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How have you lovely ladies & gents on my flist been doing? I hope you're all keeping well <3
Sorry for not being around that much ^^; I've been trying to put my mentally mind at ease over my short break back at home.

I think I'll start on what I did back home and then the latter of the post will be my whining against my pre-production for my masters project (worries & whines eep)

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Sorry for not replying the previous stuff, I will very soon ^^

Dunno if I'm considered as active or not (I thought I am, I hardly do illustrates much between months/years) the two fo these were finished days(/weeks?) ago.
Drew something for the usual competition failed and placed it in here:
It's got two versions, a scanner & photo one.
I wanna compare and see if the colours between them are any different and that yes, the scanner cut the top right coner part off so the drawing, which is originally straight looks crooked via the scanner. The Photo one provides proof that it missed a bit at the top corner.

The other pic is a fanart from Keroro Gunsou:
This one is definitely a photo version because the scanner couldn't pick up the blues in the feathers, the violets in the white sleeves and the greens ion the background.

Other than art, spent time with brother, went to the outlet today, didn't buy much, but I do see Chocolate eggs here and there. Many many different sizes of Lindt choco rabbits 83

It is possible that Mom may come over here on Monday. That means brother may not get rest (Mom has a bad habit of loving to occupy your free time and make you do stuff for her, she does not think it inconveniences us and that it is something that is supposed to know how to do it herself and shouldn't be that hard to do either.)
He doesn't want her to know he took his days off because mom is really annoying for the above explained reasons.
Apparently she wishes to go to Germany for a few days, she wants to take me with her and that she wants to book the tickets over here on Monday (Her sole reason to go visit Germany is to "walk and recognise the Germany airport throughout so it will convenience herself if she ever travels to HK". Um, because we live in Ireland, there are no big planes that will take us straight to HK, usually we have to connect via London Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam to go HK) Yep, she IS that sad.

To be honest, I'm not interested in adventuring throughout an Airport, I'm pretty sure there should be at least some English to guide "international people' around the place if she ever wants to make a connection to some other place. How hard can it be? All you need is time, she's always overly anxious and vents her frustrations on me if things seem to go 'a little wrong'.
She probably thinks I know German, which I don't. I am like her lifeboat or something which she plans to cling to if something bad happens. This is why I really don't want to travel to anywhere with her, it's not about whether I have something or nothing to do.
If she wants to explore places she should go on her own.

Anyway, other than that, *ROFLMAO* DINO!!!! I can see why you have the title "Bucking Horse Dino", but really, you can't live without Romario. Where is he!? 8D;
Chrome is so cute, Lambo is getting on my nerves, poor Gokudera getting the worse jobs but good enough for him that Tsuna somehow 'praised' him so he doesn't complain. (Tsuna is so cute <3)
And the shark comes mwahahaha.

I'm annoyed. I don't mind visiting Germany but I can't help to take into account that I may not like it as much since mom is taking me to it. I'll have to turn into some kind of angerless budda... God love me! *Rolls on floor*

I wuv you my flist <3
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I guess I better update the "amusing" (Or not-so-amusing) thing before I forget. Long Rants as usual.

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Hiya all! I've missed you ladies & gents *wonders if there's still any gents on her flist* for a long while <3
Hope you all had a merry xmas & happy new year =)

Firstly, I was back in Ireland on last Monday, and then back in Belfast on Tuesday. And had been trying to adjust due to the oh-so-not-wonderful jet lag (har-har) throughout the week. (I mean, waking up early & going to bed early is not bad. It's a little annoying getting sleepy around 7pm though. And also for feeling sleepy during random times, I am not up to do anything much.)

