; (Because the skills shown are SO master level!!)

Lastly, I had found this last weekend, totally roflmao, Japanese Human Tetris!:
Is it me or does the blue team seems to be getting the worser deal?

Well, see you all (replies) tomorrow I hope.
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OMG I want this Artbook!

You can see the front and back cover properly on (Just scroll down and you'll see it)
Yeah, most of you must be wondering why the darked haired Ryu and young anorexic yellow green hair Nina looks out of place. They are both from Bof V. The one with the most difficult gameplay system (Depending on how you play it).
My fav is Bof3, he's just right in front of the fifth Ryu.

The orders are: 4,2,1,3,5 for guys and 5,3,1,2,4 for girls.

[ profile] maiyeng
I told her about the frustration foundation from Breath of Fire III, anyone have an idea who I am on about?

Yeah, it's those horse-oh wait they have horns, so Unicorn-like creatures. See how they combined together and acts like that Japanese superhero in those old live-action TV series which the superhero grew big in size to battle a big size godazilla/enemy thingie among the Tokyo city? (Or whatever city)
Look at their hands and their stance! *ROFLMAO banging on table*
*Loves little Ryu's Seiyuu* I wonder who's behind it?

And does anyone remember Deis? (Also named as Blu in the first and second bof series) she appeared in nearly every single one except 5 (Unless she was there and I missed it)
Warning: There'll be a sprite nude Deis, because she was trapped in that form for 500 years in Bof3. Look how Ryu turns his head away and blushes. How cute.

Here's something funny about the uh...dolphin:

Well, not just because it talks Australian... (*coughs* Ryu-kun just sounds so cute haha 8D)

And this is the faq I have completely stuck with for Bof3:
Thank you Tricky, life is so much easier playing Bof3 with your FAQ.
My other tip is steal. Steal a lot. Steal anything that will sell high in value. You'll need the cash. And there is no extra cash in Bofs (Though they changed the system a bit in the GBA versions of 1 & 2)

Finally the following has nothing to do with BOF, but Super Smash Brothers Melee:
It's the 'Bonus' labels or titles you can get for doing such an such in a battle. I hope they've kept this in the Brawl version.
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Some propaganda on Birth by Sleep and 356/2 Days.

356/2 Days: (For Nintendo DS)
If you can read Chinese good for ou, they do have Jpn scans from the site, I just took these because the scans are bigger.
356/2 Days seems to be about Roxas' and Axel's days during their time with the orginazation and between Sora in his deep sleep and Sora awaken timeline.

Birth by Sleep: (For PSP)
First thing I saw about this is ZACK FAIR!!!
Ha! I knew they'll invite him into KH, because FF7 seems to be selling quite well and we all know that Crisis Core is Zack's Tale.
Kingdom Hearts! Let's bring the whole FF7 cast abroad! 8D (Though I don't mind one bit LOL)
We have Sephy, Yuffie, Cloud, Aerith, Cid, Tifa in KH so far. Don't remember if Vincent, Barret, Cait Sith or RedXIII is in there or not (Don't think so)
You will be controlling Roxas as your main char in this one I think.

These are two of the three games Square said KH would recently have. The third one is a mobile game, and that one we probably have Sora as the main character.
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Lol countdown countdown....

I had my last lesson today (I'll get another hour before the actual exam anyway)
It went ok this time, only that I hit the kerb while reverse parking because my mirror was at an incorrect angle, hit the kerb during the double mini roundabout and went into the roundaabout when I shouldn't because a car was there. ^^;;

But, it feels good overall.
I will kill myself if I failed because of silly mistakes and my eye test.

I'm happy with the combination check questions as I think I should be ok with them. And my driver instructor's car uses new stuff - thank god since I don't need to talk about radiator filler caps etc.

