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Firstly, it seems like I haven't updated much after "His reply" (I'll get on it asap, even though I really should but I'm too tired to deal with him atm) well, let's just say this week (day/end) happens to be the Easter week, brother is off work so I've been spending more time with him and people from the church.

So yeah, I'm still alive and well, and I hope you all are too (My lovely flist)

Secondly, for those that have wondered why I created this in my deviantart:
Let's just say some random guy came up and asked me to draw it for him after seeing my Nazca picture.
You may or may not have noticed the person asking many people to help him draw such a picture.
I drew it for a challenge and I'm sure most of you sensible enough can guess that the guy basically wants this picture drawn because it 'turns him on'. (Why do I attract such people?)
Then he said someone wanted a commission like that off me (I refused, because I was sick of drawing a similar themed picture, I also don't have experience on the commission side which i should really try touching it.) and someone else came over asking me if I could make a modify version of it with a seat-belt.
I didn't do anything since I was bored with it. So if he ever comes up to your door and asks you for a favour, you'll know what to expect ^^;

Thirdly my internet has been a bit crap lately, or maybe it's just really crap today.

Oh yeah, did I mention my mother decided not to go to Germany and that I won't need to go with her? Well, she decided that she wants to go to cardiff to visit one of her gazillion friends (She always claims she has many friends so I can't really say I know any of them)

Because of the holidays, brother and I have been playing Gundam Musou 2 quite a bit more. I have to say not seeing Garrod from Gundam X being a part of it is a disappointment. In fact, so far I find that there really isn't much stories with the "Mission modes"(the mode where all people jumble together). In terms of actual stories with actual endings (I think it's because so far I have not seen a proper ending with mission modes) "Official Modes" does have stories with actual endings, though they only revolve around "Gundam - The one year war", "Z Gundam", "ZZ Gundam" & "Char's Counterattack". Not that I complain since this time it's more interesting than the last ones.
For those that want to know they have the above previously mentioned gundam series, then there's G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam (Which had been in the first game too), the new ones are Gundam F91, Gundam V, Gundam Seed & Destiny (or just Destiny).
The only amusing thing so far is that I have completed Turn A Gundam's story (I think, because each one of them has 5 stages) and that I get to see the main male character Loran, crossdress (This actually happens in the anime, where he's not really doing it because he wants to but because the hentai man wanted him to crossdress to hide his identity. I think he agrees because Loran gets to see his admirable Queen Diana of the Moonrace.)
Loran Cehack: (I'm not sure if it's Rolan or Loran really)
I have to say whoever designed the dress is great, because it manages to hide areas where it should point out that Loran's a male, look at the shoulders for example.

Skip Beat.
In relation to the newest chapter, I wonder if that Phone call was actually from Shoutarou? (Because if Ren actually heard his name being called by Kyoko, I really don't think he's immature enough to switch the phone off. Maybe Shoutarou is shocked or mad that Ren is the first that came into Kyoko's mind?) And the guy from Beagle Vie Ghoul is so hilarious lol.

Full Metal Alchemist.
Anime. There's a new Anime out! This time the storyboards style look more like the one in manga. I suspect they've changed most of the Seiyuus for most characters. I'm just glad they didn't change Edward's.
Manga. How cool of Riza. (With her guns and all) and that "When we're alone, the Colonel always call me Riza" comment is a brilliant tactic.

One Piece.
It makes me wonder, is there any proof that Ace is really Luffy's brother related by blood?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
She knows! Kyoko-chan finally knows! Tsuna & Kyoko together are SO cute <3
And Bianchi is such a schemer XD;; (Being good for once)

Yugiph GX (Anime)
Currently a bit addicted to it. I love stories! And Juudai is so cute! <3 (<-- I guess it's official that I like cute stuff)

Chrono Trigger
Is about to battle with Queen Zeal in Black Omen. And then will have to look up faqs for the new dungeons. But will only play if I have free time.

I have a funny feeling I'm coming up with a cold.... maybe due to being out and about frequently these few days/weeks. I just hope I don't get sick, I have been feeling tired but it's nothing major, hopefully it'll go away.

Love you all! *Sends hearts around the place resulting on scaring people off* ^^;

EDIT: I knew there was one more fandom I forgot!
Anyone read the NEO POT yet? I wonder if I'm able to pick up the series again because of this. I just have to say I love the TezuRyo moments. And what's with that guy saying Ochibi-chan is cute? o_O;; (Although, Ochibi-chan IS cute.)
Oh yeah, ochibi-chan is so cute with glasses on. I wonder where he got it from though? Doesn't strike me as the type to study hard like Buchou does and hence getting glasses in that manner.

