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I hope my flist have been well =)

Eh... I'm kind of on break at the moment, for 2 weeks (Though my first week is nearly gone) and now I have to start to work again =(

I'll talk more within the cuts, I'll try to keep things as short as possible ^^;

Uni Work
My poster presentation for my Personal Inquiry (Or individual research) went ok I guess, my tutor who was also my marking lecturer is quite nice to me as always - only that I dunno what he is talking about sometimes 8D; Though the other marker... well, he's ok, doesn't smile much and looks strict, but at least I can answer there questions i don't care.... (More like, it's over, I don't care how bad the mark is as long as I don't have to re-submit it during my last term)

As for the Pre-production assignment for my Masters project, I pulled out an all-nighter (it's been years I did an all-nighter) to finish typing the stuff up. Actually, it's the harvard referencing that kills, I don't mind it if it's the STANDARD harvard referencing, but nope, it's the uni's own individual one and that there's a lot they don't mention, like how do I refer to games or music composers etc.

I feel like I did not do that much for my pre-production in honest. I have no 3D tests done AND I have no textures done either, I have no base mesh, nothing done, I don't even have my typology done either. I only have a finalised idea of my character and piano and stool, and I have to draw them in T-poses later so I can model them that way. Before we left the lab, my programme lead said we've only got 12 weeks aka 3 months to do this. In fact, it's not even 12 weeks, it's 11 because the last week is a week of showreel. AND I don't even guarantee if we have classes or not, I hope we don't it'll be a waste of my time, I feel like I learn nothing useful, or maybe I do but I forgot them the next moment so what's the point?

Anyway, I hope I do well in this, as it will be my main thing to show to companies that I apply for in the future. (Speaking of companies, Frontier appeals to me the most, I actually hope I can work for them. there's no specific reason why, it's an intuation... ok I quite like their variations of projects and that not all UK games are gloomy, zombie shooting games.)

I have been quite stressed these few days even though I am on break, it's mostly because I know I've tons to do and have no idea of the whole process and how things work.

I also missed my schedule appointment with a specialist in the local hospital, because I wastoo stressed I think, I totally forgot about the appointment. It's not good and I know it. I got my GP to reassign it for me (I hope I don't have to wait for another 1~2 months again for this) so stressed...

Let's talk about happy stuff!

Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep: ENGLISH release date
I heard it'll be released around the 7th of September or so, September anyway. It's no wonder, since Nomura wanted to add more stuff to th English version, it wil take that amount of time.

They say they'll release it the same time at Norther America & the EU. I doubt it, really doubt it, it's always a LIE (maybe not for those that lives in the US). I'll be lucky if I get it at the end of this year...
I wonder if we have to wait for another 2~3 years for KH3, they say it's started to progress but Nomura still plans to release two more games before KH3. 1 year for each game, yeah that's about the schedule alright if they're efficient.

Eyeshield 21
I read the whole manga within a day. Talks about American football, I like the strategies & how the main character matures. Awesome. Thanks to [ profile] koyar for the recommendation! (Though I actually do not think Sena and Tsuna are alike, they only thing that connects them are their wimpiness at the start and how they seem to always get a headache from their superiors... I think Sena got off a lot of things way more than tsuna does.)

I'm disappointed the anime doesn't talk about the Christmas ball match or the second match against the Americans as they did in the manga, it would be amusing.
The only thing worth seeing was to see how Irino Miyu voices as Sena, which I have to say I'm getting more and more impressed with his voice acting skills.

I still like the manga the best. Awesome!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (6th Anniversary)
I can't believe the manga is at its sixth anniversary.... I was quite pumped when they rumoured sensei would do 50 pages, but I guess it's a bit unrealistic within one week. Doing 15~18 pages is already a lot for a week, never mind 50. 50 is ideal for a month.

Anyway, I look forward to the ceremony and see how Tsuna stands up for himself and accepts his position for once. Go Tsuna!

Speaking of KHR, they're showing the 1st generation vongola giving out tests to Tsuna & Co. (Ah the wonders of Animation fillers....)
At least they're not entirely bad fillers for the moment like they do for POT towards the end of the series....

I don't remember if I have mentioned that I have pierced my earrings or not back during my Easter break - but I can now wear different earrings - yay!

Fly with Me (HK TV drama)
I quite like seeing Ada act:

[TXX] Fly With Me 飛女正傳

Airing: 14 april 2010 (Replacing: A Fistful of Stances)

Episodes: 25

Cast: Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho, Queenie Chu, Rachel Kan, Catherine Chau, Chan Hung Lit, Helen Ma etc.

LEUNG HAU-CHI (Choi Siu Fun, Ada), a career woman in her 30s, has all the attributes of a typical Hong Kong girl - fussy, arrogant and easily irritated by the sight of beautiful young ladies. She is desperate for love and has been eagerly waiting for the thrilling miracles of life. As CHI is plunged into misery and despair, something strange happens and leads to her abrupt transformation into a superwoman of charm and immense strength. Every time CHI mutates, she is equipped with extraordinary powers, through which she fights for justice and helps the weak, joyously exploring and experiencing a dazzling kaleidoscope of adventures. Along the way, she is happy to have met three nice men, namely the brave yet traditional policeman YEUNG HO-YIN (Wong Tak Bun), the good-natured gentleman turned nouveau-riche businessman TSU WING-FAI (Raymond Cho), and the super-talented genius KAN MING-HIN (Chan Ho, Moses). Fortuitously, HIN is in love with CHI in both her usual and mutated states, leaving her stranded on the horns of a dilemma.

It is always hard to be plain and perfect at the same time. Despite the extraordinary powers she has, CHI is unable to get out of the maze of love. How is CHI going to handle it all? What more perfect choice could there be for her?

The drama has ended and I watch it all - I guess I like comedy as usual. Uh, sometimes a bit cliche but it's alright. And correction, it's TWO men she falls in love with, the third one has a crush on her all those years yet she only sees him as a friend.
Anyway, if you're interested, registration to the forums are free, downloads too, but if you're lazy and don't wanna register I can always list the downloads for you....

I think I'll leave it around there, I forgot what else I can add. I really miss having the energy to socialise in LJ. I now always post one short sentences in Facebook just to let off steam, I can't really do that in LJ. Once I start typing in LJ, I spent my time pouring my thoughts out 8D;
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