I am typing this while still having the feeling of wakeness. After this I'll probably in bed, so comments won't be made until maybe tomorrow ^^;;

Anyway, long rant starts here!
Oh, rants & new stuff from family haw-haw. )
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Still alive, in case of any of you wondering why I always do this, chat for a while and then go offline for a while 8D;

- Where to start, oh yeah the headache.
Thanks to those that were worried for me, I know I complain about it from time to time.
I did question this to my doctor before, she said it's really just muscle tension on the shoulders and it carries the pain all the way to my head. The only rememdy is to do some stretches to ease the shoulder (Which I shamelessly don't do ^^;, so it's my fault really.)
It was sore for a few days hence I've always wished my shoulder muscles have relaxed by the next day.

- Mom came on last Monday, so spent my time with her. She came up to our house so some housecleaning we had to do. The pests are still around, though I haven't seen any for a few days now. Some mature, some young! It gets on our nerves. Maybe we should've gone to B&Q again to find stronger pesticides. Although nii-chan doesn't want any strong flavour.
And then I saw Liam on Friday as well, because the first ever Apple store has opened in the victoria sqaure in Belfast in the whole Ireland (I think whole Ireland since they were all saying it... people even queued up in the night to wait for it to open, it was on the BBC website news o_O;; )

- Other stuff that occupied me was translation, playing some Devil May Cry 3 (How rash & cool Dante of the past 8D;;) still job hunting (& trying to think what is it that I really love to do, had been constantly reflecting on this, and had been thinking of working in the government departments because I don't think my family has ever tried to before in a western country. I find it amusing and fun and yes, it would be interesting to know more about such and such going on in your country because that is what I need, I'm still as clueless or not as interested in these things. It's just something that can't knock on my head easily, I'll have to approach it all the time. Shamelessly, there's a lot of terms I've heard but still don't know up to this date.)

- *coughs* Sorry for the long rant, em oh yeah, finally registered on eBay for the first time and bought my very first item (See how slow I am?) Bought the FF7 Crisis Core UK version with the so-called artbook for approx £26.50 (postage included)
At least cheaper than the £30 in (<--Windy is cheapstake 8D;; )
The voices are ok so far, I didn't play it, but my brother is though, since he never touched the JPN version before, he decided to go for this one. He still likes his Uncharted though.

- Hmm... finally.... I have been shamelessly playing an oline RPG game called 'Tales of Pirates'
Everything's so colourful & vibrant! (Windy loves exploring)
My eyes were set on this before I got my mac, they only work on Windows though ;_;
Lucky my brother let me install the program in his PC and can play.
There's another one called Flyff (Fly for Fun) that I'd like to try, since well.... the idea is you can have your character fly.... but other than that there's nothing that attracts me, maybe I'll stick to the one I have now =P

Anyway, I may not be on often since Tsuna's B-day is coming up, we've only a week left to do stuff for Tsunafish eDoujin ^^;;

I love you my gorgeous flist <3
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Going to mom's place today and won't be back until at least tuesday/wednesday. Meaning no internet hence cannot communicate during that period of time.

Keep well ladies & gentlemen ;)
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If you happen to add me as your friend, PLEASE post on my LJ otherwise I won't have a clue with who you are and I won't be able to add you back or post on your LJ.
Why? BECAUSE I DON'T know!!! I ain't notified of it!!!

Unless you don't want me to know then.... o_O

And if I happen to miss replying to other peoples posts then gomen! I'm thankful to have a gmail account, but if I do happen to miss replying then gomen...

Anyway that's that.

It's already 8:20pm, nii-san ain't back yet since mom is home late today.... hmmm.... should I go play Xenosaga or do something else?
My second brother twisted his leg again...

Oh and because I saw today, I don't need to go back home for another few weeks. Mom's ok since she saw me today, but I guess E-niichan might miss me. Me evil. Well, he got a new laptop (He asked my nii-chan to save his money up for once) and well he got it. I just hope he'll take good care of it.... it's a Sony after all ||||
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I wanna rest, and play SO MUCH~!!! T_T T_T

We recently got Xenosaga EP III. Everyone is so Kirei and Kakoii... like Miyuki says to Shion "Ooh~ you look pretty sexy~!" XD
Me wanna play... playing for 30 mins to 1 hour is not enough ;_;

I haven't touched photoshop for ages. Fireworks are killing me!!

