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Mar. 13th, 2010 11:22 am
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This was from [livejournal.com profile] synnesai from waaaayy back in January or so, I think o_O; I never got a chance to do it until now ^^;

1) Leave me a comment if you want to do the meme
2) I will reply with 6 of your icons and then you have to post this up and describe them!

So, [livejournal.com profile] synnesai picked the following:

1) 2) 3)
4) 5) 6)

1) This is from a BL game called Hanamachi Monogatari. I recall it's from one of the happy endings. Syuri is the main character here. HM is set in old era Japan, where people would still be racists towards those not of their kind. Syuri's mother was a Japanese, his father a westerner. I think he was probably one of those 'one night stand' kind of thing because within the story he's an orphan. Anyway, this guy that owns a male brothel called Tatsumi brought him in to do his job. The game is full of XXOO scenes lol. Takatsuki Noboru (The artist) is brilliant XD;
Anyway, I recall I just wanted a smiling picture of this main chara to be within my range of expressive icons. Who doesn't like pretty pictures? 8D;

2)Back then I got into Yugioh and I wanted to look for expressions that I lack. Back then I only had this one and it's not bad, but sometimes I feel lack a more expressive one. Anyway, this one was taken from some website out there that had screenshots available, this image was available and showed what I wanted so yeah... And if you can't tell the difference, it's Yuugi from Yugioh, not Yami no Yuugi.

3) Oh! This was a gift from [livejournal.com profile] maiyeng! I think it started off with me saying I'll draw e-cards for flist during the Xmas season, she wanted to draw something back in return. So I requested her to draw one of my fav characters of all time in her style XD; Cloud, Cloud! You are adorable! <3

4) I think I either took this one from the last trailer OR from the actual opening Clip of Birth by Sleep. This is Ventus I won't say much in terms of spoilers, but I think I lacked KH icons so I wanted to go and get some more. I want a Sora one though. I used to have one, but now I want one where he smiles 'greatly that the place lits up' kind of feeling. Ya!

5) This is Megumi from Kakumei no Hi, 'The day of Revolution' by Tsude Mioko (I think that's her other pen name, I always know of this mangaka's name by Zaou Taishi) The day of Revolution is about a guy that doesn't seem to grow much in his puberty, only to realise later in his life that he was an intersexual and should originally be a girl! In this icon, she was happy to know she doesn't have to do 'girl's shopping' and can do 'boy's shopping' and is in bliss. I simply just wanted an icon that can be expressed as being overly happy, in bliss, something is overly squee-able etc.

6) This is from a BL game called 'Within 24 hours I will steal your heart', a lovely title in my opinion. It's about Kaito (Literally translated as 'strange thief') I wanted pictures of this Kaito because he looks like a gentleman hahahaha 8D; So he's to be used like greeting people and such heheh X3

PS: If anyone is interested in any icon and wants to know the details of them, lemme know =)
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