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*Throws confetti around the floor resulting on scaring passer-bys*


6 minor/driving faults but I don't care and I am happy YESSSS!!!!! 8D

Thank you to everyone's luck that I have grabbed today, I love you guys so much you can now take them back XD *dances around like a lunatic*

Oh joy oh joy!!!! <3 <3 <3
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Failed my driving exam 8D

Had 12 minor faults and 1 serious fault (Damn you serious fault!)
He says I don't check my mirror before I brake.

Oh well.

I'm not actually that sad, more like happy to have it over and done with.
Disappointed I didn't pass but at the back of my head it screams, "You're nearly there! Only 1 serious fault 8D"

But I'll book it as soon as I can.
(Lol, I think I appear to be so nervous that the examiner even says he's not trying to catch me out here 8D)

It's odd, maybe because overall it wasn't too bad ^^;;

Thanks to everyone!


Jan. 11th, 2008 02:10 pm
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Will be praying every night 8D

I booked for one more lesson on Monday.

The driver instructor will let me drive one hour before the exam on Tuesday.

I didn't stall today. And dunno whether I was in luck today or not, I seem to have gotten through the roundabouts neatly (more like, concentrate on those still on the roundabout whether they will come across me or not, if not go, if they're behind lines, also go)

Must learn hard on combination checks (Learn how to explain rather, I suck at that >.<)

I hope it's a nice day on that day....
I will die if I failed because of my silly mistakes....

*Rolls on floor venting stress out 8D*

PS: You people (on my flist) are lovable *hugs* I apologise in advance if I suddenly grabbed your luck for that day ^^;; (If you suddenly felt unlucky on that day, I'll make it up to you ^^;; )


Jan. 11th, 2008 12:15 am
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I've replied as much as I can sorry if I left any ^^;;

Currently I'm freaking out, my driving exam is around the corner and the last day I stalled (I haven't stalled for a few weeks before that) so now my fear of stalling and rolling back the hill is coming back o_O||||

And then I have to finish thinking up of a draft for the final year project and get it filled in by 2nd feb.

And then e-frontier's service is adding fuel to my annoyed mood 8D (Applied an electronic order with them a month ago, no download link nor serial number nor did they get my payment transfered yet WTF!?)

Right now I plan to concentrate on my driving 8D *freaks out* And then there's those combinations of opening bonnets and checking this and that... (Would I get a fail if I fail to open the bonnet if I don't have enough strenght?) Never mind that but I am freaking out with my own silly mistakes, roundabouts and stalling on the roads. *Downs head*
Please lemme pass... please lemme pass T_T
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OMFG I thought I was gonna die falling back those super slanted hills! 8D

((Well, I didn't fall back in any of them, but they feel SO steep like 60 degrees up hill or something))
Maybe 60 degress is an exaggeration, but around 30~45 degrees uphill anyway I guess (Downhill is not scary, it's uphill)

Honestly, I feel safer if this was a roller coaster (At least i know I won't crash into anything behind me)
My brother would protest and say driving his car is safer than being in a roller coaster 8D

Well it's true for normal people, to me, I just think like a freak 8D


May. 18th, 2006 12:55 pm
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Failed theory test.

Not upset, but in reality pissed off ^^;;

Because I'm only ONE POINT away from the multiple-choice, ONE POINT away from the Hazard test in order to succeed so *BEEP*

*sweatdrops* Don't worry, I'm not upset or anything, kinda determined to retake it again soon XD I go to finish my assignment...


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