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I am frustrated with this piece of work of mine:

Some of you should've seen it before.

My main problem is that I do not understand why that the music & animation don't sync online. Somebody please tell me it's just my computer. (If it is then I am screwed)
Because if I have the file offline, it works the way I want it to. When it's online in the internet, it doesn't work. Why?
Here's the file, just so that deviantart didn't modify mystuff:

I'm fed up trying to correct the timing (And I was so sure it was correctly done in the past when I submitted it to my assignment)

I'm also worried with the fact the stuff I tried correcting inside my file, the output somehow doesn't respond to the changes that I have made to it.

I also don't get why the the results of the "Test Movie" function and the "Export Movie" functions are different. I'm sick and tired of coming back and forth to this. Eveyrtime I have this corrected the next time I view this - the whole file somehow changes. I want to curse - WTF!?

Someone tell me that if the original file you've downloaded is exactly the same as the one on deviantart or not?

Does it have anything with the way I compressed the file to a lower version? There shouldn't be a problem with that does it?
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Oh yeah, did I mention my mom changed from Germany to Cardiff? She now decides to go to Glasgow first instead, some random people are coming over and then she wants to go to cardiff in June.

Anyway, I posted a Flash animation in my deviantart ^^;
I really have to learn the art of not elaborating too much....
So this was supposed to be done for one of the projects back in my final year.
As mentioned, I never got to submit it in my account because it took me ages to find a preloader bar & percentage loader tutorial that actually works and that back then some of the parts where in B&W, I wanted it in full colour minus the one at the start.
Here you go if anyone wants a preloader bar & percentage loader that ACTUALLY works: (This one is for AS1 & 2, the one I used.) (This one for AS3, dunno if it works or not though)
One odd thing about it is either the files are too big, sometimes it doesn't load correctly making the music and animation not synchronizing together is what I feel.
I should really have placed a play button at the start (Then again, at the time for my project, you're thinking of presenting it like a cinema, they're not supposed to stop at the start anyway)
Anyway, it's not really that good, but I hope the idea concept is funny.

Speaking of deviantart, I wonder if anyone is as unorganised as I am. I have at least 91 pages of favs and I find it hard to reorganise them (If only you could make a folder within a folder.)
I think I don't really give up the favs, they're there for a reason, whatever reasons they were that I may have forgotten =P

My wisdom teeth loves to act up and about. It's not really that painful, just picture something poking at you from time to time. I swear the dentist's tools must be a prince or something, my wisdom teeth are the sleeping beauties. Once the tools were poking at them they're now awake and they hurt x_X (<--Silly comparison). I guess I should be grateful it doesn't hurt my throat, just my head at times.

Oh yeah, it's narly time to do stuff for the Tsunafish eDoujin soon. Have to try and not forget this.

The internet in my place continues to be...well, crap. I'm gonna try disconnectig it and re-connecting it again later to see how things go.
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Had been testing out certain preloader tutorias, none of them look successful.

Is there one that can be guaranteed it'll definitely work?
I need one that's both of a preloader bar and the percentage text.
I don't understand how the tutorials don't seem to work for me =(
The ones from Kirupa & Tutorialized don't seem successful for me. I haven't use AS3 before, so I'd prefer AS2 or belwo if possible, if there's a standard one then all the better.


Sep. 4th, 2007 10:43 am
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These crack me up XD

For those that have played Zelda, Ocarina of Time: (Ok, for those that doesn't get this, Link, your character, never talks, except uttering a few sounds when fighting, falling etc, during your game. This Flash tells you how he manages to express himself without speaking actual words.) (This is the continuation of 'The Real Legend', honestly speaking it' snot that good, but worth a look.)

Animator vs Animation series: (First one, you may have seen this before and you'll need to understand what the Flash workspace looks like) (Second one, you'll need to know what the windows of a PC looks like.)

PS:, it feels soothing to put the ice pack on top of your help. But my eyes are growing weary.
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It's done!! and here it is!
Click on the pic to see it working.
The file is around at least 1.1MB

First time making it from scratch, if it looks horrible in any other way please forgive! XD
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I forgot to mention I'm actually doing a 1 week animation course for this week. (Or did I mention it already?) I'm enjoying it, though I thought they would teach us more on actionscript, it's ok since It's really my first time making everything from scratch and having the characters and preps bend and do my wills XD
Those that are good at Flash will know the pain of making an animation by yourself. No really.

I'm making a horrible parody of the little red riding hood, if I ever get it done I'll upload it or something, it's not good I tell you! XD (Don't ask why little red riding hood, I had 30 minutes to come up and sketch it into a storyboard @_@)

Well, It's nearly finished, tommorrow I'll get the finishing touches done, and then I'll upload it to a place whenever and whatever I can, and you can see how horiible I am at making a short animation lol XD

I've a feeling you need shockwave that's like in version Flash 8 or MX 2004 or something though @_@


Jul. 7th, 2006 01:20 am
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OMG this is hilarious XD
You MUST see it!!
For those that are familiar with the software interface Adobe Flash, please proceed to scroll down and click on the play button.

Animator VS Animation

I wish I was a good Flash user too.


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