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I know I haven't been active on LJ for several weeks XD;

As mentioned in the previous post, one of the ends of the charger of my Mac had managed to burn itself and commit suicide, hence I was without a PC for days. (Not that it mattered much huh)
I COULD use my brother's, but I shouldn't abuse his stuff and that he needs it to work too.
Here you go for a pic of my KO'ed charger:

Nothing much was keeping me in the past few weeks, other than replaying FFX (Which this time I played it properly and I played it since I finished replaying KH1 & KH2 and that my brother wanted to watch.)
I also had a 1 week course on 3D animation 2 weeks before too. (Which this time I found it more fun.)

And like I said I attended my baby-sitter's wedding. This is them here: (You don't have to watch this, I didn't show up in the video but my mom did XD)
I hope this is the last wedding I attend to whoever that is related to my mother. (Honestly, I don't mind attending this one because I do know the person. Ever get tired of the fact you get to go to someone's wedding and you have no clue who the person that is getting married is?)
And I got them this gift:,5,shop,home,homecategories,hkitchen
I think it's cute XD; It's a huggie Salt & Pepper set hahaha. (Though I wonder if anyone that is wedding would appreciate such a gift) One day when I get my own house I want something as cute XD

I haven't read a single entry on LJ for weeks.
So this post is a large post. (Then again, most of my posts are large too right?)

(And this following paragraph is about fangirling FF7 & Other Square Enix stuff 8D)
Rant rant FFVII )

Rant rant FF Dissidia )

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days )

Random thoughts concerning my future Masters )

Detective Conan, One Piece, KHR, Skip Beat & nostalgic anime )

Random random, not that the above posts doesn't have something random in them XD; )
That's about it.....

I <3 you my flist! ^^
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Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru is actually an anime (Developed by Sunrise) I've watched when I was younger 8D;; And yes, it's aimed for kids, but sort of rpg (& rainbow) themed story.
I don't remember how I stumbled back in LJ (Finding icons maybe?) and realised there was a community dedicated to it.
And then I'm happy enough to get the OSTs of the older series (They had 3 series in total, my fav is the 2nd one, the 3rd one is developed at a later date and is used to aim at new viewers instead of older ones, so depending on what you think it could be a disappointment to older fans.) It's nostalgic.

I'm just sharing an episode I found in Youtube (the person said s/he only that that episode) and it's in Cantonese (My assumptions are they placed Cantonese Audio over the actual japanese audio.)
You can watch it for fun. Just remember not to think logically since this was an anime for kids and the following episode is of series 2, they made the characters more 'extreme' than the previous one because obviously the fans loved it.

I've also added other random anime video parodies I came across at the end for my own amusement 8D;

To the resources! )
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Still alive, in case of any of you wondering why I always do this, chat for a while and then go offline for a while 8D;

- Where to start, oh yeah the headache.
Thanks to those that were worried for me, I know I complain about it from time to time.
I did question this to my doctor before, she said it's really just muscle tension on the shoulders and it carries the pain all the way to my head. The only rememdy is to do some stretches to ease the shoulder (Which I shamelessly don't do ^^;, so it's my fault really.)
It was sore for a few days hence I've always wished my shoulder muscles have relaxed by the next day.

- Mom came on last Monday, so spent my time with her. She came up to our house so some housecleaning we had to do. The pests are still around, though I haven't seen any for a few days now. Some mature, some young! It gets on our nerves. Maybe we should've gone to B&Q again to find stronger pesticides. Although nii-chan doesn't want any strong flavour.
And then I saw Liam on Friday as well, because the first ever Apple store has opened in the victoria sqaure in Belfast in the whole Ireland (I think whole Ireland since they were all saying it... people even queued up in the night to wait for it to open, it was on the BBC website news o_O;; )

- Other stuff that occupied me was translation, playing some Devil May Cry 3 (How rash & cool Dante of the past 8D;;) still job hunting (& trying to think what is it that I really love to do, had been constantly reflecting on this, and had been thinking of working in the government departments because I don't think my family has ever tried to before in a western country. I find it amusing and fun and yes, it would be interesting to know more about such and such going on in your country because that is what I need, I'm still as clueless or not as interested in these things. It's just something that can't knock on my head easily, I'll have to approach it all the time. Shamelessly, there's a lot of terms I've heard but still don't know up to this date.)

