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Well, I WAS free since 20th Aug, that is, free from the submission of my Masters Project 8D
This may be a bit of a long and disorganised rant, so come in and read!

Firstly, I am still flat-out TIRED.

Secondly, here's my project on vimeo, you may want to let it load as you read the rest of my entry since it seems like you need to queue or something in vimeo (forgive me, I am unfamiliar with vimeo)
You should see the title named as 'Nocturne (Prototype)', that should be the one (Well, I only have one video.)

As we let that load, let's continue with my after the 19th.

So, I actually handed my project in on the 19th, but I still have to come back in on the 20th to listen to my programme leader's speech.

Then for mere coincidence, my brother's company actually sent him to work in London for 2 weeks, which was the week of my submission and this current week. So in the weekend, he managed to convince his company to let him stay on the weekend in London.

Since I was kinda homesick, I decided to go meet up with him for that weekend after my submission. (Well, he wants to see me too and it's either him coming over here or me going to his place, I was tired at first and didn't wanna leave my place, but in the end I gave in and left.)

I told my flatmates I was going on the Saturday, but in the end I got convinced to leave right on the evening of Friday (20th) so I went and bought a return ticket (Couldn't buy one online as it takes at least 2 hrs for them to be able to print the damn tickets out after you've purchased, which clashes with the train schedule I planned to take)

This may sound stingy, but I accidently bought a return for £46 approx and just realised it's a DAY return and not valid for coming back on Sunday. This wouldn't have happened if I bought it online (Same price even if I use it to come back on the 22th) have to say I was p*ssed at myself for that 8D;
Even if I wasn't the one to pay for it in the end, I was quite annoyed at this mistake.

Anyway, so I think I left Bournemouth around 7pm and arrived at London Waterloo around 9:30pm or so I think (Or maybe later or earlier I don't remember) met up with my brother. (My phone just practically died without being fed a charger 24/7, I really hope to get a new one soon)

Hmm, we went to Canary Wharf and ate at Pizza Express (Which I had this really yummy mushroom pasta, both are my fav elements yum!) Canary Wharf is where my brother actually works in. Later that night we went back to his place in Canada Waters and slept that night. Apparently you can take the boat to go stay at his place.

Saturday morning we woke up, hmm... had a walk around Canary Wharf I think, just to merely find a place to eat. I craved for fish & chips (don't ask why) and we went to this bar to have it. (We kind of walked for 1~2 hrs to find a place that actually does fish & chips, they had other cuisine but I wasn't up for it.)

Then we went to buy a top-op broadband thing for my stupid mac, brother forgot his driving license for an ID, so we went back to his place to retrieve it and come back out again to get it. And in the end we did buy it, as well as him leaving his shirts to wash in some laundry place.

Later we set out to ....Char cross? No wait, Charing cross. We wanted to see if we can find this priest that used to preach back in my grandparent's home church. Unfortunately we couldn't find him.
While we're at Charing Cross, we also found the 'pigeon square' (where we now joked there's not too much pigeons there but instead crowds and crowds of people, 'people square'.)

We later went to find China Town (Since we were quite close to it) and actually found a place and ate there. Personally, I find the taste very heavy and those damn fans were annoying. It's bad for me since I was recovering from a cold/flu during the time when I have still yet to submit stuff.
(Yeah, I unfortunately got sick the 2 weeks before my submission, my deskmate joked about me saying my sniffling sounded like I was crying lol. I got sick because the ceiling light of my room was broken, I had to go back and forth to my place and the uni just to wait for someone to come fix my light. And unfortunately enough, I waited for 2 weeks for someone to come fix my light, it's STILL not fixed and I waited until yesterday to come have someone take another look at it and it's still not fixed. Let's just say I lived without a main light for a whole month - the joy!)

Anyway, back to main topic, we ate there, (Which I couldn't finish, should've shared it with my brother) and then I think we just went back home and rest. And slept. That's Saturday I think.
Oh yeah, since we got that top-up broadband thing, we booked my return ticket, £17 for a first-class ticket, MUCH cheaper than my damn return.

