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Sorry for lack of posts x_X

My school started at Monday, my presentation went ok on Tuesday, today I talked with my group (Still doing a game, not my concept but doing it with someone else's concept, which sounds more fun and challenging in a way.)

Have to watch 10 videos (lasting 40mins which means at least 1 & 1/2 hour)

My essay has been pushed back to 22nd, But I hope to get it done by this weekend and have it handed in. I have no time left.

On the other hand, you can see spoiler endings & secret endings of Birth By Sleep on XD;
Watching the ending of this game makes the whole story plot from KH1, KH:COM, KH2 makes more sense.

Ok, enough yapping and concentrate on essay.

I'm dead tired really. I want bed D=
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Posting this so it'll be out of my mind and I can concentrate on work:

Yeah! The game is out! But not for me... T_T

*Wishes English version would hurry up*

EDIT: Gah no wonder Terra's voice sounds familiar, he's voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou! (Tezuka from Prince of Tennis, Hell Teacher Nube)

EDIT: *spoilers?* OMG SO VANITAS IS VOICED BY SORA'S SEIYUU!!!!! (If WIKI IS ACCURATE THAT IS) WHOA What's the connection between him, Sora & Riku!? (I'm surprised, Sora's Seiyuu voices well... I didn't realize that was him at all...)
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Report & group presentation must be done for the coming Monday. Therefore lack of comments from me for the time being 8D;
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Ok, for the last time, this is the Birth by Sleep trailer with ENG sub:

Dammit I wanna play... so badly... so I can know what's up with the story...
I suppose there's always the option of looking at wiki... someone will definitely upload the spoilers there hahaha 8D;

PS: I love the music of the trailer. You can SO hear traces of Roxas's theme, Sora's theme & Dearly beloved in it ^^

PS again: You can tell that Vanitas is voiced by the older Riku (That is unless I'm wrong) If you think about it, Sora's Seiyuu probably doesn't get much roles within the game. (I mean, if older Riku voices Vanitas from BBS and Kairi voices Xion from Days XD;) Oh wait, Sora's doing KH: Coded too... guess he does after all lol.
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This is really random & I need it to get out of my head otherwise I can't work properly!

I've finally realized why I liked images of a beach and I wondered how they unconsciously managed to squirm their way into my projects/works etc. Because I don't exactly favour sunbathing or swimming much, getting into a swim suit annoys me in a way but I've always liked the look of a beach. The sound of calm waves sooths me though.

The reason, pure, simple and idiotically enough is because the combinations of yellow, green, blue and white - my fav colours are ALL inside that picture. Just... have fun searching for it - the Blue skies, blue to sea green ocean due to the mixture of blue water and yellow sand; the waves and clouds of white, the yellowish golden sand and eveything sparkles under the sun - how did I not notice this before!?

(Because I really am not a person that likes to be out in a beach that much... more like I have no feelings for sunbathing or swimming like others do. This pulled me back really.)

.... *Wonders if there are any nice long landscape view posters of a beach out there*
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Happy New Year in advance!!! I may or may not have time to do this later so I figured I'd do this now ^^;

2009.... well I haven't done much for the first two-thirds of the year... (Looking for work but then later discovered seeking for a new skill in a new uni is my best road for the future since I'm not going anywhere [Not in terms of travelling but in terms of well everything])

The last third of the year is rather eventful... days fly by so quick with the assignments and stuff - and I can't help but say that I am a bit happy with myself on realising that I DID learn knew things from doing this course. I just wish I can do better ^^;

I am blessed with fortunate flatmates and nice new friends for being in the uni, I have my ups and downs and my lovely flist is always here for me - God has really looked after me and I thank him so much <3

Family wise - they're love and hate but well still love I guess. Mom just called and said she finally got my xmas card that I sent her (Laughing about how slow the Irish mail system is lol)
I haven't heard from Eric (second nii-chan) ever since I came here and my other real life best friend is away in Austrailia.
Andrew (eldest nii-chan) is still the same eheheh.

