Jul. 25th, 2010

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Met [livejournal.com profile] maiyeng for the first time yesterday - I had a wonderful time, thanks for the hospitality =D (Say hi to your mom for me!)

My trip to London was quite alright, however on the way back, I'm glad I came to the train station earlier - because when I got there, I couldn't find my 21:05 train. Waited for 5~10 mins and then realised the announcement board said it was cancelled o[]o; 9it was meant to be a direct route)
Panicked, ran to the rail information and the woman told me to go on which platform and change trains at Woking. So I did that and asked the man that checkked my ticket if I AM meant to change trains and will be able to get home that way.

So then I changed trains and was at the quiet zone, but unfortunately a huge group of turkish students or something came later, they're SO noisy & drunk and it got worse near the end of the journey. I was unfortunately crowded around by them and they left at the same station as I do =_=;
I was so tired and was hoping I can take a nap but can't.

Anyway, I got back home around 11:30pm or so. One of my flatmates probably forgot I was away today and thought I was kidnapped or raped or something because she said she called me, I didn't reply, she texted me, I didn't reply, she facebooked me, I didn't reply 8D;
(Apparently two of my flatmates, one coursemate and another same media schoolmate was there chatting and one of them told me they had just been talking about murders, kidnappers, rape etc. XD;)
My other flatmate thought I was going away for a week as I said 'I'll be away on Saturday but will be back on saturday night' - but it's on the same day right? o_O;
(I'm happy my flatmates are worried for me, though I found it hilarious when I came back home ^^; )

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday =)

Some other random thing - can't believe www.onemanga.com is gonna shut down and remove all their scanlations (Something about scanlations are no longer approved by law or something...) Wuwuwuwu, stupid stupid now how am I gonna get my weekly scanlations of jump? T_T
Oh well...hopefully something will work out....

Rambling on KHR, if Shimon's Blood is Sin and Vongola Primo's blood is Penalty, doesn't that sound like Shimon actually did something sinful and was in fact the one that betrayed Vongola and not the other way around? - Vongola bestows penalty on Shimon then? Hmm....

Hetalia, I can't believe they're getting their own Hitsuji de Oyasumi series (Counting sheep) want want want want...... XD;

That's it for now, work work work T_T


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