FET Forums really is down desu...

Will be going back home this week I think. I don't really want to, everytime I go home I do nothing, or should I say there's nothing for me to do, I feel like I waste my time there.

I hope I don't mess up the work I do in the company... we've 2 designers gone at the minute (One went to S.Africa for three weeks, the one seems to be very ill) and then another designer will go on holiday next week. So we've only one designer left next week (Eep)
Plus I have lots to do this week, I hope I won't make a mistake on them.

*Rolls around* I wanted to post here last weekend, but I was so tired I slept like there's no tommorrow =_=;; (Though I admit I slep very late last week...)

I wanna draw.... I wanna draw!!!!!!!
(And post on people's comments and posts...)

*Rolls around in agony* T_T
Gawd I hate being in those depressing moody days again...
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Eh... I actually took today and tommorrow off work because I twisted my back last weekend (Sunday)...

I thought I was doing fine, but sitting is just killing my waist. (I think it's the tail part of the bone... or whatever scentific term it's meant to have.)
What was I doing? Helped mom move her stuff out of her bedroom, all was fine until my brother was in front of me, I took a turn to the left and *twist* ^^;; (Nah, not his fault, I just wasn't too careful)

I really wish I don't get injured again... last month I took days off because I have a cold, now it's because it's I twisted my back, what will be instore for me next month? *sweatdrops*
(Mom found out this morning as she phoned here thinking nii-san is still here (He's away to do some testing for his PHD) well in the end mom kinda nagged and lectured. Mother's love. And she mentioned that I look tired this weekend. That's beause I AM tired. And gawd she said she wants to come over to the restaurant next door to where I work one day. Chotto hasugashi, because it's really just right next door and people are beginning to know who I am. Plus my co-workers come to have lunch with me at too. Wu Wu. But if they come in October... maybe it'll be alright? Hmm...)

On the other hand I didn't apply for the RSOM, because I really didn't have time. Maybe next year lol...

What else... I'm trying not to sit too much all day, but standing makes me tired as well...

What I'd like to do now is finish off my translation and draw...

Lately I've been thinking of setting up a web art portfolio (AS in my own artworks) very strange idea... I never touched it since either I didn't like my webpages or the free sites doesn't like me (hehe, besides I do alot of stuff, you know me... @_@)

On the other hand I have no idea how my grant or tuition fees for this academic year are doing. I don't care any more (And I think I'm meant to enrol tommorrow or something...*plops on bed*)

Recently we've been using evaporating milk in our tea. (Usually the people here use fresh milk) it smells really good. It's luv. XD

Oh yeah, sorry if I didn't reply or post comments in minna-san's journals.
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In fact I've been thinking should I really go home. But if I don't use this 'Monday is a bank holiday and I don't need to go to work that means if I go home and I won't be that tired' chance, it'll be really tiring for me if I have to go home next week.

I haven't seen mom for 3 weeks now (Not that I mind, I can go off without seeing her for a half a year) but since she didn't phone me or anything this week maybe she'll be expecting me to come home next week. In that case I'd rather go home this weekend. However I didn't let her know I'm coming, she'll probably give out saying why I didn't tell her and all. Really mother, you always do the same to us, I'm the one that wants to complain at times.

Also, my cold got better the only problem is that my throat is still hoarse. My brother sort of got the cold off me but i think he's healing (After all he ALWAYS request for a back massage, well he did help me as well =_=;;)
Mom will give out to me again if I go in this state, but I'd really rather go this week. I really need to have a day of my own relaxation and do what I like. Bro wants to drag me to a gym and swimming, I don't want to go. I just don't like going. I don't know why, but honestly speaking I don't like going to these places with my family at all. Plus it'll be extra tired. I like to spend some time ON MY OWN. Don't they ever realize they have enough time to spend on their own, I do not on the other hand?
Since I go to work every day, Bro has lots of time on his own.
Mom and Eric loves having poeple around, but mom always gets whenever to be alone, plus she doesn't like being a lone that much.
Eric usually is left alone and he doesn't mind one bit as long as the TV works. Me on the other hand I go to work, come back and my family starts crowding around me - give me a break!!!