So Sunday came, usually on the days I have to go back home I doubt we'd get many things done. We actually went to Harrods, (It was either that or to Greenwick) since my brother mentioned he hasn't been there since a long time and one of his friends begged him to buy a jar of fruit marbles or something from that place.

We ate at Wagamama (Japanese restaurant) for lunch before we went inside Harrods and I have to say I've encountered another japanese restaurant where something inside ther kitchen doesn't work, like the grill doesn't work or deep-fry doesn't work or something. What kind of business are you trying to do?

Anyway, in Harrods, there's nothing much to see, I just went there to see the toys and games, candy & food. Perhaps if we were much younger we'll enjoy it. I have no interest in clothes, and the only 'pricy stuff' I stopped to look twice was a Burberry silk scarf and hats. And some LV stuff but they were BORING. Things like these would be more better in Japan, they have more choice.
The only section we actually did look again and again is the Hello Kitty section since we find it so amusing that Harrods still have this section and the amount of crazy stuff they have there (Not entirely crazy compared to what they have in Japan)
Personally, I neither hate nor like Hello Kitty, even if I saw this nice mug, I just don't seem excited to buy it. Maybe if it was that Cinnamonroll dog then I would reconsider.

After wasting our time in Harrods, we decided to head back to my bro's place and took my luggage with us, we went to this some kind of American Hamburger restaurant called Brylon or something and ate hamburger....
Well, I ate it without buns and had an extra salad, yummy salad, and also my very first time eating raw spinach - which was actually quite a nice way of eating it (Normally we eat Spinach cooked) now I prefer eating raw spinach.

After dinner we went to Waterloo station and well, I hopped on the train and went back home.
Lucky there were no unfortunate travels this time (Though I have to say I'm quite a Typical Blood type A, seeing someone that actually sat in First-class without a proper F-class ticket and even 'acted' all innocent to the guy that checks the ticket about 'where should I go sit then?' was just.... annoying for me 8D;) That woman doesn't look stupid to me, she's just playing innocent thinking she can still sit in here when she can't since she doesn't have a proper ticket. Some people like that in this world.... haha... I guess I would abide by the rules though.

Anyway, that was my Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Monday, I woke up early to go to Uni thinking that I have to do a presentation in my lab in front of the whole class again. Freaking out and panicku.

Later it turns out it was more of a one-on-one tutorial session of the tutor pointing out your mistakes and telling you which areas to polish and also asking about your opinion on the course - in fact, they were quite friendly, possibly the most friendlyist you will ever get out of the whole other tutorial sessions! XD;
So it was a friendly chat, I had it with my programme leader, those on Tuesday had it with the other elderly lecturer (Which is the one I always complain he speaks in an alien language) and I even asked my programme lead why he let me into this course since I didn't think my portfolio was that good to get me into this 8D;

He said he thinks my portfolio was good and wasn't bad and he said for a web designer (me) that for 8 months I produced this project is quite good. (So I guess I'm more confident now, how sad of me.)

Basically, I just know I have to re-polish my project and have to send them the polished version by 17th Septermber, ready for the Show reel on the second week of October I think. So, yeah, more work to do!

Anyway, I stayed back in the labs chatting with others for a while and then I went back home, bought healthy food and treat myself to them (I seriously felt like I ate nothing but crap over these few weeks) now I think I gain a bit of weight, dammit.
Um, don't remember what I did on monday night, I think I did a quite sketch of another Miss Cloud (It's in deviantart if you're curious) and that was my day.

Tuesday, wasted a day away doing nothing but reading, surfing net and started to draw other things (That just doesn't get completed)

Wednesday, went to uni to listen to Programme Lead's interviewing tips, it rained like sh*t that day. Didn't do much that day either.

Yesterday, Thursday, only have memories of drawing and seeking house officers out, asking them about moving out and stuff. And had someone to look at my light again. In short about my light as I have summarised in the previous paragraphs, it's still not fixed and I doubt it'll get fixed by the time I move out either.

