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It started off with a lovely v-gift from [ profile] maiyeng, and then greetings from [ profile] nelly01 and even text message from [ profile] elenniel - my I have to say it was a surprise!

Thank you to those that wished me b-day greetings! My brother also phoned me too.

Those that forgot don't worry about it, I know you're all busy and I've been through that too ;)

I luv you my flist!!! <3 <3 <3


Apr. 29th, 2007 08:04 pm
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My birthday is coming to an end today. Officially 21, heheh.

Didn't do much or celebrate much. Still traces of being traumatised from the one of last year but I have to say I'm glad of growing out of it.

My bosses forgot to send me an email telling me I had a day off for it lol (I asked other staff and they say I definitely have a day off on Monday, plus the fact the boss had me down for being off tommorrow, so if I happen not to have a day off tommorrow, it's not my fault they have it on the holiday list! XD)

What surprised me the most was that the staff give me a birthday cake (& gift) on Friday.

At lunch next door the person that works there suddenly asked me was it my 21st birthday today(Friday). I said it was on a Sunday(today), noticing the staff has tiny bit of strange glances, I just shrugged it off thinking they just told her.
And around 2:30pm I was on the phone talking to the client, and thought it was strange with the fact the staff sitting next to me was having strange expressions on his face, I thought he was worried for me that the client was being a handful or something.
Once I had the phone down and was about to send an email, somebody called me, I thought it was work and turned around, seeing this big b-day cake and has candles already lit lol!!
Lol, I couldn't believe I didn't notice since I sit next to the door (That's where they came in with the cake) I'm too engrossed with my work XD
They sang the B-day song (I feel embarrased & delighted that's all) gimme a card & a toy plush with the 21st key and the toy is the sad depressing donkey/pony from Winnie the Pooh and had Canadian money in it.
I was actually shaking with delight, we shared the cake (It's massive(Well, kinda like an A4 sheet size and hard for me to bring it back home so I give them as much cake as possible.)
The staff told me they were so gonna kill the person next door if she happens to spill the surprise (Thank God she didn't lol) and they told me they had to wait for around 5 mins for me to finish up the phone call, so the candle wax kinda melted onto the icing.
I don't need a big celebration, something like this will make me really happy, I'm delighted with them and really appreciated it (Even though I think my reaction didn't show that much so I kept saying Thank you whenever I can ^^;; ) it's one of my delighted moments for my 21st. (Apparently because not many people would remember my B-day since it's always the end of April and awkwardly a day earlier of the last day.)

Another one is that my mother called yesterday (Well, she called on Friday night but I was asleep) and congratulated me for being 21. I'm highly delighted with the fact she remembered my birthday lol.

My eldest brother is quite busy (Since it's the last few days for his PhD thesis) but he still bought me something - an onigiri mold XD I'm happy with the gift (He doesn't have a job and doesn't have much income) so I'm still delighted with it. He kept saying he's sorry he can't celebrate it with me and that he could get the high budget stuff I want. I told him to make it up to me someday knowing he's busy and all lol. (I'll feel guilty if he goes and buys me something expensive now knowing he's having low on income.)

Oh, and for the those wondering about the Canadian money, I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in my journal in the past, but I'm going to Vancouver on June 1st 2007. Yep, I didn't want to mention it back in March since I dunno if mom suddenly wants to change her plan or not. It's definitely decided (I hope) that we're going Canada. My mom's sad reason for going is that she wants to know how the Chinese people live in there (More like, what career do they mostly survive on etc) Myself on the other hand wants to go see the Niagara Falls, so I will take lots of pictures if I can ^^

Personally I'm sorry with the fact I haven't been keeping up with other people's b-days this year. Last year's experience just totally put me off with everything and I didn't think much hopeful things. I'll try and pull myself together and remember minna-san's b-day now =)

Stumbled across this (imo) hilarious FF thing if in real life:
Sadly it's kind of blurry, but funny to me all the way. You do notice the music form Chrono Cross and FFs 5 all the way to 9 don't you ;)
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To [ profile] heavengel

Just realized there now while eating breakfast. Your pic will come soon =)

Happy Birthday!

(On the other hand me very busy @_@)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] nicky87 !!!!!! X3

May you have a wonderful B-day and get lots of pressies and happiness!!!

*Hugs* *Throws confetti* X3


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