Will pray tonight 8D
It's raining now so I hope there'll be some good weather tomorrow.
And less cars on the road. 8D

As I said before... if you feel unlucky tomorrow then I must have taken yours. I'll make it up to you afterwards 8D

I feel being in battle mode, which is great as I won't feel as nervous 8D

Bladestorm: (I can't find a more clear version sorry ^^;;, but this is what I feel like at the minute and like I said it's good to wash over my nervousness 8D)
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I know I haven't commented this whole weekdays... gomen!

I've just spent like 2 hrs to read and go through my emails and LJs heh XP

I've started on the sketches, it'll probably take a little while.

Xenosaga!!! I'm at the point where I'm on Mictam, just fought Voyager - Canaan is gone! Canaan is gone! NO~!!!!!!!!! Damn voyager making Ziggy and Canaan Suffer - DIE!!!! (Oh wait, he already did.)
I only play this in weekends though.

Let's see, I've sketches to do, translations, gotta have to take a shower later(right after this post), do laundry, put dishes in dish washer to wash, clear the kitchen...etc...
My press is finally complete. I hope I can clear the room.

Manga I currently read - Skip beat and Ouran.
Well Skip beat, at first you can say the reason for doing that is really childish - It's about a 16 year old girl that worked to her heart's content for the guy she loved, her 'boyfriend' is a well-known singer, they both came from the countryside and now lives in Tokyo, and the main character named as Kyouko is doing a lot of part time work just to keep the rent fees payable. One day she found out that her boyfriend sees her nothing more than a maid, commenst that she doesn't dress herself, and is a person that doesn't make him feel like she's a woman/have no sex appeal.
I thought she was gonna cry at first - and that's where this following event give me an interest. Instead of crying like most girls usually would, she instead became angry and laughed like a witch and all - you see these little evil spirits coming out from her subconscious or something and attacking the guy that she once loved and his mangaer XD - because of this, she vows to have revenge on that guy by going into the acting industry (It really should have been the singing one, but before she knows it she became an actor.
Unlike the shoujo main characters, while this one seems to have a sad/dark past, this girl is a rather strong person, and that's what I like about her, thus the story is hilarious and very interesting. I definitely recommend it.

Ouran is still as interesting, but well, waiting it for a month is a pain.

GDefend 30 should be out this month, if not, very soon.

The Anime I'm watching is still Keroro Gunsou (Hahahaha), and Kyou Kara Maou. Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Mahojin Guruguru, Da!Da!Da! tehy're all taking a very long time.

I still am interested in One Piece, but for the fact I have to wait for it and it's SO long... it bores me.

On the other hand, Niichan is starting to like Wild Half (Manga) I loved it very much and still do. Though sadly it's old now and since it's a manga (I don't think there's an anime about it) I don't think you'll see much of it. Plainly, it's about this dog that can transform to a half-human-half dog form, lives with his new pet guardian. This manga falls into the category of love, comedy, serious and horror at times.

Finially emailed Placement officer on reports and stuff. Got good feedback. I really have to start my log book or I'm doomed x_X

And damn county council, when will they give me my grant!?

Oh! LJ has a Halloween banner hahaha~! XD

That'll be about it for now.


Oct. 15th, 2006 11:10 am
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I didn't go back home this week.
Mainly because mom said she didn't know I was coming and secondally she's coming up here to my area today.

I'm meant to get prepared and go out with her later.... but the main thing is I haven't received any phone calls and if I happen to be in the shower while she phones, we're both damned =_=;; (Then again I dunno if she's gonna be early or not)

So I'm going home next weekend instead.

So at the minute I won't be on the PC for too long, I'll come back later on the day and comment on people's posts alright? *hugs*


Xenosaga!!!!! I'm at the point where I'm gonna save Mary and Shelley in the Durandal! It's so much fun... Though I wonder if I get enough time to learn the skills.... For the skill line I choose the ones already but when i got to te point where I need 200 or more, I start going and learning the EX skills... (Hahaha, EVA+ up! XD)
MOMO seems to be quite bad in evasion this time, which is unlike in the previous two, the enemies mostly miss her.
And Ziggy rocks (yay! XD)

And OMG, SWIMSUITS. chaos's SWIMSUIT. *falls* It's very.... how to put it... if he was a girl then it'll be very sexy.... but as for a guy....
And Jin's swimsuit!!! XD Lol, I thought he was just going wear a normal small triangle type swimsuit, though in the end he weared something oji-san, it's like he's out from the onsen or something yet it really suits him XD

Kevin... I wonder if he's really a good or a bad guy. It's hard to say she doesn't care for Shion, but it's more like he wishes for power more at the minute. Maybe it's like what Nephilim says, if Shion releases Abel form his curse, only 'her Kevin' will return back to her.


