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I'm nearly convinced that seagulls will take over humanity one day... you walk around and they fly above you cackling like a mad evil villain plotting something.... no really, wherever I live near a port or the sea and if you can see or hear seagulls, listen to the way they 'speak'.

This morning I woke up with running tears because I dreamed about my grandfather and that somehow I was leaving him and the crying emotion just pounced on me lol. I know I was crying in the dream but didn't realise I was practically crying when I woke up.

This happened to me in the past before, sometimes I wonder if it means I miss him a lot. We weren't really close when I was younger, I guess I just thought I missed the opportunity of knowing him more when I was younger - when I was able to think that in a more mature way it was too late then.
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I have been wondering lately... why on earth do I keep getting dreams on when I was in my secondary school years?

If there's anything funny about it, it'll be the fact that it always seem to be in on a tuesday, because I kept on dreaming of a timetable schedule that always include PE (Which I hate) somehow, and I always get moments where I miss classes (Which I panick) and would probaby visit the school 2 days out of the whole five. I've always tend to miss maths & french (In a way, I don't hate those subjects, I just hate the teachers that teach me of them) in the dream too.

What's funny enough is that I knew I have already finished my degree and I dread the horror of going back to study subjects again (I don't mind learning, I just don't like exams the way I used to.)

It doesn't help that I know I panick inside my dream when I learn of the facts that I take days off from school, which I don't unless I am sick.

I'd just wish I'd stop dreaming of going back to secondary school & losing teeth. They are nightmares in a sort of way ^^;

Later then, my head hurts, I wish it would stop =_=;;


Aug. 29th, 2005 02:29 am
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OMG did anyone get to send 100 invites now in Gmail?

Seriously, I just looked at my mail and saw 100 invites. It used to be 50. (Well it started at 6, I used 3 and then it went back to 6 again, then to 50, I used one and then it went back to 50 and now it's 100!!???? O.O)

Anyway, I don't have much to say other than a dream I had last night. I've lots to rant about my family but I'll do it tommorrow. I need my bed.

About the's slightly strange. I was going to an airport and I had this big luggage with me. Next thing is I arrive at the place to get off, and somehow my luggage won't budge, I see people getting off and it appears Atobe is one of them o.O I saw his back and then the next thing was the bus went off before I got off T_T
I panicked cause I think I have to be due in for a plane. Then somehow we get to get off again and lucky I arrive at another part but of the airport. I quickly got off with my luggage this time...only to see Atobe, Ryoma and Sakuno standing near this bus station and all staring at me. Next thing is I woke up....
.....Like, WTF!!!???? (I guess it's better than having Atobe help me place back a book in the library shelf and then had him smiling at me. *Dream happened at least a year/few months ago*

Come to think of it I had dreams about airports, planes, subway etc twice~three times. O_O I wonder what it means. I still remember arriving some...asian place and one really hot asian(Japanese or Korean?) guy and his friends(guys and girls) came to gave me a tour(It was just him). It was really fun and loving all along until suddenly something or someone made me realize he's a playboy by the end of the day. His friends were sniggering at me, all I remember was getting relaly embarrassed and angry(and hurt) I decided to ignore himand work my way around this unfamiliar country by myslef. But what happend then I don't remember, I either woke up or had forgotten. It's a good material for fanfics, but seriously...that annoys me in a dream. And seriously I don't even know who that guy and those friends are either. I have never seen them in my life or met them or looked at a star/idol stuff other then Musical puri but I assure you it's not the,. this is seriously creepy... =_=;;;


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