- *coughs* Sorry for the long rant, em oh yeah, finally registered on eBay for the first time and bought my very first item (See how slow I am?) Bought the FF7 Crisis Core UK version with the so-called artbook for approx £26.50 (postage included)
At least cheaper than the £30 in (<--Windy is cheapstake 8D;; )
The voices are ok so far, I didn't play it, but my brother is though, since he never touched the JPN version before, he decided to go for this one. He still likes his Uncharted though.

- Hmm... finally.... I have been shamelessly playing an oline RPG game called 'Tales of Pirates'
Everything's so colourful & vibrant! (Windy loves exploring)
My eyes were set on this before I got my mac, they only work on Windows though ;_;
Lucky my brother let me install the program in his PC and can play.
There's another one called Flyff (Fly for Fun) that I'd like to try, since well.... the idea is you can have your character fly.... but other than that there's nothing that attracts me, maybe I'll stick to the one I have now =P

Anyway, I may not be on often since Tsuna's B-day is coming up, we've only a week left to do stuff for Tsunafish eDoujin ^^;;

I love you my gorgeous flist <3
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Oh! Cloud-sama!! ♥
And we have Sephiroth and our main character Zack Fair here! XD

They're only selling 77,777 of these, I'm definitely get one of them! (Besides I want to play the game in Japanese as well since Japanese seiyuus are better ;P

This will come out around September or so.
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Oh! Oh! Before I forget, (I'm writing my logbook at the minute) I found out what Zack's surname from FFVII: Crisis Core is!!! (In case you're wondering, yup it for our Famous Final Fantasy 7!!)
That game is for PSP, I think the Japanese version is out. Sephiroth is definitely there, Cloud
and Aerith too.

Zack's surname )


Uh... should that amount of space be enough to not see the spoilers? *scratches*

Oh, for Kingdom Heart(I, COM & II) lovers, here's a really nice CG pic(I think it's from the Final Mix+) of Sora, Roxas, King Mickey, Goofy & Donald together.

Anyway, back to work...later ne~!


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:13 pm
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I'm back from home~!! X3 (Well, was back two hours ago.)

Made, ate dinner and sent the codes to the lecturer, plus browsing around lJ to see what I've missed and so on.
I think I'm gonna try applying for an editor somewhere, don't ask why I just want to.

Let's see, I'm gonna be blabbing on random stuff again.

Alright, firstly you know what a waterglobe is? You know, those round glass balls with water filled in them and they're stuck on some decorative thingy?
Yeah those, so you know they're usually filled to the brim as possible. Now, I have this one waterglobe for approx. 10 years from a tutor of mine when I was really young(8 or 9) and this gift was a waterglobe of Noah's Ark (If you're God's believer you'll know).
Well, my waterglobe:
As you can see(Or may not) is dried up! Don't ask me how, that's something I'd like to know. There weren't any cracks or anything, and I know it dried up at least 1 or 2 years ago. It was today that I browsed over a catalogue and it had a kitten waterglobe, my niichan was beside me and I told him 'Would you believe it if there was a dried up globe?'
I showed him this then and he said 'It took 40 days for the great flood to dehydrate in the story of Noah's Ark.' Another words, she was hinting that this 'Noah's Ark' took 10 years to get dried up.
(This is a lame joke, I know XD)
Anyway, here's another picture of it(Clearer?)
along with my two statue figurines of Cloud & Aerith that I got this summer(Or last year I don't remember). Maybe it was because it's lying om my desk and the revive of FF7 I decided to take a pic of them. And no, Aerith isn't bigger than Cloud, Cloud's just a bit 15cm apart behind Aerith so that's why he looks small.

Speaking about my room, somehow I took pictures of the cracks on my walss sometime this summer. I don't know if it's serious or not, this room of mine and E-niichan's room are teh one with the heaviest cracks. It's got all to do with the materials used for foundations and stuff when this house was built. It doesn't look pleasant, I know.

Anyway, this following week shall be busy. There's this assignment that we've still to hack(1/3 part of it) and that means staying with with the group to get it done.
Now I've to pay for the phone bill(And make clear that my previous bill was paid)
Also, phone up to a driving school and ask for lessons.

This week, our palcement officer will scare the sh#t out of us about getting placements. This reminds me I shall go to Belfast and attend that NI Media Careers Affair thing in Belfast in Queen's University(Aka the palce were my niichan does his PhD) and hope I can find something.
I went to the career's fair over here last Wednesday, ending up applying for one and waiting for some.

For some reason I felt me and mom didn't quiet get along ever since I went back to the campus. I'm wondering exactly why. If that's the case I don't want to go home for at least 4 weeks. (Make her miss me XD)

Hmm... I shall look into FET later...

I'll come back later =)


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