Mou... I wonder what's taking Keroro Gunsou so long? Then again it hasn't been ina week yet.
My fav is Kururu, despite he may seem bad on the oustide, Keroro and Tamama seems more despicable to me XD

AND CHOU MASHIN EIYUUDEN WATARU!!!!!!!!!! This brings back memories... Although this Chou one would be the third series, my fav is forever the second series.
Wataru Kawaii!
I'd recommend the first and second one... the third one I didn't quite like because they don't have Kurama nor Umihiko(Well it's impossible to have Umihiko there unless they're talking about his place again)
The fun thing about the third one is you get to go back to the past, you've two new members, and the quality of the mashins are superb compared to the old ones.
However if it's character design, my fav is the second one, where that computing technology ain't that efficient yet, they still manage to make things look very pretty and all the fine details, it's lovely. And also, Ryuujinmaru looks more elegant that way, plus Wataru's warrior-like gown is my fav, the second one that is. And the 'evil fighters', I forgot the name, but it's teh small army robots, the first ones are red, the second one is purple, the third one is red but round like those Japanese toy kinda thing where you make it fall over it always comes back up. My fav are still the second ones, they're more funny and more expression-like.
Besides, we get to see Sensei in a 'manly mode similar to Dr. Slump' when he's in fornt of the ladies, we see that often in the second series and it's quite funny. And Himiko is more useful in the second one, but she's cute as ever.


I've more to say but I'll come back later...
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Note that if you haven't even touched the game, there still could be spoilers. Although I've chosen most of them from the start since somehow those are what I remembered most, do recall if you haven't played with Roxas for at least over 15 minutes is still considered as spoilers! XD
(Also I've adapted some from Chain of Memories too)
And there's actually a theory behind the anti-form for those that are interested...

Image Heavy? Well not really, since the resolutions are small. )
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Firstly, I've been ill(Caught a cold) since Last Friday night. I'm still recovering now, maybe I should go to bed (But it's like, 2:30pm in the afternoon... if possible I don't want to take a nap, otheriwse I won't be able to sleep in the night ^^;; )
I hope I get well soon before I go back home. That's right, I'm away back home this weekend. (Now I can play more KH2 at my bro's place! XD)
Stupid cold bleh. It's always around this time of the year there's bound to be a cold/flu season. Whoever that actually is able to invent a cure for this damn virus will be seriously f##king rich.

Secondly, March 17th(Friday) is St. Patricks day. I must escape from this place before this date, otherwise I'll be stuck with the possible altered bus schedule, drunk crazy people that goes around roaring etc etc like an eejit and what's more, St.Patrick's Day is a day you'll get hurt by drunk people if you're not careful. So stay inside! (Those people would probably start drinking since thursday night and all the way towards the weekend I assure you!)

Thirdly, I still haven't found a placement yet, I'm still finding but there's no reply.

Fourthly, it appears my group DOES want to get something done this week. We'll see then won't we? To be honest I'm quite tired, the cold's getting onto me, but I know I still have to get them done.

I plan to apply to for the driving theory test. If I don't now, I'll know I'll never get to study really hard for it ^^;; (Though wherever the center is over here is a mystery to me, well not really, but I'm actually a bit senseless when it comes to figure out roads. And if it's far away I'll have to find out how to get there.)
Being in Ireland/Uk without a car is very inconvenient.

