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Stolen from [ profile] maiyeng because this BL meme helps generate new ideas! XD;

The major establish baton
The rules: Please answer Seme or Uke to your liking (characters). You can apply your favorite couplings.

I choose 6927 from KHR! (Because I'm pretty sure there's a lot of 1827 around.)

1. An employer and his follower/attendant have lived with each other for a long time. who is the employer?
In terms of Mafia family, Tsuna would be the employer and Mukuro the (missing?) follower & attendant. But other than that, Mukuro should be the employer for all and Tsuna the follower/attendant 8D For example, if Mukuro is a billionaire business man, then Tsuna could be his receptionist or even his house maid or something 8D

2. A man loses his memory from his injury whilst trying to protected his partner. Who is the man who lost memory?
Can be both. For Tsuna, who could be totally dedicated to Mukuro would do anything to protect him. As for Mukuro, unless he is a perv and in a serious relationship with Tsuna, he would not sacrifice himself XD;;

3. An enemy manipulates a man to attack his own party/allies! Who is this manipulated man?
Mukuro, even though ironically he is the one that manipulates people. So far I have not seen Tsuna being manipulated, unless you count Reborn's tutoring is as such.

4. A new teacher and a new student. Who is the teacher?
Most likely Mukuro-sensei & Tsuna-kun. (But it can also be the other way around, Mukuro could be the perv student and Tsuna the uke teacher 8D;; )

5. To meet a private citizen and a member of royalty. Who is this private citizen?
Define that term lol. Well, depending on what you mean, if royalty is higher than private citizen, then Mukuro is the private citizen, Tsuna the royalty. Or it could be vice versa and both equal. Those two can work in anyway.

6. A man protecting an injured angel (or a monster or etc.) Who is this man?
Mukuro, because only Tsuna can be the Angel! (IMO anyway, Mukuro isn't innocent enough, and the only kind of angel he'll be would be an angel that is kicked out of heaven.)

7. A college student looked after a primary student. Who is this primary student?
Mukuro, because I can imagine him misbehaving towards Tsuna XD;

8. A detective and a phantom thief. Who is this detective?
Tsuna, because the mysterious role of the Phantom thief suits Mukuro better!

9. A normal man who has not seen a ghost suddenly see a guardian spirit. Who is this (normal) man?
Tsuna, because Mukuro walks around inside people's dreams XD

10. A man picked up a wet pet in a rainy day. Who is this pet?
Mukuro, because Tsuna is already taking care of a small cow (Lambo) XD;

11. A man lost consciousness in an accident when his partner was not together. Who is this man sleeping for a long time?
Can be both because it depends on the situations.

12. Two men were lovers in their previous lives. One man has these memories, the other does not in their present lives. Who is the man to have his memories?
Mukuro, because I don't think Tsuna would be the initiative one to find his lover again, not that it's not interesting but proving quite a bit of a challenge.

13. A host and a bartender work in a shop. Who is the host?
Mukuro, because people do not know how to appreciate Tsuna's normal beauty X3

14. A man with prize money and a pothunter. Who is this pothunter?
What is a pothunter? *Looks it up* Oh I see. Mukuro then ^^

15. A condemned criminal and a prison guard. Who is this prison guard?
Poor poor Tsuna. That's because Mukuro IS already inside a prison. A water cage of some kind.

Finally, who are your five friends that you want them to answer this baton?
Not forcing this on people since I don't think you're all BL out there XD;; (And I dunno your fav pairings anyway)
Who likes it can do it, those that don't like don't need to ^^
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I guess I better update the "amusing" (Or not-so-amusing) thing before I forget. Long Rants as usual.

Yesterday night AKA Thursday morning )

Stuff related to Art )

Chinese New Year )

Trusty Bell / Eternal Sonata )

Random Rants )

BL Thoughts )
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Write and publish a yaoi novel... *sweatdrops* I know I'm very busy at the minute, but it's just that I've bought and read the first volume of the Only Ring Finger series (Which btw, it's good, but not something I'll get over worked or obsessed over of) and well, I'm having an urge to write one.

The only problem is I know my grammar and English ain't that good, so I have been refraining myself from writing anything.
But reading at the level of english they have, and if people are ok with it then....

I haven't wrote anything for a long while now, my level of volcabulary will be quite rusty o_O

I actually thought of having it take place in London, but now I want it back in Japan XD (Main reason is because of the names for the characters I have)

Maa... I'll seee anyway.... o_O

On the other hand my throat is quite sore without any reason... I do not have a cold and I slept all I can.. there shouldn't be any problem with me...
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I can't wait already!!! X3

OMG If it's out this follow month that means thh Chinese one will be out around the end of September!!! I can't wait~!!!
If Sugira-sensei ever makes an art collection book out of this I'm her 1st customer to buy it!!! XD

On the other hand, I'd like to thank those form the bottom of my heart that's been putting up with my constant whing over this whole year. Other than the fact that I was worrying about placement and mainly my family, right now I can see the scar gap between me and mom is starting to heal. (A little XD)
Hoping it'll heal completely one day.