I feel so bad for not keeping up with flists' journals!
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Sorry for not replying the previous stuff, I will very soon ^^

Dunno if I'm considered as active or not (I thought I am, I hardly do illustrates much between months/years) the two fo these were finished days(/weeks?) ago.
Drew something for the usual competition failed and placed it in here:
It's got two versions, a scanner & photo one.
I wanna compare and see if the colours between them are any different and that yes, the scanner cut the top right coner part off so the drawing, which is originally straight looks crooked via the scanner. The Photo one provides proof that it missed a bit at the top corner.

The other pic is a fanart from Keroro Gunsou:
This one is definitely a photo version because the scanner couldn't pick up the blues in the feathers, the violets in the white sleeves and the greens ion the background.

Other than art, spent time with brother, went to the outlet today, didn't buy much, but I do see Chocolate eggs here and there. Many many different sizes of Lindt choco rabbits 83

It is possible that Mom may come over here on Monday. That means brother may not get rest (Mom has a bad habit of loving to occupy your free time and make you do stuff for her, she does not think it inconveniences us and that it is something that is supposed to know how to do it herself and shouldn't be that hard to do either.)
He doesn't want her to know he took his days off because mom is really annoying for the above explained reasons.
Apparently she wishes to go to Germany for a few days, she wants to take me with her and that she wants to book the tickets over here on Monday (Her sole reason to go visit Germany is to "walk and recognise the Germany airport throughout so it will convenience herself if she ever travels to HK". Um, because we live in Ireland, there are no big planes that will take us straight to HK, usually we have to connect via London Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam to go HK) Yep, she IS that sad.

To be honest, I'm not interested in adventuring throughout an Airport, I'm pretty sure there should be at least some English to guide "international people' around the place if she ever wants to make a connection to some other place. How hard can it be? All you need is time, she's always overly anxious and vents her frustrations on me if things seem to go 'a little wrong'.
She probably thinks I know German, which I don't. I am like her lifeboat or something which she plans to cling to if something bad happens. This is why I really don't want to travel to anywhere with her, it's not about whether I have something or nothing to do.
If she wants to explore places she should go on her own.

Anyway, other than that, *ROFLMAO* DINO!!!! I can see why you have the title "Bucking Horse Dino", but really, you can't live without Romario. Where is he!? 8D;
Chrome is so cute, Lambo is getting on my nerves, poor Gokudera getting the worse jobs but good enough for him that Tsuna somehow 'praised' him so he doesn't complain. (Tsuna is so cute <3)
And the shark comes mwahahaha.

I'm annoyed. I don't mind visiting Germany but I can't help to take into account that I may not like it as much since mom is taking me to it. I'll have to turn into some kind of angerless budda... God love me! *Rolls on floor*

I wuv you my flist <3
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OH it finally snowed over here! Well, a bit, and then by the late afternoon all snow melted. I wonder if there'll be any snow tomorrow?

I know this is late since I intended to have it done during the chinese new year but oh well. (And yes I am aware of all the mistakes, as I have mentioned in the deviation - I HATE my scanner!)

I wonder if I've had enough of traditional colouring. I should really go back practicing CG now, since I really hate my scaner o_O;;

Hmmm I can't think of what to talk about for now, but uh, yeah, I've been liking this song for a while ever since I finally watched the Musha Keroro Bonus from Keroro Movie 03:
I think it's supposed to be some sort of song for doing aerobics, but anyway, if you like the song I have it and can upload it ;)
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Anyone seen this before? (Very image heavy)

Had been doing research for the art side (Why does it sound like the 'dark side'? =_=;; ) and remembered about the above deviation. I remembered the person up there wanted to get that piece published as a children's book but he got rejected a number of times.

Curiousity kills me, maybe the publisher is looking at a point of view on the piece on how much they'll earn rather than whether it's suitable for kids or not?
Or because they did look at it in terms of suitable/educational viewpoint, there's some sort of death theme in it, unhappy things, is that why they don't want to publish it?

Not everything in the world is forever fairytale, if there are, there wouldn't be so many negative things out there. Children will come to realise it along the way - heck they probably even knew if one of their parents are already dead, having affairs, irresponsible to the famiy etc etc.

I think this sort of book is a good influence to tell kids to be strong, it's ok to cry at times and to care for others.

Unless the artwork doesn't look appealing but that depends on the point of view of the reader.

There has got to be a reason why publishers don't sell them, what exactly?

(Then again, JK Rowling had to go to a no. of them and only one decided to publish it. Does that mean most publishers are stupid to recognise the potential/content of a piece of work?)
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This is one of the most beautiful design of a papou fruit phone charm I have ever seen... would that be described as satin or pearl in terms of coating? (Doesn't look like gloss to me)

Have been browsing tutorials for making charms...

