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Very very quick update.

I just handed in one assignment on Friday there and another one to hand in for next friday plus a poster presentation on Thursday(If the scehdule did not change) and another tutorial for the following tuesday....

Last tutorial meeting you can say my tutors were more help than the previous ones..... I kinda wish they could point it out like weeks ago instead so we are on scehdule? Now it still feels like I'm still changing my concpet it's such a pain! (The idea of undead playing piano is still here, I had a new concept of normal broken piano with arms sprouting out of the top (Which people did mention it's scary enough) and then my tutor said I had more interesting pianos last week - Like, you couldn't have commented it last week instead so I DON'T have to think of a new one for this week!?
And about my character, you couldn't have told me it didn't look 18th/19th century enough (I think I wanted 19th century, not 18th) but they said the 19th one didn't look like a musician and think I should've gone for ones that look like Mozart era..... you couldn't have said you sooner in the previous week!?

My hand in for this is the coming friday, and I wanted to stop working on f***ing concepts and do other things like testing camera angles (Which I have to make a new one because I keep on forgetting everything is pretty much 16:9) and that he said for my environment I should make a collage instead of using textures from Cgtextures (WTF, who's gonna look at the enviornment so much!?) and I don't understand what he meant by collage....

And I want to research on textures for my premade clothes, not dawdling on the ****ing concepts again!!

I want to start straight into modelling as soon as this following week is over because I know I need a lot of time to not just model but apply and create textures to the model as well!
And now it feels like it lacks a story (Since the previous one didn't seem to work, I have no back story for this one really, just that the piano eats human bodies, and the musician is nose-less because lack of missing body parts make people feel disturbed and unnatural and that's what I want - screw back story my ass! Who's gonna know what kind of bg story your character has on one look anyway!?)

I wanna cry T_T Stupid stress! Stupid wavering concepts! Stupid pressure! Stupid brain - meeeehhhh!!!!

And yesterday and Friday I did nothing, I stayed to three in the morning on Friday morning (Thursday night) to finish my damn poster (Because they want you to submit it on that day and won't allow for further printing over the weekend) and I woke up at 9amm that same friday morning to hand in the poster myself because they won't accept it if you're not in person AND between 10~12am. I came back home to wait for that damn testing fire alarm at 2pm so I CAN sleep. Slept for 6 hrs straight, woke up and later slept again.

Yesterday I did nothing since my head hurts and my mind needs rest, can't do a single thing. I wanna rest today too but I can't, don't have time for it *stares at clock* I better go cook & have lunch and head off to uni to work my ass off later...

I'm so sick & tired with preproduction... especially if I don't get good advices on it anyway!

(Don't mind me I feel better ranting for a bit)

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Date: 2010-05-16 01:23 pm (UTC)
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Date: 2010-05-16 01:30 pm (UTC)
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*hug hug hug*

I kind of skimmed through your journal, I just hope you're doing better than I am T_T

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Date: 2010-05-17 11:28 am (UTC)
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Still working on the concept? And it's only now that they actually come up with useful suggestions? =_=;
Awww... I'm so sorry that you're feeling over stressed. It seems that they were hoping that you can help yourself by criticizing your work, but not hinting enough for you go in the (their) right direction.
I hope you feel a little better after ranting. *hugs*

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Date: 2010-05-17 09:21 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, honestly speaking I'm sick of it, I should have the concept nailed down and should be doing 3D tests like lighting or researching textures and such and such. I don't have that much done for tomorrow, and I think it won't go too well either =(
Thing is, it doesn't seem like they would listen much to your reasoning when you try to do it, sometimes I just feel it's pointless to go to their tutorials and just to get abused verbally 8D; (I don't think I get abused that much but making me go around thinking in circles is already a handful)

They told me to look at Syphilis stuff and make wigs etc and that the piano doesn't look like an 18th~19th century piano.... wouldn't say I'm getting much inspiration at the moment but I'll still try to do a few sketches. I just hope this tutorial is the last one because they're not giving me any good feedback, just criticisng the bad ones which is fine but I just thought you couldn't have told me sooner?

Then again, I feel that I don't have much time to dwell into research with other things going on - I still have a presentation on thursday too =(

I feel better after that rant on Sunday but not today - I've been writing stuff for my preproduction diary (It's like writing another essay) and I feel I haven't done much for tomorrow.

It sucks x_X I better sleep in early tonight - I've been feeling really tired these few weeks.

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Date: 2010-05-18 11:47 am (UTC)
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That's the problem. It really sounds like they can only nitpick and yet don't verbalize what they think is good. =/ How is one suppose to know that what they are doing is right or not or if it's necessary to change?

I hope Thursday's presentation doesn't slow you down or put you entirely off from what you are doing. They should really try and push you into the developing stage and not have you dwelling so long. If possible try to pin down one of the tutors and have a private conversation over your work.
Hope you do get plenty of rest until then.

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Date: 2010-05-18 12:58 am (UTC)
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DOn't worry. I'm sure you'll progress as long that you work on it, slowly but surely :).
On the bright side, it seems they have accepted your idea of the undead playing the piano. You'll just have to rearrange some concepts based on that idea right?

Setting things up is always the annoying and time consuming part... Once you get everything going, it'll go more smoothly. Hang in there *hugs*

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Date: 2010-05-18 07:49 am (UTC)
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*huggles* thanks, it's just that I worry a lot of things - because I don't know the whole process myself, I'll have to learn it as I do along it, which is why I thought the sooner I get things done, the better I won't have to panick know I have time to fix it.

I think I'm just fed up with doing the concept art, I want to nail down my designs and just stick with what I have and work more into detail with it.


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