Anyway, I DON'T want to go anywhere on Monday, not only it's bank holiday it'll definitely be crowded. I'd rather stay at home, surf the net and draw stuff. Ireland is too cold to do anything anyway.
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I mean... I didn't see it, but when mom and Eric where back home yesterday, I was the one that opened the door and suddenly they both bursted at me saying they saw this large mouse outside our front yard.

I mean... Eric said it's like the size of his fist, then mom says it's as large as her arm, then Eric says it's white and black and Mom says it walked acros our place so calmly like an old woman/man.
I asked them if it was a cat (Since we've got two cats and two dogs in our neighbourhood) and they claimed no (Then again it was like at 00:30am at night, it's a dark ya know?)

Our neighbour next door came out and mom said he was out looking for the rat, He told her he had a fox as a pet.
I mean...WTF? Is it wild or what?
If a fox lives here it kinda makes sense seeing the large rat here. My assumption is either the rat is running away from the fox, it's slow probably because it's injured, but mom insisted it's the heat, the rat came out and is slow due to the heat.
Honestly it's not THAT hot outside, plus it was night time.

I wonder if they'll amuse me anymore tonight lol XD


May. 1st, 2006 11:30 pm
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Gomen ne, if I don't reply all your posts (This applies to all in my f-list and other LJ posts)

Right now I'm quite sick at the minute.

My B-day didn't go that well, let's just say mom and I had talks, in the end i got emotionally hurt again and at the stage I'm seriously sick of it. Niichan joked about that I looked like China's treasure (aka, Panda, it means that there's this extra black/red colour around your eyes, usually meaning you cried or you didn't get enough sleep.)
That was Saturday.

Then on Sunday, everything went ok.... until I was at niichan's place, played KH2(English version) went to bed at 2:30am. Somehow I woke up again at 4:30am, having the feelings of wanting to either vomit or go to the bathroom. In the end nothing came out, I was a little frustrated, so I went back to bed. Woke up at 6.00am again, this time actually did rush to the bathroom and vomit twice. My stomach hurts more than my throat hurts. I came to Niichan's bedroom(Since he was still playing KH2 at that time), I told him I felt much better after the vomit. Although I didn't get why I felt sick at all since there's no indication. We're guessing it may have been me being really tired emotionally all these days. So I went back to bed and woke up at 7:20am, couldn't stand it and I had to take some diarrheoa chinese medicine. Went bakc to bed and woke up at 9:30am again. I though I need to go to the bathroom again but didn't, So I went back to bed. Woke up at 10:55am, niichan was up, during that time I felt very dizzy and energyless. He claims it's because I vomited and lost all the nutrition last night. He went out to buy certain things for me, while I laid in the sofa since I didn't like lying on the bed or sitting up or anything. I was lucky he was here, otherwise I wouldn't know how I survived today o.O

In the end he drove me back here(It's a long journey) at 10pm, I don't know if I;lll make it to class tommorrow, I hope I do. It's all thanks to niichan, I wouldn't know how to get back here on my own since I knew I could faint any moment within the town and bus and all.

So, I'm sorry I didn't reply to you people. I've been ill and still am. My stomach hurts and it made my whole body hurt and extrememly tired. (Stupid stomach. Th worst part was wanting to vomit but couldn't)
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Because mom rang me at least 7 hours ago saying it's my B-day this saturday and wants to see me. Really.
(I actually forgot, I only remember assignment, placement application, presentation and driving lessons, then going up to town and then other stuff as well ^^;;)

Well, I can go back and get those DVDs for back up, my PC is SO goddamn full. You know the feeling you just don't want to delete files ya? ^^;;

It was a sudden choice, I feel bad having to cancel the driving lessons in the end. ^^;;

Good night.


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