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For those that have been to FET forums before, have any one of you been in contact with or know that [ profile] butterfly_chan has been active at all?

I recall her username to be Crimson-chan or Crimson buttefly.

Just asking since someone's looking for her (And personally I know that butterfly-chan hasn't been on LJ for at least 2~3 years or so =_=;; )

Last thing I remember was her going away to another forum which has some name like FTST or whatever that's supposed to be.

If you know where she is or if she is still active, drop a comment here? (And still drop even if you dunno XD;; )
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I wanna rest, and play SO MUCH~!!! T_T T_T

We recently got Xenosaga EP III. Everyone is so Kirei and Kakoii... like Miyuki says to Shion "Ooh~ you look pretty sexy~!" XD
Me wanna play... playing for 30 mins to 1 hour is not enough ;_;

I haven't touched photoshop for ages. Fireworks are killing me!!

FET Forums really is down desu...

Will be going back home this week I think. I don't really want to, everytime I go home I do nothing, or should I say there's nothing for me to do, I feel like I waste my time there.

I hope I don't mess up the work I do in the company... we've 2 designers gone at the minute (One went to S.Africa for three weeks, the one seems to be very ill) and then another designer will go on holiday next week. So we've only one designer left next week (Eep)
Plus I have lots to do this week, I hope I won't make a mistake on them.

*Rolls around* I wanted to post here last weekend, but I was so tired I slept like there's no tommorrow =_=;; (Though I admit I slep very late last week...)

I wanna draw.... I wanna draw!!!!!!!
(And post on people's comments and posts...)

*Rolls around in agony* T_T
Gawd I hate being in those depressing moody days again...
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FET forums will officially close today. That means it'll no longer exist after today.

Best wishes to everyone *hugs*


Aug. 19th, 2006 10:45 pm
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I let all the mods know I want to retire.... OO||||

Man they look quite busy... maybe I'm being awful?

Oh... if they're ok with it I'll pm Kobashi and Krunk I want to leave, I won't guarantee I'll come back at all... no really...

I WILL give up my status as a mod and regular and if anyone wants the name 'Windy' Kobashi can delete it and give make a new one for the person.
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This isn't 'new' news anymore but I've turned to Coach status in FET for a while now(ie. 5000+ posts)

Although the problem is, I don't seem to be able to post anymore in all those topics. Not because I'm not able to post, but because I really have nothing to discuss.

It's sad...It's like, I haven't been on there for around 2 weeks I think? I went up there today, and I only manage to make around under 10 posts.... I used to make more than that...
It's like there's nothing for me to discuss and I hate the feeling it's like I'm gonna leave the forum because I turned coach and that's not what I wanted.

Also, I noticed I was the one posting there, and when I was about to log out, there's like TEN guests out there LOOKING but not POSTING.

I can't discuss if you guys don't talk! *sighs* Or am I scary? is that it? Because I got 5000+ posts, that doesn't mean I'll come and eat you alive ^^;;


Gomen ne...for being moody.... I've a group assignment to turn in for next Thursday, and my group did NOTHING on it. I don't know how to cope this time, because I'm not that good of a programmer and they're more crap than I am.

I still am finding a placement and if I don't get these ones then I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should even email the Quizdom guys or not at this late stage.
I've another group assignment which just wants to make me eat them ALIVE. I told them over and over again to DO THEM EARLY!
And the other one-self assignment.... I know I did really bad on it... I know I just did. Went in a different direction and I really really want to do good in it, because I had fun with this module, honestly.

I don't even know what I'm good at anymore. Okaa-san phoned me days ago and YES she's asking the SAME questions AGAIN. They're like knives stabbing into my heart. Why don't you just get a real one and do that? I'll be very grateful if you do, honestly.
Gawd I hate Ireland. *sighs* I just do. Alright I don't mean it... but I dislike my hometown very very much. There ARE nice people back there, but something just wants to make me puke there.
I don't quite like Belfast that much now either.
Derry is ok so far.

*Sighs* Kaa-san may have travelled lots and seen many things, but that doesn't mean it made her have a more opened mind.

I wanna travel around the world too for some odd reason....but I don't think I'm much of a traveller...travelling form Derry to Belfast and down to Dundalk and back up to Derry again monthly doesn't count as travelling does it?

*Sighs* Oh quit it. *Pinches self* *Sighs*

.......*Sighs* Oh lord....this year is a miserable year....then again every year is miserable and fortunate.

I remember scanning all the documents for the court case back earlier this Easter holiday....son of a *beep* he just had to do it in April! HUH!? =_=

*sighs* Wuwuwuwuwuwu.... ((Just ignore me))


Nov. 28th, 2005 02:23 am
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Just had a quick browse over it...

WTF is up with that umbrella95 guy? He repeats the same sentence for certain quotes, and there are some that's just... pointless to speak so to say. The feck, I've enough on my hands what the hell is wrong with that guy?

And no one is doing any banners for FET! QQ Too busy? Or because I should've made an example? Last year there was so many responses. The dead line is Tuesday, but if that's the case I may have to extend it.

Maybe I shouldn't have lashed out like that. I'm really really tired. I should go to bed. I don't want to go to that Prof. Issues class. The lecturer reads the exact same words off his powerpoint slide, nobody understands his speech because there's so many of his home lanugage brushing it off, it's boring and I may as well read it of the internet later on the day itself. And I have to get up early, just to get enough marks to pass the damn module. *sighs* Wake up, go to his class, then go and get something to eat? Go to lab to do assessment, right after assessment it's back to report. Now I don't have the 3 prototypes done since I'm not sure of the question. And the format has to be in PDF. Lucky I have it in my PC, but people would go - PDF? Feck it we don't have that software!!! OR else it's what? Hardcopy is bound and all? WTF for 8-15 pages of crap? I luv L's saying, 'He can't fail us, if we all fail then that means he's in trouble,' Oh yes he is. I wish he'll fail us all, so the course co-ordinator can go and get a new lecturer.

That's all for now...
(I've an assessment & report for tommorrow, the report is hell, I hate~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid lecturer for telling us this late. Damn, damn. Can't he change the deadline to like next week? We've only 3 more weeks, all we have left is to make a flash file of the heating system *Kill*, there should be enough time of 2 weeks for it. Bloody eejit.)
And I've a flash game to do and etc etc etc...*sighs*


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