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Some quick rants.

Drew art for comp again 8D:

I know I shouldn't be doing it... but pressure came and I really wanted to draw & colour.
That pic took me around 2~4 hrs, and I did it without stopping at all last night. (If only such motivation, concentration and determination would dawn on me like that for my studies...)

Vending machine.
There is a vending machine in the common room beside the campus office.
I have been seriously lucky with it this whole year.
I managed to get an extra one 2~3 times when I try to select something.
And today, I got 3 for the price of one. But, I decided to just take the single one out this time. Because it's not fair, I've been getting an extra one in the last few times and this is seriously not good o_o;;;
(Another thing is they have cameras set up so I was like, let's be a good person in terms of humanity this time ^^;;)
So yeah, it's left inside the vending machine, whoever gets to it first will have two freebies.... 8D;;

Must study.
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Lol I knew I didn't win it, but oh well, I got to come up with new characters and a story, so thanks to Mamoo for that lol!

The winner is announced in their forums at page 5. I'll congratulate and take off my pics later =)

Nice design that person has I have to say, definitely something anyone wouldn't be ashaned of wearing lol XD
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Lol! *ROFLMOA on her own artwork*

I came across this site once again (I used to love this site very much) and they still have my very old Artwork in here:

I think I went by the name of W.Hurrice at that time. I remember having art in Breath of Fire III & IV, Chrono Cross, Golden Sun, Legend of Zelda, Threads of Fate, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX & FFX. Don't remember if there's anymore. I was around 13 or 14 or so back then.

Now that I think about it I did a lot of art and poses, which all look pretty random & freedom wise o_O XD
And someone used to say it was Chibi... now that I look back at it, yes it is T_T

This is one of my favourites, I don't remember where I had the idea of the pose from (KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne?) but uh, if I have to redo it for crack I probably will lol!

And this one is my most faved of Aerith I think.

Look back at this I had to say I did improve. At least my art isn't as chibi as it used to be. ...I think.

I'm Hyper and I should be in bed. I have time for art tomorrow yeah! (Bank Holiday for Saturday's St. Patrick Day.)


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