On the other hand, anyone know any good water-proof blank ink pens that's at least thicker than .5mm?
I mean... I'm always thinking 0.5mm is not thin enough, I now have lots of thin pens but I need thick pens. The sad thing is I couldn't bring myself to buy thick pens because I hate thick fat lines for a line art.
The big fat ones will be for emphasis and border/bubble dialogue purposes.
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Is jumping non-stop. I wonder if I'm tired. Someone says which eye that jumps is either good or bad....

If everything goes well, we're gonna see Garfield today! X3

And YEs! I think I got my NI number, and I finally opened up a savings account over here! X3
Let's just say I'm glad I prayed to God and asked him to help me.

I wish I can read Japanese... because I want to read Kyou Kara Maou and Takumi-kun series NOVELS!!!! (I know for a certain that KKM novels are also available in Chinese, if I have money I'd like to buy them) but so far I can't find any Takumi-kun series novels in CHN, and the only thing they sell are the manga version (Not that I complain, in fact I think it's about volume 5 now, but I want to know more! X( )

If anyone know any place or BBS boards that even sub them, tell me~!!! (Or that they even sell them in Chinese, one day I'll save up money and buy them! X_X)

In fact... it's strange to say I'm liking/wanting to start reading Japanese BL novels.... maybe I should really start self-learning it one day...
Talk about novels, I have 2 Saiyuki novels, they're original works of Minekura Kazuya-sensei but they're typed and also made up by another author that works for her.
Speaking of which that also reminds me that a few months back in January they had Full Metal Alchemist novels too...

Ah but, I really want to read Takumi-kun series and Kyou Kara Maou~!! X.X

In fact, if there's one day anyone that's gonna type something BL up I'm willing to draw for them lol! XD

(Speaking of BL, I've a plot in mind, I wonder when I'm gonna make it has to be in a manga since I prefer getting it illustrated...)
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Yay Yay ♥!!!

I'm loving it even more, that mother of Narushige doesn't want anything but to actually destroy her clan!
And poor Touji! He's so naiive and cute!! (The omake had me laughing really hard, for Chigusa was being over-calculative and managed to put him and Rakan together in bath(Usually it's Narushige and Rakan, Chigusa and Touji)

While I'm happy about it (Can't get over it yet) I've moved out of the campus around a week ago. Currently I can't touch Photoshop since my PC is not connected (I'm using my bro's laptop) That means all wallpapers, icons, graphics etc will be delayed (Did I mention this before?)

I bought a 320GB external hardrive ♥ Now I'll have more space, am happy, since my internal 160GB one is busted. No, really. I can't wait to copy all the stuff to that drive and make it like a back-up data.

On the other hand, I'm still trying to find a placement. I'm having my downs at the minute, my wonderful Uni decided to send me a letter saying I didn't pay their lecture fees (Which I do recall there was a hassle on the provisional and official forms I got this year, but I swear I did leave the official form in.)
Now I'll have to pray I have that form scanned in my PC, if I didn't then I don't remember if I did receive the form or not (I was possitive I handed it to them)
I never got a receipt back for the official one, so you can say I'm quite pissed off at the minute. Gawd I hate summer (No, I actually hate vacation, the real vacation for me is when I'm studying or working for another place outside of my home)

Things just doesn't go well for me. I wonder where my luck went? (Must have spent it all praying for silver diamond, ouran highschool host club, viewfinder, GDefend, and finally got that Hanamachi Monogatari Then again I rarely have luck at all...

Niichan said he think he claimed he met one of a classmate of mine back in primary school.... not that I really mind, since honestly speaking I hated primary school. I wonder how I ended up in such an insensitive class and it felt like a battle ground back then lol.
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I shouldn't be doing this, but I just want to get away from everything for a while.

Firstly, an Anime's gonna be out for Gakuen Heaven!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! It'll be aired on April 1st. As we know it's an April Fool's day, I personally hope it's not a joke. See for more info.

And as for Breath of Fire, YES!!!! For the first time in my life I bet those two Frustrating Duos!!! (For those that did play this before, remember those two horse/unicorn like guys that burnt down your house, kidnapped Ryu for they found out he's a dragon, then decided to kidnap Nina for she's worth a lot of money for being a princess and then they decided to capture Ryu again - those two frustrating duos?)
Yes them, now remember there was a point in the game that they kidnapped Nina, and while the game never specified you must win them or you needing game over, you can always beat them. I remember playing BoFIII twice in PS1, this would be my third time in PSP. And I never got to beat them since I couldn't find a way to let Ryu stay alive. But now I get it, the key is to have Ryu have a long HP, and keep transforming into a dragon, never attack Nina, and if you get an EX turn, change back to human form! Ha! I got those Frustrating duos this time and they fled. Way hay (And Nina was clever to escape from them after she woke up from the hit too.)