Did I mention I didn't get enough weapons in order to become an apprentice in BoF3? Well now you know. Lucky I saved my previous data I can start again. But It's a pain to earn the money all over again... *cries*
(Actually it would've been enough if I had removed the weapons from my characters, but the system doesn't allow you for some odd reason.)
Although I had a fun time meeting Momo again. I have to admit, Bof3's character personalities' are quite entertaining than the other BoFs indeed XD

What I'd love to play, is Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia/Time and Final Fantasy 6 on PSP again. Actually, I can drop out IoG from my list, but I loved Terranigma dearly and FF6 is because I can no longer find my memory card (I played up to the point where I've had everyone nearly learned all the magic spells and am ready to go to the magic tower)and I'm so p*ssed off because it was my first time ever getting that far. (My farthest when playing at a younger age is always before I could get to get summons and not even mentioning having relm and the others >_< but what's sick is that I'm sick of playing from the start and up to the point where your three teams unite again. I think I must've played around 10 times of that scene, so yeah it does get boring in a way.)
Terranigma is from the SNES, I think it was a product of Square and Quintet and probably Enix too, so I suppose there's the copyright issues(In fact, I heard that Terranigma never made it to the US but they made it to Europe for some odd reason. I'm not sure if it was this game or another one.) We still have our snes, but let's face it, it's pretty old and these recent years I've noticed that if you don't treat it properly all your saved data will suddenly disappear on you. Eric doesn't treat it probably, Andrew insists on keeping it but he doesn't take care much of it. (Or should I say, I've a feeling he wants to sell it in the future if it's meant to be some kind of antique...feh...)
The reason I liked Terranigma more than Illusion of Gaia/Time is probably because of the music, its storyline and well Terranigma's graphics are better than IoG and you can at least jump in Terranigma but not in IoG.
IoG is mainly about the myths and legends behind world history of our world.(You visit ruins and stuff, you travel but there are times you can't go back, which is really annoying.) You know, like visiting the Great Wall of China, Babel's Tower, Pyramid, sky garden etc etc.
Terranigma is more about a combination of History and Geography, which is also based on our world. It talks of a hero that's from the underground(UnderWorld) world that has to go fight these 6 towers and making the 6 main continents of the Earth (Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America, South America) appear on the 'OverWorld' in order to save the people in his town. OverWorld is Earth. If you're wondering where is the UnderWorld, my guess is that it's actually hell. So once our hero got the continents and the people back, he was sent out by the elder to go to the 'OverWorld'. You start from South America, your first task was to awaken the Evergreen tree, to bring Green around the Earth. Then you travel to North America, and you make the birds appear. Then you travel to Africa, making animals appear(Befriending all species along the way). You travel east and is near Tibet, you fight some shadow during the wintery season. While humans appear, you tend to drift into a deep sleep. You wake up and you find you're in a Monk place - Tibet. Then you travel east in a nearby place, trying to find a girl called Meilin in favour of a Monk. You find out that place is haunted(Has many many scary zombies, and the music is kinda eerie too XD) Once you found her(And her being ungrateful and you learn that she's a typical brat in the future in many ways) you go eastwards, you came to France! You can't advance any further because the King here is an asshole, not letting Loire(France) expand itself, but you found someone there who looks identical to your crush back home in the underworld. You actually go to stockholm(Norway) in order to cure an illness of that girl. Then I forget but somehow you proceed to spain. There you learn that Columbus is locked in the Madrid Castle(In what the queen is nothing but an actual ghost thing that you must defeat with the lowest attack weapon level!) Then you travel west via boat, and you come across some Mermaid place and you're there to defeat the villains in the mermaid's shed, and then you made it back to America again! And then I'm gonna stop here, because there's lots more I can go on(Yes, you do get to Japan, China and Austrailia if you wanna know) I dunno, probably I like building things and that's probably why I liked this game(The main aim of this game is to expand a countryside city into a larger one as possible and to learn more about the Hero)

*Tries to think* I think I'll leave things at that. Maybe the next thread will be certain screenshots of what I liked in KH2 X3


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