I can't wait for the Tiger year to unfold next year (Which I think it's on Valentine's day hahahaha) in terms of the Lunar/Chinese calendar that is. Sometimes I wonder if the Japanese have adapted to the Western calendar too much and had automatically assumed that the first day of every year changes the animal zodiacs already.

Anyhow, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2010 in advance and wish it is better than the previous year!

And now, something that I've always wanted to try - Seeing who commented the most within my LJ! XD;
The stats are accumlated from the past to the present and may not be absolutely accurate.
Stats from the past to the end of 2009 so far )
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Gah I want! I want! I want! Why are there so many nice stuff for 2010!? (And I don't have much time to enjoy or approach them? T_T)

Sora~!! Young Riku Kairi so cute!! Ventus is so cuute too!!! <3 >.<

Aqua & Mickey are so cool together (Twirl twirl twirl!)

And Zack, ahahaha, hitting on girls again XD;

Storywise of playing, Nomura Tetsuya says it's this order:

Terra > Ventus > Aqua.
And Ventus has the easiest battle playthrough....

However it's kind of funny they used 'Ventus'. I would've thought they'll use 'Ciel' instead in terms of the sky and not the wind. Maybe Ciel sounds girly? XD;
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May God bless you all with his wonderful gift - Jesus Christ!

Have a happy merry christmas! <3 ;)


Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:15 pm
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It's that time of the year with xmas memes... so uh, bear with me lol ^^;

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I set [ profile] am1thirteenth's puppy on fire (-66 points). Last Saturday I ruled Asscrackistan as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Sunday I pulled over and changed [ profile] yadh_morwgh's flat tire (15 points). In February I didn't flush (-1 points). Last Monday I helped [ profile] joan_yap hide a body (-173 points).

Overall, I've been nice (475 points). For Christmas I deserve a Nintendo Wii!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

That's odd... I remember asking for the same thing last year...

You get Yoh's "Gift"! He's a quiet little bugger, but he will make a faithful and loyal companion :)

By [ profile] mtarashidango

YOH!!!!! <3 Well, he may be too loyal but he'll be really nice X3

On the twelfth day of Christmas, windyhurrice sent to me...
Twelve bogswallops drumming
Eleven nicky87s piping
Ten mmmbentos a-leaping
Nine devel_icious dancing
Eight radiofreebanris a-milking
Seven emmavs a-swimming
Six translations a-drawing
Five rpg ga-a-a-ames
Four kingdom hearts
Three bl games
Two takumi-kun series
...and a tenimyu in a devil may cry.
Get your own Twelve Days:

*Blinks* that's odd, I got something different the other time I tried it... anyway, other than [ profile] devel_icious it's a bit sad to say I have don't interaction much with those mentioned.... I also did not notice I mentioned translations THAT much lol..... and I can understand the RPG games but BL games as well!? XD; I think I'll be murdered by my flist ahahaha...
Oh, and Takumi-kun are a well-known BL series. As for 'tenimyu' (Prince of Tennis Musical) in Devil May Cry... I actually got a 'BL' in Devil May cry for the first time I tried the meme XD;

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Oh I went to see the movie Avatar on Sunday with a friend (For future references? 8D;)
So I admit I didn't just sleep... I went and did shopping to stock up for christmas. The movie thing was totally out of the blue since I slept until 12 noon on sunday, a friend texted me at around 11.40 asking me if I wanna watch avatar with her.

I said yes, because everyone in uni was talking about how amazing the CG was and that the story was crap. I decided to see how 'brilliant' the cg was and how 'crap' overall avatar could be.
So I spent the whole day with her then.

Avatar does have brilliant CG, the story wasn't that crap as I thought it would be, just so-so your average typical plot. Anything more complex could possibly make the CG much harder to make. The practioners just called the clan as 'Blue monkeys'. I thought they looked more like 'blue cheetahs' to me.