Ryu and Nina are both cute. can't wait till I get Momo too X3
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Did I mention it was snowing? Well it still is and it's frigging March for christ's sake! ^^;;

Anyway, can anyone recommend some nice Chinese songs that have a pop-like yet eastern/Chinese traditional music? (It doesn't matter if it's Mandarin or Cantonese.)

I have been listening to these two songs and I sorta got addicted a little to the Chinese instruments lol. These songs were copied off my elder brother's music disc and I have no idea what they were called since I never checked the track name. I only know a few of the songs.

Here's two:
This one above is from a HK Tv drama (金枝慾孽) it's about King's Queen & mistresses and other servants/slaves/soldiers fighting each other inside the palace inorder to get fame, recognition and power from the King in order to survive. You may think - Wow I got elected to be a mistress/princess cool~ WRONG! Honestly speaking in the olden days, it could be worse than being in a prison cell than being in a palace(If you're not cunning enough.)
While the story is imaginary, it's a true fact within the culture, so for those that's interested in the chinese culture, this can be something you can learn about.
Uh, I don't have an idea of what this is, all I know is that the melody's quite directed towards more on the chinese side but I like it, the man choir and teh kids choir in the background sounds cool!

And here's another one from the CD but not the same style:
It's something else I really like =)

In fact, can someone give me feed back on the above songs? (This doesn't apply to people that speak cantonese but you can do it if you like.) The thing is, if you know mandarin and don't know cantonese, which sounds better to hear? I had a chinese friend over here, where I told her I find Mandarin to be less agressive in tone and sounds more harmonic, while she thinks Cantonese sounds better than Mandarin.
Even if you don't know both languages, I'm still interested to hear what you think of the tone ^^

PS: And if someone knows, do tell me the track title for them?


Noticed an interesting thing in the [ profile] yamane_ayano community. Click on it, and look at the title bar once it appears. You can see the extra 'BL' goodness in one of the spelling mistakes. I just spotted it today. Interesting lol.

And ViewFinder(Naked Truth) Ch7 is finally out! (Yay!) I find Tabaka-kun being much much cuter than before for some odd reason lol.
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Man, I totally fell worship with you(& your work) all over again.

Just saw the 'Gun Mania' Doujinshi Yamane-sensei grew, and my favourite panel was the one that Rinoa(Wearing a face mask too) got slashed into the air by Squall so far far away. (You'll have to read the whole DJ to know what I mean. Alright not the whole but the middle part.)

In case you're wondering, I'm a Rinoa-hater. I've never understood why people love her when they hate Aerith, while they complain Aerith is flirty and act childish. Well you MORONS, Rinoa is 10 times much more flirty, immature and childish than Aerith is. SO SUCK FOR YOU!!! # # #
*Shakes her head wondering why idiots don't see this sort of reasoning within it*

And IMO Garnet is way prettier than Rinoa. XP

*Throws confettei on air and does a FF pose* I LUV YOU SENSEI SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, I've been meaning to mention this site but it's been a while I thought it would've gone done, appears it didn't.
Bascially it's about this Chinese guy(Unless you have prove saying he's a Japanese or Korean etc etc) who has a pile of photos based all on his emotions and they're just simpliy hilarious! It's definitely something worth taking a look at when you're down.
And for those live in the USA, you may or may not be familar with the site ^^
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I believe I've mentioned this Japanese icon site beofre, but I felt like mentioning it again because the asrtist had quite an update:

Kyou Kara Maou is the 4th last one of those words on the left. And there's Lots and I mean lots of cute ConYuu.

Other fandoms are: Tenipuri, Full Metal Alchemist, Mr.Full Swing (I think), Whistle!, Naruto, Gakuen Heaven, uhh this one is the recent new 'Togani no Chi' one I think, Others[Bleach, Loveless, Hanamachi Monogatari, SILVER DIAMOND, etc), seasons and other crack pairings XD
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I'm wondering if I should go to bro's place tommorrow or not.

The only problem is that I don't have my website done. The annoying thing is that I HAVE TO have it handed in on Monday before 12pm. Maybe shouldn't have planned to go home this weekend.

I don't know if mom wants me back on friday or Saturday. (We did have a talk that I could/should go home early but I don't know. I'm actually paranoid about going to her or bro's place anymore.)

And I won't be able to do much if I'm at bro's place (I can 100% guarantee I'll be playing KH2 in his place ^^;; )

Uh I dunno. Or maybe I should say I don't know what style I want to redo my site in. I just spent the whole Monday redoing my website:
I made it plain, so it'll be simple for me and others to use. He never said it's not professional or bad or anything, he said he just wants a redesign. And the bad thing is I don't know if the one I plan for is good or not.
I also don't really want to use any more images as my uni storage is full (Probably because of the level 0's work included as well.)

Anyway, other than that......
I don't know, have tried but will never know how to use IRC, so I'll never be able to get it!!! *cries*
((Who invented IRC anyway!? #))

Anyway ta for now.
(I didn't even call my bro yet. If I suddenly tell him I'm coming tommorrow night he'll probably lash out |||)


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