I have to stop browsing them because it'll only make me frown more. (Someday I wish to own my own house and have an oven and I can do what I like with it then.)
Such a far away dream 8D
(Making things at Mom's place is a no-no because not only she'll freak out with the mess, doesn't appreciate her oven to be used this way and would consider you to be doing nothing even though you are doing something.)
(Making things at bro's place is possible yet not entirely, his place is already a mess, never constantly tidy, and I always have fear of blowing up something else's oven.)

Clay Craft(And other sorts of craft) is fun, my brother said he hates clay (Well he's never good at art).
The more I look at those clay pieces the more I wanna go and try them 8D
(And then there was the time I got in the mood of making things with felt, I still want to if stuff in here ain't so limited.)
Then there's the glass making, holy christ I'm so screwed with wanting to try things out 8D Senior highschool isn't about experiementing but practicing, I wish there were more craft classes or activities in here (They have those in HK, I envy!!!)
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Types of inks:
I use no.3 for balc and no.2 for white.

But is waterproof easy to handle than non waterproof? Which one works smoother?
I still don't quite get use to the pens even though I've used them for a while now but I nearly do everything with a maru(spoon) pen. Is that good or bad?

Types of paper:
I SO want to try the Kent paper out. But it's so expensive!
Properly speaking I want to try them all to know which one is best for me. So that I'll know whether I'm just dump or not o_O
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Like I've said before I got the two books off =P Type in manga shakespeare and you'll find it.

Reading through it, while I don't agree with the fact from the academic literature side that the manga doesn't give a good view on shakespeare's works, I can understand that the illustrators can do better than this to bring out the feel of shakespeare's plays. Keep in mind I haven't seen shakespeare's plays before, not that I don't want to but the educational system that I had doesn't enable me to study it.

Also, I may not be such a good artist either but reading so many manga and some doujinshi, it helps you spot out mistakes easily.

Romeo & Juliet )

Hamlet )

Oh yeah, I never knew Shakespeare had varied names and that people aren't even sure if he's called Shakespeare. Now that's one fact I didn't know O_O
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Artworks to you all! ♥
(Other than heavengel's is to be locked, just in case.)

Artwork for [ profile] devel_icious - Sanada from POT

Artwork for [ profile] yadh_morwgh - Mizuno Ami from Sailormoon

Artwork for [ profile] heavengel -TezukaxFuji from POT (WARNING! YAOI!!! Enter at own risk!!)

Artwork for [ profile] bogswallop - His own charcaters (I'm doing this only this time, I mean it!)

Artwork for [ profile] rainedrops - Vincent & Lucrecia from FFVII

Artwork for [ profile] elenniel - Kyouya from Ouran

Artwork for [ profile] arccie - ConradxYuuri from KKM

Artwork for [ profile] kioyuki - Ryoma & Karupin from POT
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Artwork for [ profile] kioyuki - Ryoma & Karupin from POT

Rmeow )
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Artwork for [ profile] arccie - ConradxYuuri from KKM

Read more... )
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Artwork for [ profile] elenniel - Kyouya from Ouran

Kyouya!!! )
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Artwork for [ profile] rainedrops - Vincent & Lucrecia from FFVII

Hmm... )
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Artwork for [ profile] bogswallop - His own charcaters (I'm doing this only this time, I mean it!)

Click click! )
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Artwork for [ profile] yadh_morwgh - Mizuno Ami from Sailormoon

Mizuno Ami... )
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Artwork for [ profile] devel_icious - Sanada from POT

First on the list... )
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Got inspired by [ profile] rainedrops and [ profile] elenniel

Well, it's just an excuse to drive me to draw something and improve my artworks.
Basically, people can request artworks from me, but it'll be rough sketches or b&w art only (Since I don't have time to colour them anyway ^^;; plus originally it's meant to be a fine art.)

- Request a drawing of One or ONE pair of character(s). I'll put this list of anime I can do later.
- I can only take 10 requests so first come first served.
- You'll have to be on my friends list, mainly because if you're a random person I don't know who you are.
- Remember I can only do rough sketches or in B&W (I'll try this one for most anyway)
- One sketch for ONE person only. (Well this depends if no one else requests)
- The following anime/manga/games of characters that I know of to draw:
Viewfinder, Silver Diamond, Kyou Kara Maou, Keroro Gunsou, Prince of Tennis, Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru, Final Fantasy VII (7), FF6, FF9, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Xenosaga I & II & III, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Skip Beat, Breath of Fire III, Dewprism, Hanamachi Monogatari, Koori no Mamono no Monogatari, Gakuen Heaven, Zelda series, Wild Half, +Anima, Sailormoon(hahaha, no really, I haven't touched this for years), Chrono Cross (wow I'm killing myself here x_X)

Note: They have this other condition that if you request an art from me you're meant to start this kinda post too. But well, I won't past this on, so anyone can request, whether you wanna do it or not is entirely up to you. And very originally I think it was meant to be that either I do a fic or a fineart. But since I don't have time, B&W drawings is the only thing I can do. Well, later nya!