So yeah, it was ok, cg = brilliant if you ever wanna do something like that and good collection for references, story = average. Overall ok. I would only buy it for its cg.
And after watching that movie I went to the ladies toilet, was waiting for friend and funny thing was a small boy came in looking for his mother, I told him that yes, she's in there (Because I saw her with him, he went out and later came back again) and strange kid lol, he started to babble about how awesome avatar is to me, and saying how he likes KungFu panda and pixar works etc. Wow kid, I'm surprised you don't mind talking to a stranger like me o_O;
Cute kid yet with a bit of oddity lol! XD;
(And my friend said "Wow you've already made a friend so quickly!") Hahahaha XD;

I'm having a rice cooker sent to me! (I guess I couldn't live without one after all) My brother is so nice lol...

Anyone know any good virus-free method of converting videos and put them via youtube? (Actually, more like I wanna know what format and how big etc to put them up on youtube... maybe I'll figure this out myself later...) Some people wanna see my assignment movie... to be honest I'm not happy with it and I don't have a title for it either. I'll see if I can do something about it before or after xmas....

Random question, recently these few months I've noticed that whenever someone (anyone) from my flist posts youtube videos on their blog, I always get the same pictures for whatever content they were supposed to be.... get me? Is it the same for you gents and ladies?

Lately my phone gets out of battery really quickly... it's been a 3-4 year phone now so it's no wonder it's starting to um... get old. I hope it lasts until I find a job next year lol 8D;

I'm back to uni on the 11th Jan, and I have a report & group presentation to hand in. I think I mentioned this before. *Stares at calendar* ....I want more holiday T_T
And they say it'll be even more HECTIC next term.... ugh ugh ugh.

Birth by Sleep Japanese version is out in Jan 2010... *envious*

That's it for now, I may think of more random stuff later.
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Ahhh I'm really sorry for being this late back on LJ!!! 8D;

Summarizing from last post, I got my stuff handed in on time (Though I do not feel satisfied nor impressed with the work) and have been resting like a lazy log so I could get energized for doing my report & group presentation preparation over the holidays 8D;

I miss you all my flist!

I'll be back later if I can think of anything to say, I've just been so busy last few weeks and lost track of time. Glad I didn't go home - wouldn't want to wait in an airport for most likely delayed air flights.

*Goes around reading journals now*

Quick Post

Nov. 29th, 2009 12:36 pm
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Oh my last post was a week & half ago... I thought it was longer.

Em... I sort of came down with a cold again.... just from yesterday.
I went to Bath (Wales) I did bring my scarf etc but I still manage to catch a cold in the end.
I can't really rest at this time of the term. I've 2 more assignments waiting for me o_O;

Anyway, my life revolves around assignments at the moment so there are not many interesting things going on.

Except I went to Bath yesterday. I didn't exactly go to the 'bath' in Bath, I went to Bath because I was interested on what the Christmas market there looks like 8D;
(Kinda similar to what we had in Belfast, maybe larger)

Oh yeah, this isn't exactly new news now but the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep version of the PSP:
I dunno... I personally preferred the DS one for Kingdom Hearts version. This one looked... plain in a sense that it's just.... boring.... kind of sense. The pattern would be lovely on the DS (Which IS out for ages) and maybe Tote bags or normal bags, purses, scarfs, hats, belts, chokers, bracelets etc, but I personally don't think it worked well on a PSP.
Besides, I liked my FF7CC one better in terms of composition.

However, the Birth by Sleep THE GAME seems more interesting than what 358/2 Days seemed to be. No offense to those who love 358/2 days, but I personally thought it was boring, the main idea concept is understandable but it seemed like a very small plot forced to be made into an enormous plot kind of thing. If you like the organization [which I don't] and Roxas [one of my favs but this game didn't do him justice] then you'll like this. Otherwise it may feel like it's your average plot that even you yourself can write up one.

