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Firstly, this news is somewhat not 'new' news anymore, but for those that have read or watched 'Crayon Shin-chan' before, the author/managka of Crayon Shin-chan has died on Saturday, 19th September 2009 just recently:
Can you believe it? I like Crayon Shin-chan, not addicted or obsessed with it but it's fun to read. May the author Rest in peace. This tells people to not ever NOT end their series *hint*Detective Conan*hint*

I went to Bournemouth's town center the other day (Which I'll rant more about it in another post once I feel better) and found this really cute pattern made from Paperchase:
They've got other products with this pattern and it's SO bloody cute! (I especially loved the one they have of a teapot & cup for one person ^^)

I forgot to mention that I did go to the aquarium and did take pictures, will sort that out another day ^^; I also found some nice music from the aquarium by
Putting that link up there for my own reference because I wanted something like that (Didn't buy anything yet though, maybe in the future.)

Below is something I found from [ profile] rikiki_angel, who got it off this post:
Anticlockwise VS Clockwise )

Below is a recipe I accidentally found on the internet, it's taken from EP 4 (I think) of Beautiful Cooking 2:
The Unforgettable First Love recipe from Beautiful Cooking II )

That's about it for now, I hope I recover from the cold/flu soon and I hope I'll be ok for tomorrow's enrolment (In terms of sickness & registrating etc)
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Still alive because I did come down with a cold/flu (Assuming I got the dry throat around Monday/Tuesday)
Had been sick for nearly the most of last week. Was supposed to go home yesterday but didn't. Still recovering.
And mom is already eyeing my schedule to look after her 'house' next monday =_=;;
Anyway, sorry for not being able to reply much ^^; *Hates the fact you couldn't live without a box of tissue for days*

There's a NEW Beautiful Cooking 2 out from TVB (Remember the one they had back in 2006? They have a new one out this year on April 5th now, still airing.)

Here's a part from the first EP XD;
In here, just hiding it so the post remains text )

So far it seems like this video's hoster had all EPs minus the third one online.
(If any of you wanna see actual download links (though .rmvb) I can post them up here while they're still 'fresh' 8D;;)

Hope you're all keeping well =)
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In relation to the previous post:

Here are pictures of my Keiki (Cake) done with this 5 mins chocolate mug-cake recipe:

The blue big mug on the left is the one I made the cake with (It's high enough that it doesn't spill)
The one on the right is just one of my fav mugs/cups, in fact the biggest one I have so far minus the one on the left (It has nothing to do with Van Gogh, just mere coincidence and that I just want to show off one of my fav mugs 8D;;)
And the brown thingy in the front is obviously the cake 8D;;

This time I made it sweeter and added a pinch of salt (Dunno if that helps tasting the sweet part of not, I hope it did)
I'm still wondering why the texture is a bit hard, especially when you're trying to break it with a spoon/fork.
It's fine when you it eat or that it's still hot I guess, and the mixture was thick enough
Oh well, I have no complains. Feels like eating a chocolate bun ^^

I also want to present some nice songs from Breath of Fire V (5) to listen to. Bof 5 has a nice OST, too bad the concept of either the gameplay or the setting has belittled itself. Uh, just listen when you wanted to find something casual to listen to ^^;

- Basically the movie ending part 8D;;

- The ending vocal song, all Bof vocal songs are in Japanese though.

Silver Tone:
- A 'Christmas-y'? version of the Ending part.


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