With that said, I'll come back later or tommorrow to respond previous chats, my press if finally... half up... I'm cleaning the room since there's no space at all.


PS: My art may not be as that good, that's why I need to hone it ^^;;
Oh yeah, you can request a pairing, hetero or BL, I've changed the ONE character to either ONE or ONE PAIR.


1) [ profile] devel_icious - Sanada from POT
2) [ profile] yadh_morwgh - Ami from Sailormoon
3) [ profile] heavengel - TezukaxFuji from POT
4) [ profile] bogswallop - His own charcaters (I'm doing this only this time, I mean it!)
5) [ profile] rainedrops - Vincent & Lucrecia from FFVII
6) [ profile] elenniel - Kyouya from Ouran
7) [ profile] arccie - ConradxYuuri from KKM
8) [ profile] kioyuki - Ryoma & Karupin from POT

I hav 2 slots left =D


Oct. 17th, 2006 09:45 pm
windyhurrice: (Default) eyes seems like there's no enough liquid in them... my head HURTS.

I guess I didn't have enough sleep, I'll have to turn in early today otherwise I won't last for long @_@

Hmmm... other than that.... *thinks* I hope I'm doing the interactive map steps correctly...

Oh! I finally received the certificate for doing my flash animation back in August. Took them long enough...
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I felt like I haven't touched Photoshop for ages... no really...

Anyway my newest art... I'm glad I'm even able to finish it heheh....(Took me around 18 hours? I'm amazed at my own patience for once.)
It's based off the bl game Hanamachi Monogatari, but don't worry my work is quite worksafe XD
Click on the pic to zoom in if you's around 700+kb size...

The original PSD version I used is around 46MB or something... I sure am killimg my PS7 and PC o_O

And then it's 3:00am over here me very bad, must go to sleep. Will comment tommorrow...
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I mean...whoa... if [ profile] koyar never told me this I'd never know someone managed to sneak posting my POT 4KOMA art in another forum without my permission as well as using my photobucket account bandwidth: (Must be viewed in Firefox)

Scroll down and you should see a button that's something like '4Koma Rikkaidai' and Koyar's one is the Tezuka vs Inui juice(She got robbed more than I do, I only got robbed one, she got robbed several o_O)

Does anyone know what language is this in? Spanish? Italian? It most certainly doesn't look French, German nor Irish to me.
If you do, do you know what they're saying? (I'll kill them if they claim my work as theirs!)

Like whoa... why would someone steal/post my art without permission? (They're not exactly that great but still...)
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I'm feeling giddy again, I wonder WTF is wrong iwth me. *Thinks* It can't be because of the lucozade can it? They do say there's such a thing as High on sugar, but I never understood where the logic came from....

Anyway, my main intention was this:

You can say this is where my actual net name 'Windy' came from. It was a character I've created many many years ago, while I always do sketches of this girl here, I never got to draw her properly. Somehow I just went high yesterday and drew her (With sort of near perfection for once lol)
You can say I took her name for Granted and it just became my name online forever even until now XD
I don't know if she looks 'Windy' in anyway, but her costume was actually upgraded a few times, I think this is the um....3 costume? I was quite happy with the design so I stuck with it now... I guess.

Anyway, I really have an urge to draw Princess Princess characters and Even Ito Keita from Gakuen Heaven, Also characters of Ouran High school Host club(Finally got to see the anime, I LOVE it! It's as hilarious as the manga is, probably more funnier and I just love it to bits. Finally something shoujo I can enjoy XD)

Have to go to a friend's place tommorrow for assignment. Told my brother about that, he warned me about 'You're friend's a guy, even if he has a girlfriend and so doesn't mean you can't be not careful, there's such a thing called chloro/chlorine in world, you know what it does right?'
*sweatdrops* I wasn't scared but now I am. Then again I've other friends coming, it can't be that bad can it? L's not such a person you know... He's got a gf and his mom's probably gonna be there ^^;;
....*Seeks assurance from you guys*

Ahem... there was something else but I forgot, since Niichan rang me again just there. I'll take leave for now.


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