Jul. 6th, 2006 01:27 pm
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I fall in love with Noboru Takatsuki-sensei's works once again!!!
OMG It's so cute! Syuri & all Chibi Hamamachi Monogatari characters!! XD XD (And Kuro and Shiro too <3)
http://www.vividcolor.jp/vc/index.html (Scroll down to see)
They've also a new CD out in August 11th!!! *Wishes for a CD download*
Midorikawa Hikaru-san banzai!!! X3

Oh! I've just noticed the horrible '1' instead of '!' in page 4 of my manga.... drats...

Now where was I? (Niichan came here to converse with me and I've forgotten what I wanna say.)

Anyway, I phoned the student loan company today as well as the uni hoping to sort out my tution fees for 2005/2006 (Which the one at fault should really be my uni) the woman said she'll get back to me later on the day but she never did!
Now I'll proabbly have to call her again tommorrow. I don't care as long as she gets it done and I don't need to worry over it.

I made a new journal [livejournal.com profile] shiratsuyu meaning 'White Dew'. This journal will serve as my translation hobby purposes, and most likely liscenced manga being translated will be friends locked. I will translate from Chinese to English. So far I've nothing posted, and I'm still fiddling with the Plus account options. I have to say while I'm thrilled with the 15 pics, I'm very unhappy about not being to find and customize the LJ layout into the way I want to. I tend to like to place the background image to a particular side and those ads tends to cover them! It breaks my heart ;_;
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In case you're wondering, [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily has started to post artworks of the BL Game Hanamachi Monogatari (Which they're still beautiful even if you didn't get them from your PC)
They've artworks that aren't in the game and have the CGS that's in the game, so now is your chance to go view them everyday. Go check them out! ^^ (If you want to know how good the artworks are, refer to my avie and you'll get an idea XD) But really do take a look at them because they're simply gorgeous and I mean it!
And the artbook is on sale in JPQueen for those interested(Gawd, personally I am, in fact I really want that book, Silver Diamond Artbook and a Marimo, but each of them are quite pricy I can't decide!)

Speaking of BL, there seems to be more new characters in the upcoming Anime for Gakuen Heaven. I'm definitely looking forward to it nfufufufu. XD


Dec. 10th, 2005 11:23 pm
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Have been trying to tamper with my LJ settings... why doesn't it work? (I'll try figuring it out later....Don't look, it's horrible at the minute! >o<)

I'm dreading the interview on Tuesday.... *sweatdrops*

Let's see, I've still a test and report for Monday. I'm gonna go and finish the last two parts of the practical excercises for Enterpreship, then either work on the report or draw those damn plugs and set up everything that's not done yet for that Damn Application module. Then, it's the report and learning for the Professional Issues exam. Also, must spare some time on the speeches for the interview.
*Looks at time* It's 11:30pm over here, but it's because I got up very late today(Around 2pm) slept for a long while because I didn't get enough sleep the past few days.

Mom rang me this morning, asking when am I back, and I need to help the shop *Dreads the bad things coming this Xmas* I hate serving the counter... ugh....why is there so many drunk people in Ireland? She complained about Niichan, money and all and everything. Remember the last time I mentioned she asked me 'You hear what he said?' when she was referring to the question on what we will do and can we support ourselves 3 years later. At that time Niichan answered 'I'll definitely be alright, I don't know about the younger two'.
It was referring to me and my E_niichan. At first I didn't understand what Mom meant, I know she mean he's selfish, but I never thought she meant he won't look after us in the future until today's conversation. To be honest, I myself have already thought to do things by myself and I know I can't depend on him that much anyway, so that didn't occur to me. Sometimes I feel that depending on him too much gives me pressure.
*Sighes* Poor mom and Eric. Poor mom. I really hope I won't mess up in this interview.

Right now I really wish to get this layout fixed, I know there's a way, there has to be one.

Pushing that aside, let's talk about something happy.

(Though it's the Jap version) too bad it takes Taiwan 2 months to translate(I don't know why this is so) 1 volume, (HK usually takes 1 month once it comes out) that means I won't be getting to see it until February or so, and when it is uploaded to aarinfantasy in Chinese. SILVER DIAMOND IS LUV! If you love Kyou Kara Maou you'll like something like Silver Diamond. They have shounen-ai hints, but this mangaka doesn't do yaoi(At least I haven;t seen any yet) so you like adventure, mysteries etc? You'll love this piece.

Second thing is I finally got to try out 24-ji Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru - Kaitou Jade BL game by Pink Clover. The artworks are quite nice (Though nothing beats VividColor's works, I meant the colouring.) and the plot is quite good IMO too. If you tried viewing the header banner I posted in the previous post (Me being agitated because I couldn't work out the damn code) that's one of the pictures from the game. You must be saying -Texudo Mask? Lol, yes and no.
Ever watched Kaito Kid before? (A work of the Same Mangaka of Meitantei Conan) Kaitou Jade would be similar, only one wears black, Kaitou Kid wears white.
The term 'Kaitou' translates literally to 'Weird Thief'. Its attributes are usually, they do not hide their faces, they dress either formally or weirdly and sometimes the stuff they steal may seem strange and unreasonable to people's eyes. Also, the methods used when stealing involves on magic tricks to real magic or supernatural powers. (Ever heard of Kaitou St.Tail or KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne? Something similar.)
There's more to the plotline than just simply having a Kaitou stealing form one school only. I personally think the story is quite good. (Also, I had a fun time guessing who was the Kaitou XD)
Someone just uploaded some CG images on yaoi Daily today:
Just beware that it's not worksafe(ie.H) and that there are spoilers.
Yes! I got this uploaded for you minna (Especially [livejournal.com profile] akina_tsukana XD):
It's in a .rar file, because I need to compress it so it won't time out on me when I upload.

I'm planning to upload 'Do Your Best', part of the Hyoutei Tenimyu towards the end, just want to show the TezukaRyoma community of the cute implications, and also the 'Do Your Best' part is one of my fav scenes, I plan to place it in the FET forums as a Xmas gift or something, just want to share how much I love this song and that the performances for it is highly awesome.
Also, I'm planning to upload the Madagascar Penguins' Christmas, it's a short 10-15min film, and our main role leaders are our cute penguins! It's hilarious to the boot. so do look out for it.

Now, I better be off, ja ne~
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(BL Haters don't come in!!! XD XD XD) )


Oct. 9th, 2005 02:37 am
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Screw this, the game I've downloaded, the second part got corrupted and the .img file won't extract properly and some CRC file as well. I'm going download it one more time and if it's still like that then it's just horrid.

(And it does appear I have to get some program to burn it into a CD =3=


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