Today, Friday, draw some, stopped some, now LJ-ing, and not doing anything productive again. In fact I should start working on my porject but I don't wanna think. I always think 'Maybe tommorrow'.

Well tomorrow I must remember to do my laundry, since I plan to move out on Tuesday, will still be in bournemouth until Friday anyway. And then my mom wanted me to meet some Newry Solicitors of hers (I really hate it when she keeps on eyeing me for my free time.)

At the moment I still feel stressed, perhaps it's because of moving out or re-doing my work, or finding a job, but I think what's really stressing me out is that I am still unable to have proper rest with people seeking for so much of my attention in real life sometimes. I don't mind meeting up or chatting with people, just that at the end of the day I just want some peace to myself. Or maybe saying I want peace to myself isn't quite right since at the moment I am by myself and having the time of my life but I don't seem to calm down much.

Or it could this stupid hair loss of mine due to stress, it annoys me, which means more stress and more hair loss. Stupid male hormones.

*Sigh* I dunno anyway. I guess I'm not really up for it for staying in this place any longer. And then I get ticked for for being questioned about going to the Ball on the evening after my graduation with my brother. I know it's good experience to go, but I just HATE going to such a place. While it's true that I can't have a true reason to hate it for having not gone to one before, just the idea of getting dressed up and wasting more money is getting on my nerves. Perhaps if I have secured a job then I'll thinkn twice but at this moment you shouldn't really ask me. In fact, if I don't wanna go, then I don't want to go, just leave me alone. ***k! You think why I get stressed or something over such a matter. I'd like to know myself too.
Not to mention I doubt most of the people I know well very much would go.
Look, this kind of thing is just boring to me and I'd just wish he'd stop pushing me to go. (Well I guess he can't anymore since I think most of my flatmates won't be there anyway)

I need a travelling charm or tailsman or something. Travelling never seems to be on my side.

I'm sorry for being so random at this moment, I hate it now recently that I forget what I wanna say and then after I posted a message or something then I remember and couldn't be bother to post again 8D;

Can we talk about something happy, I'm getting really sick of talking about graduations and stuff.

As for my project, let's just say I've seen it so many times that I am getting bored and slightly ashamed of it because it CAN be better.

I really want a new LJ layout soon, I think at this moment I'm getting crazy at seeing the same stuff over and over again. I still like this layout but I'm seriously bored of it. Last year I said I'd change it but I never got the time.

I still think I'll be busy until at least my graduation is over (Or more likely, ONCE I get a job), meaning I still can't do translation stuff or draw things properly. At this moment I shouldn't even be drawing and should start packing up and work on polishing my project. Man I don't wanna think!


Let's talk about fandoms, I'm really sick of thinking of the above of whatever I wrote previously.

KHR! Chapter 303's cover has an awesome hot Tsuna! He's still cute though - I even made an icon out of him!
I really dislike Shimon to be honest ^^;

Detective Conan has gone to London! Makes me wonder if the mangaka was actually in London to take reference? Hmm....

Is starting to like the Harafutte Parade from Hetalia.

I really wanna play KH BBS, it comes out in September or so I've heard.
I also wanna play Re:Coded and that new one out for that 3D DS.
Can I talk BL? There doesn't seem to be anymore good RikuSora stories anymore, the only good potential on is 'Finding Lost Dreams'.

Speaking of fanfiction, 'The Fifth Act' is quite promising for me in the FF7 fandom.

I have yet to see Toy Story 3, I think I'll be seeing it in 11th September or so.

Recently I have uh... been downloading some movies to view in my Ipod. It's fun to watch those films I've seen before when I was younger since I pretty much forgot what happened in some Disney stories.

I'm getting a bit restless drawing via computer. I hate it when it takes such a long time to draw lineart. I'm in a phase that I just want to get things done. This is not good.

Any other fandoms to talk about?


Sorry, I still feel stressed and restless at this moment and I shouldn't be. It is quite warm today, it rained in the last few days and today it seems great outside. It actually annoys me.

I still feel really tired. I hate my hair, wish I'd stop losing them so much T_T

I'd wish I'd stop complaining, come on!
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