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See link for pictures.

This is a very old anime that I watched when I was a kid. It's broadcasted in HK, where the final ending was of an OVA (Which means we never got to see the ending) whoever that company made this didn't have a money towards the end I heard.
I loved this honestly.

So anyway, trying to figure out HOW to get this song:

I'm not sure if this song was the original to the anime or something made up by the HK broadcasters (Since back then I heard they've been putting songs they made up in there instead of the original version. At least it sounds good I guess)
Loved this song when they run scenes from the anime, so was trying to find this song to download.
I hate mac, can't install .exe files 8D

If anyone has that song or know where I can find it, lemme know?

My connection has been broken yesterday all day, today it went crazy and didn't break. Let's see, it'll probably break once I posted this entry XD

PS: Um, it's upposed to be just the song, so you won't see anything physical really ^^;;
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I know I haven't commented this whole weekdays... gomen!

I've just spent like 2 hrs to read and go through my emails and LJs heh XP

I've started on the sketches, it'll probably take a little while.

Xenosaga!!! I'm at the point where I'm on Mictam, just fought Voyager - Canaan is gone! Canaan is gone! NO~!!!!!!!!! Damn voyager making Ziggy and Canaan Suffer - DIE!!!! (Oh wait, he already did.)
I only play this in weekends though.

Let's see, I've sketches to do, translations, gotta have to take a shower later(right after this post), do laundry, put dishes in dish washer to wash, clear the kitchen...etc...
My press is finally complete. I hope I can clear the room.

Manga I currently read - Skip beat and Ouran.
Well Skip beat, at first you can say the reason for doing that is really childish - It's about a 16 year old girl that worked to her heart's content for the guy she loved, her 'boyfriend' is a well-known singer, they both came from the countryside and now lives in Tokyo, and the main character named as Kyouko is doing a lot of part time work just to keep the rent fees payable. One day she found out that her boyfriend sees her nothing more than a maid, commenst that she doesn't dress herself, and is a person that doesn't make him feel like she's a woman/have no sex appeal.
I thought she was gonna cry at first - and that's where this following event give me an interest. Instead of crying like most girls usually would, she instead became angry and laughed like a witch and all - you see these little evil spirits coming out from her subconscious or something and attacking the guy that she once loved and his mangaer XD - because of this, she vows to have revenge on that guy by going into the acting industry (It really should have been the singing one, but before she knows it she became an actor.
Unlike the shoujo main characters, while this one seems to have a sad/dark past, this girl is a rather strong person, and that's what I like about her, thus the story is hilarious and very interesting. I definitely recommend it.

Ouran is still as interesting, but well, waiting it for a month is a pain.

GDefend 30 should be out this month, if not, very soon.

The Anime I'm watching is still Keroro Gunsou (Hahahaha), and Kyou Kara Maou. Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Mahojin Guruguru, Da!Da!Da! tehy're all taking a very long time.

I still am interested in One Piece, but for the fact I have to wait for it and it's SO long... it bores me.

On the other hand, Niichan is starting to like Wild Half (Manga) I loved it very much and still do. Though sadly it's old now and since it's a manga (I don't think there's an anime about it) I don't think you'll see much of it. Plainly, it's about this dog that can transform to a half-human-half dog form, lives with his new pet guardian. This manga falls into the category of love, comedy, serious and horror at times.

Finially emailed Placement officer on reports and stuff. Got good feedback. I really have to start my log book or I'm doomed x_X

And damn county council, when will they give me my grant!?

Oh! LJ has a Halloween banner hahaha~! XD

That'll be about it for now.


Oct. 15th, 2006 11:10 am
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I didn't go back home this week.
Mainly because mom said she didn't know I was coming and secondally she's coming up here to my area today.

I'm meant to get prepared and go out with her later.... but the main thing is I haven't received any phone calls and if I happen to be in the shower while she phones, we're both damned =_=;; (Then again I dunno if she's gonna be early or not)

So I'm going home next weekend instead.

So at the minute I won't be on the PC for too long, I'll come back later on the day and comment on people's posts alright? *hugs*


Xenosaga!!!!! I'm at the point where I'm gonna save Mary and Shelley in the Durandal! It's so much fun... Though I wonder if I get enough time to learn the skills.... For the skill line I choose the ones already but when i got to te point where I need 200 or more, I start going and learning the EX skills... (Hahaha, EVA+ up! XD)
MOMO seems to be quite bad in evasion this time, which is unlike in the previous two, the enemies mostly miss her.
And Ziggy rocks (yay! XD)

And OMG, SWIMSUITS. chaos's SWIMSUIT. *falls* It's very.... how to put it... if he was a girl then it'll be very sexy.... but as for a guy....
And Jin's swimsuit!!! XD Lol, I thought he was just going wear a normal small triangle type swimsuit, though in the end he weared something oji-san, it's like he's out from the onsen or something yet it really suits him XD

Kevin... I wonder if he's really a good or a bad guy. It's hard to say she doesn't care for Shion, but it's more like he wishes for power more at the minute. Maybe it's like what Nephilim says, if Shion releases Abel form his curse, only 'her Kevin' will return back to her.


Mou... I wonder what's taking Keroro Gunsou so long? Then again it hasn't been ina week yet.
My fav is Kururu, despite he may seem bad on the oustide, Keroro and Tamama seems more despicable to me XD

AND CHOU MASHIN EIYUUDEN WATARU!!!!!!!!!! This brings back memories... Although this Chou one would be the third series, my fav is forever the second series.
Wataru Kawaii!
I'd recommend the first and second one... the third one I didn't quite like because they don't have Kurama nor Umihiko(Well it's impossible to have Umihiko there unless they're talking about his place again)
The fun thing about the third one is you get to go back to the past, you've two new members, and the quality of the mashins are superb compared to the old ones.
However if it's character design, my fav is the second one, where that computing technology ain't that efficient yet, they still manage to make things look very pretty and all the fine details, it's lovely. And also, Ryuujinmaru looks more elegant that way, plus Wataru's warrior-like gown is my fav, the second one that is. And the 'evil fighters', I forgot the name, but it's teh small army robots, the first ones are red, the second one is purple, the third one is red but round like those Japanese toy kinda thing where you make it fall over it always comes back up. My fav are still the second ones, they're more funny and more expression-like.
Besides, we get to see Sensei in a 'manly mode similar to Dr. Slump' when he's in fornt of the ladies, we see that often in the second series and it's quite funny. And Himiko is more useful in the second one, but she's cute as ever.


I've more to say but I'll come back later...


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