Also if you liked that game so much, I hope you survived the Mary Sue-ish feeling from Xion and the continous annoying battle system that if you failed the mission you must start from the beginning again. Save points within a mission? You wish.

Anyway, I'm pretty interested in Birth by Sleep however I won't have the time to play it anyway. Maybe I should just wait for the price to drop or just wait for the English version instead. Japanese version is out at the start of next year, if English people are lucky, maybe they'll get it for Xmas at the end of next year (And if Disney and Square wants to make maor $$$££ then they should have it in Summer instead, not xmas.)
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Thank God about Tina/Terra's hair colour!

So I see, the green hair was an alternative 'costume' like others (Cloud wears his AC clothes, Sephiroth as his final form, Squall wearing his SeeD uniform and 6-below colours are more like Amano's style, etc.)

I kinda wished they could do one where Cloud can wear the female equipment (I think it was Silk Dress, Diamond Tiara, Sexy perfume and something else) all girls can wear them as well as Cloud and Kefka/Cefca. Don't ask why the clown can wear it, he wouldn't look as pretty as Cloud can ¬_¬;
They can wear it but it's not physically shown. Shame! XD;


Nov. 15th, 2009 10:25 pm
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These look quite cute but they're SO expensive! 8D;

I sure won't use it to curse on somebody...
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In relation to this post:
I said I'll post it on Friday but turns out it's Saturday now...

My answers are as follows along with a pic that is connected to another long time meme....

Lookie Here! )


Nov. 9th, 2009 08:29 am
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Taken from [ profile] elenniel XD;

Because I feel like I've hardly posted these few days/weeks....
I may not reply until this Friday, because my assignment is due soon lol.

Oh Meme! )
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*Repeats* My assignment schedule for the whole year:

Schedule in picture format because it was taken from a PDF and I am too lazy to type the codings all out 8D; )

I must be sad enough to want to work on my assignment in Halloween... then again I don't like Halloween that much 8D;
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I'm feeling awfully tired so my brain isn't think right.

Years ago I made this wallpaper:

The fandom is Yamane Ayano's Ikoku Irokoi Romantan. (YAOI! The wallpaper isn't Yaoi-sh though.)

My query is, that someone had taken my wallpaper and edited it:

While s/he had faved my wallpaper, I thanked him/her for the fav yet I didn't exactly appreciate him/her editing my wallpaper. And s/he even placed her own name right on top of mine.

Is it normal to feel pissed?
I tried holding my anger in because I suppose I did the same with sensei's artworks and turned it into a wallpaper, but I didn't claim the artwork as mine, just the wallpaper. It did take me some time in the past to make it and it's one of the fanbase wallpapers I personal love too. I don't quite appreciate him/her doing that.
What's more it's for personal use, if she edited it and used it on her desktop and showed a print screen of it in her desktop then I don't mind, but she went and edited all these things and.... I'm just tired, stressed which led to depression at the moment.

I don't want to suddenly turn from a 'nice' response and then later leave her an agitated message... should I flag her or something? Should I even bother? Or am I also as guilty as her since I used someone's original artwork anyway and that I really have no right on what they are doing to my fanwork?


Fanwork? Is what I have done even considered a fanwork? Would people spite me back since I used sensei's work already anyway and am still as guilty?

I'm really sorry... I'm just feeling too tired & depressed to think atm.
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Here are 65 photos out of the 222 ones I've taken on the day of the aquarium. I orginally had 222 photos but most of them are blurred or had poorer shots or are uninteresting stuff and that some didn't have what I wanted to focus on. And the fishes are so fast to catch on camera!

I hope you all enjoy!

MAJOR PHOTOS ALERT! There's 65 pics in this one so careful of your bandwidth... )
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So, ever since my last post about the day I arrived:

So I'll be giving a summarised version of what happened then (Because there are some parts I don't remember either)

Let's start from Tuesday 22nd Sept! XD; )


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