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Work is hetctic as usual... I don't panic that much when I work at home. Nowadays when I work in the Uni lab it's really hard to concentrate since there's lots of distractions (Because everyone is stress, sounds of sighing, whistling, people randomly saying things like 'You shut up!' for fun, and even the damn door that creaks loudly everything it opens and closes is quite tormenting...)

I want to laugh at the fact I feel like I model stuff that won't be seen in the end anyway, and still wonder why I do them. If I don't, my lecturers would go about telling me they shouldn't be modelled this way etc. etc. What's the point of changing it if they're not gonna be seen anyway? That's what YOU told me!

My presentation on Monday... can't say it was bad but it wasn't too good either. Let's just say my lecturers thought it was 'stupid of me' (Well, maybe not that mean of them, they don't show it and it was only one of them I'm getting the vibes from) to choose an Asian man for my reference when I should've chosen a European one since my character is originally from European. I understand from their point of view and I did reflect about it, but I really couldn't find the kind of reference I wanted, no offence but I don't see any of those europeans (Hey they could be Americas, they don't count as European either!) to be potential skinny unhealthly zombies, they look more like jailbreak gangsters (Some smaller versions) to me.

And the arms and hands on the piano, they think it's boring, not as expressive and too symmetrical.

And for some odd reason everyone loves to give me new ideas - Ever heard of 'Too many cooks spoil the broth?' That's exactly what I'm feeling and while I appreciate their help, at this point in life why would you think I'll have the time to change it?

One good thing is I went through the idea and the storyboard with a different tutor on Thursday, had some new ideas for the storyboard and it feels like it works out more better in my opinion. I just hope the marking lecturer will take it. I'm sick of changing it constantly.

Other than about Uni work, I'm so craving to much to draw anything manga (I now realise this urge of mine happens a lot if I am sick of my current work or am too pressured by my current work, my mind drifts off to different things.) Its bad really, so bad.

In KHR, I really dislike Adelheid (Or whatever her name is), Kaoru, Enma and I really want someone to slap some sense into them. My poor Tsuna, damn Shimon broke all the Vongola rings - what's up Amano-sensei!?

Not much to say atm, stressed, depressed, annoyed, worried, anxious it feels like an everyday thing (Don't worry, I still eat, not as much but I still do, funny enough my weigh doesn't go down like I wish it would 8D;)

I even feel lonely sometimes for not participating much around in LJ (Then again I do in FB, but it's always random)

I really want to say I wanna finish this damn project up, and at leats be proud to say 'Yeah, it at least looks like what I had in mind all along' and get a job (really want to get one in Frontier from cambridge, I'm quite interested in their work) and well, a place to call my own... even if I have to share...

But then there's that showreel sometime around October, so that means travelling back here to October again - I have no idea where they're holding it and I don't want to think about it after I handed my submission in.

Need Hug =3=
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